Is Mcdonald’s Ice Cream Real? (not What You Think)

McDonald’s is just getting started as a food giant in the Asian market so there are many stories about it and is just a start.

I mean, one question that I’ll be thinking, is McDonald’s ice cream really real? Well, we have the answer and other relevant information about McDonald’s ice cream below!

Is McDonald’s Ice Cream Real In 2022?

  McDonald’s ice cream was created to be very healthy and nutritious. By using real dairy, real ingredients, and natural flavors, the ice cream is a great dessert option. It also tastes great and contains no artificial preservatives, coloring, or artificial flavors.

McDonald’s ice cream has been a favorite of the world’s taste buds for decades. It’s the perfect combination of creamy, sweet, and the perfect after-dinner treat! Just ask anyone who had a McDonald’s ice cream cone.

What is McDonald’s Ice Cream Made Of?

McDonald’s food contains high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated vegetable oils, stabilizers, emulsifiers, and other stabilizers.

Although it contains artificial flavors and other ingredients that people usually find in ice cream, I think that it tastes very delicious.

We’re not sure when McDonald’s switched to natural flavoring or if that was just a marketing choice.

Why is McDonald’s Ice Cream So Soft?

McDonald’s is really careful about milk fat content because they only use 5% of milk fat, which makes McDonald’s ice cream much softer than other restaurants.

With this, the percentage of milk fat was lowered from 10% to about 7%. This made the ice cream much softer and gave it that iconic texture.

And the ingredients used in the ice cream used by the fast-food restaurant are specifically designed for McDonald’s, including using glucose to replace some of the sugar content.

Is There Pig Fat In McDonald’s Ice Cream?

I think the most important thing to emphasize is that there is no pig fat used in the ice cream.
In fact, the pig fat from the pigs that are used as hamburger is used to make all-beef hot dogs.

You can find more good quotes below. They also talk about the importance of the use of beef fat and that it’s an important ingredient in the ice cream. You can find more in the article.

Is McDonald’s Ice Cream Dairy-Free?

According to a study published in the journal “Nutrition” by Dr. Shireen Ahmed, an associate professor of nutrition at the University of Maryland, people who eat fast food, including McDonald’s, typically eat more foods with a lot of fat, like French fries.

Does McDonald’s Use Real Ice Cream in Their Shakes?

As long as you can drink a milkshake and have it taste good, you will be fine. If you need to add more milk, then you can add more milk.

They also use reduced fat vanilla ice cream just like it’s regular soft-serve cone but the ice cream is in shakes.

Why Aren’t McDonald’s Shakes Called Milkshakes if Real Ice Cream is Used?

McDonald’s can not legally call shakes milkshakes, so they call them slushes.

McD’s Slice
McDonald’s Slice is a frozen pizza, usually a thin style pizza. It is available in both thin crust and whole pizza varieties. McDonald’s Slice are made to be quick, easy and convenient. They also have a long shelf life.

They named it the McFlurry because it was the easiest to identify with a name and to sell. When McDonald’s made a milkshake it was called the McFlurry. When they switched to frozen it was still called McFlurry even though it was a different consistency. It was called the McFlurry frozen even though it was still McFlurry in consistency. But what McDonald’s has been doing is putting a different flavoring in the frozen McFlurry.

Is McDonald’s Ice Cream Frozen Yogurt?

McDonald’s ice cream is not frozen yogurt since it’s reduced-fat vanilla ice cream.

The original example is not grammatical because the first, second, and final clauses are not parallel, yet the paraphrase is grammatical because all the clauses are parallel. The example could be fixed by using a comma to join the subordinate clause to the main clause.

The only dairy products in McDonald’s ice cream are milk, cream, and egg yolks. The rest of the ingredients are artificial.

McDonald’s uses a proprietary mix of whey protein and fruit that’s lower in sugar than the regular vanilla smoothies.

McDonald’s serves smoothies that can be any combination of fruits or berries, with some fruit flavors more popular than others.

Is McDonald’s Ice Cream Vegan?

Unfortunately, McDonald’s ice cream is not vegan due to the fact it contains dairy in the form of milk and cream.

The final sentence is the same as before.

However for most of us living in the US, vegan strawberry ice cream will be hard to find.

Furthermore, this vegan strawberry ice cream is more of a sorbet and perfect for your sweet tooth!

And you’re all set. There you go!

As a bonus, you can order oreo cookie and vanilla ice cream together for a special McFlurry.

Is McDonald’s Ice Cream Gluten-Free?

Even if you’re living a gluten-free lifestyle you can still enjoy McDonald’s ice cream!

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Note that this approach doesn’t work for all languages.

You can even use the original text as a starting point.

As long as you buy it in the cup, you should be fine (gluten-free, that is).

The following is in response to [this question]:

The following may be true–all of it or none of it–but I didn’t see any of it mentioned in the post:

It can be hard to make gluten-free food delicious.

Where Does McDonald’s Milk Come From For Ice Cream?

They use dairy from three different suppliers to produce their soft serve ice cream.

The original version of this video is available here.

McDonald’s is using local dairy farms all around the world to provide them with the thousands of gallons of milk required to keep their ice-cream fresh.

Does McDonald’s Use Cream in All of the Desserts Available?

McDonald’s only offers dessert options once a year on Valentine’s Day, and almost always uses a store bought brand of ice cream.

There are several ways to eat ice cream other than ice cream. Some people use fruit, others use cookies, and others use other treats.

Does McDonald’s Have Dipped Ice Cream Cones?

After the McDonalds decided to cut dipped ice cream cones from their menu, but it was not announced when they stopped selling the dipped cones.

Further, the problem with the dipped ice cream cones were that it was too hard to make and most stores found it was difficult to keep supplies on hand, so the idea was scrapped in almost every store.

Yes, you can pick any flavor of the vanilla base that you want. However, if you want any of the other ice cream flavors in the menu, you’ll have to wait until the next day.

To find out more about McDonald’s cheeses, you can always read our posts on the McDonald’s cheeseburger and the McFlurry.


McDonald’s ice cream is not vegan nor lactose-free, since it contains reduced fat vanilla ice cream.

**Paraphrase:** The ice cream is real and the ice cream is vegan.

But, it’s this lowered fat content that’s hindered McDonald’s ability to call the milkshakes milkshakes.

A few years ago, McDonald’s spokesperson said they don’t use beef tallow in the ice cream and shakes.
However, it is most likely that it is derived from other animal fats.

In the same year, one McDonald’s franchise in the UK closed down its dairy department, where much of the ice cream is made.

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