Are Mcdonald’s Milkshakes Gluten-free? (+ Common Faqs)

McDonald’s has a huge menu of different food and it’s easy to order items that are gluten-free. For instance, the McAlister’s Cheese Burger is a delicious burger with a grilled cheese topping that’s gluten-free.

Most of us think that McDonald’s milkshakes are a staple part of the menu when trying to add a bit of sweetness to our day. In fact, the milkshakes are delicious and are a perfect on-the-go sweet treat. But many people are sensitive to gluten, which is found in many kinds of flour, including many brands of bread and pasta.

Are McDonald’s Milkshakes Gluten-Free In 2022?

When talking about McDonald’s milkshakes, the chocolate shake is gluten-free, but it isn’t always available. The strawberry and vanilla milkshakes can be ordered, but only during the summer, but the Shamrock ice cream shake is only available during the spring/green season.

We’ve talked to many readers, and understand how confusing it can be to navigate the fast-food industry for celiac patients. So, we’re here to help! After all, we’re fans of gluten-free burgers.

What are McDonald’s Milkshakes Made Out Of?

McDonald’s famous milkshakes do not contain any fat at all. They are made of ice cream, shake syrup, and whipped cream. The ingredients are the same except for the changing out of flavors.

The vanilla reduced fat ice cream is made from milk, cream, sugar, guar gum, vitamin A palmitate, corn syrup, cellulose gum, mono and diglycerides and natural flavor.

In addition, the whipped light cream contains nitrous oxide, liquid sugar, cream, non-fat dairy, mono and diglycerides, carrageenan, and natural flavors. [Original]: The whipped light cream can be used as a topping for desserts, fruit, and beverages. However, it is also great as a dip or a dip alternative for pretzels or other foods that are not very rich.

All the ingredients used in the shake are considered safe. The company states that the syrup is made by a FDA-regulated facility, and it’s made of a blend of cane sugar and corn syrup, unlike regular sugar syrup.

What Other McDonald’s Desserts are Gluten-Free?

McDonald’s has a variety of gluten-free dessert options including the Strawberry Shortcake milkshake.

Are McDonald’s Milkshakes Real?

The milkshakes at McDonald’s are made from reduced fat vanilla ice cream and other ingredients such as milk, cream, and sugar.

And, of course, while we’re discussing the use of paraphrase, there’s a related issue, that, in this case, actually requires a paraphrase.

McDonalds has never called their shakes Milkshakes. Even if they did, calling them milkshakes wouldn’t affect their bottom line.

Additionally, the term “McShake” is meant to convey a similar consistency that the user can expect out of the product.

Are McDonald’s Shakes Vegan?

What’s the difference between the real McDonald’s shake and the vegan one? The real one has milk and cream in it while the vegan one does not.

One could argue that McDonald’s is trying to cater to the vegan diet, but in reality, the menu items are modified to be more suitable for the US market, which is very different in comparison to the European and Asian markets.

McDonald’s is a vegan? I know that in some parts of India vegetarians and vegans are considered as second class citizens, but we had never thought of McDonald’s as a place where they support such things. A new vegan burger from McDonald’s will surely draw a lot of attention.

McDonald’s has also made other improvements like being able to make online orders at McDonald’s restaurants outside of the United States.

Are McDonald’s Milkshakes Lactose-Free?

Since McDonald’s milkshakes do not have lactose, you can enjoy your milkshake, however, you will need to avoid ice cream, milk, and cream.

You should also just avoid any McCafe drinks if you can’t have milk.
But at the risk of sounding like a broken record, here’s what the menu does do quite well: There is a really good assortment of sandwiches and burgers.
And I would say that you can order without any kind of bread or roll to it.
You just have to be very cautious.

You can use the McDonald’s nutrition calculator to figure out the allergen and ingredient counts in their foods, so you can avoid items that contain milk and other ingredients.
The calculator can also help you get healthier by giving you an idea of the calories in their meals so you can avoid overeating.

Ice cream and milk are an important part of eating McDonald’s as they increase the calorie content of the food. Not to mention that you cannot order them because they are full of artificial flavors and colors.

Are McDonald’s Milkshakes Made with Pork Fat?

McDonald’s milkshakes do not contain pork fat, but there is still the claim that the shakes are made with pork fat which is not true at all.

No meat-based products are found in the shakes, so they are great for people who do not consume animal products.

What Food at McDonald’s is Gluten-Free?

I know you might be thinking it’s not your favorite but it is still McDonald’s. You can still enjoy your favorite items at McDonald’s, you just have to look for options that are not sweet.

It’s very difficult to find a salad dressing to go with a gluten-free salad. You can just order a plain salad though, but you’re limited to a few options.

To know more about McDonald’s you can go to our post on the gluten-free aspects of McDonald’s, and you can also find out more about the vegan aspects of McDonald’s by reading our posts about the vegan aspects of the Big Mac, McDLT, and McChicken.


In the original, the restaurant offers gluten-free options – Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla.

Additionally, the Shamrock Shake is also gluten free so if you happen to be at McDonald’s during the limited-time shake, grab one up and try it!

This is a great opportunity to talk with your family about what is fair and why it’s important to treat everyone in the world with respect.

Besides that, McDonalds milkshakes are real, but they’re not good for you so you should limit your shake habit to just occasionally to stay healthy!

Although McDonald’s does not offer gluten-free items, there are plenty of items available to you, and some options require modifying existing menu items to accommodate your dietary needs.

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