Are Mcdonald’s Apple Pies Vegan? (ingredients + More)

If you’re a vegan who is vegan-friendly, then it will be hard to find vegan-friendly options at fast-food restaurants because of those with dairy.

One of the most popular desserts out there is the Apple Pie from McDonald’s. Now, we’ve heard that this pie is not vegan and contains animal products, but if you really want to avoid getting stuck in a pie, you can easily make it yourself!

Are McDonald’s Apple Pies Vegan In 2022?

McDonald’s is having a problem with some of their vegan apple pies not having apples in them, but there is an easy solution to this!

Does the McDonald’s Apple Pie Contain Eggs?

McDonald’s pies do not contain any meat products or eggs. But if you are a vegan, they are still a pretty perfect fast food option.

They use real apples in the pies, which are made with sugar instead of corn syrup. They also make the pies with wheat flour instead of corn starch, the natural starch from corn. And the cinnamon goes nicely with apples. The palm oil is also important, and gives the pies a nice texture. The salt gives it a savory taste. The high-fructose corn syrup (an unneeded ingredient) gives it a sweet taste.

There is a huge market for McDonald’s apple pie, so we will never change the filling.

Are McDonald’s Apple Pies Real Apple?

McDonald’s uses the real apples in the pies, you can even taste them!

In addition to the real apples inside of the apple pie, the apple pie from McDonald’s is filled with apple powder in order to bring out more apple flavor.

McDonald’s pie cups has a small amount of crumbles inside while most pie cups have only a single serving of the pie.

What’s the Nutritional Information of a McDonald’s Apple Pie?

It’s a shame that many healthy dessert makers put all kinds of sugar in their food.

For those like me that prefer a savory snack, there are three cookies in this package.

Are McDonald’s Apple Pies Dairy-Free?

McDonald’s is very proud of the fact that their apple pie doesn’t contain any milk or milk products, making it great for vegans.

They stated there are trace amounts of milk found in the product, but the amounts are so small, they could be considered harmless.

In the case of the strawberry pie, McDonald’s decided to make it without any lactic acid used or dairy milk to avoid the problem of potential dairy-intolerance amongst its customers.

Are All McDonald’s Pies Vegan?

However, the special strawberry cheesecake pie variety or other special limited-time pies containing cream filling and should be avoided if you’re vegan.

You can just skip the crust and make a pie like this. It’s just like a banana pie, but it’s vegan!

Are McDonald’s Pies Baked or Fried?

McDonald’s started doing everything different in order to appeal to a more health-conscious diet.

We’ve also found that the apple pies were less likely to crack once they were frozen. Therefore, we recommend baking the pies for 30 to 40 minutes at 400-degree F, or just under the broiler, to make sure the crust is completely frozen before the pies are wrapped.

Does McDonald’s Have Other Vegan Options?

McDonald’s has a few vegan options, but most require modification first, such as the salads.

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McDonald’s has a few vegan options, but most require modification first.

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The only thing you can order is the side salad. It’s the only one that is not loaded with fat. You can choose either salad dressing or, if you just want a little vinegar and oil, you can have it without any dressing at all.

McDonald’s in the United States does not have vegan offerings and most of them are actually vegetarian.

All of the Minute Maid soft drinks are vegan friendly and perfect to serve at parties or meetings. They are a good size and always keep very well.

So, if you are living outside the United States, you can also find vegan and vegetarian options at your local McDonald’s.

Will McDonald’s Bring Other Vegan Options to the Menu?

If you live in the U.K. or Ireland you can get the new McDonald’s Vegan McPlant Burger.

The Beyond Burger will also have the Beyond Sausage patty, with special sauce, sweet Italian sausage, mustard, ketchup, vegan cheese, pickles, lettuce, onion, and tomato.

The McPlant will also come with two slices of McSlaw, which, being a McVegan (Vegan Cheese), will be a McVeganized Vegan Cheese.

McDonald’s hasn’t announced that it’s going to be bringing the vegan version of its popular McPlant Burger to the United States.

McDonald’s fries are not vegetarian, the company does not sell cake, and it does not serve lunch.

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The apple pie is a great choice if you’re a vegan and craving something sweet but McDonald is too mainstream to think about.

They are delicious and also relatively cheap to purchase.
You should not use eggs or milk
and they even reheat quite well for a pastry product.

If you live in America McDonald’s isn’t the only vegan option, but you will have to make sure you order a modified salad or apple slices.

McDonald’s seems to be taking their time to make it available for the public to buy. There’s no official launch date set for it in the U.S.

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