How To Reheat Mcdonald’s Apple Pie? (oven, Microwave + Air Fryer)

Apple pies from McDonald’s got a lot of fat and other ingredients. That’s why they got cold before I ate it.

You can have a McRib sandwich and apple pie at the same time and then you can eat both for breakfast.

When you’re making pies, you should keep an eye out for the best way to reheat the pie so that you can enjoy your dessert later.

How to Reheat McDonald’s Apple Pie In 2022?

You can also reheat McDonald’s apple pie in two ways. The best way to maintain crispiness is by using the air fryer, but you can reheat the pie with the oven if you don’t have one. If you have not eaten the pie in two days, you can also freeze it.

Let’s see what we can learn about reheating the pie and why it’s important!

How Do You Reheat McDonald’s Apple Pie in the Oven?

It’s easy to reheat the apple pie at McDonald’s using the microwave.


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Also, you can increase the cooking time by a couple of minutes to get the batter more crispy, but it goes by fast so be careful not to burn it.

How Do You Reheat McDonald’s Apple Pie in the Microwave?

Reheating McDonald’s apple pie in the microwave does a good job at warming it up, however it loses its crispness quite easily.

How Do You Reheat McDonald’s Apple Pie in the Air Fryer?

The best way to reheat a McDouble is to use airfryer and also maintain the crispiness of the McDouble without sacrificing the juicy filling of the McDouble.

To make sure that the mushrooms are cooked evenly, the best thing to do is to see how the bubbles are coming out.

Can You Eat McDonald’s Apple Pie the Next Day?

You can enjoy the Mcdaddys apple pie the next day without eating the pie after placing it in the refrigerator for less than four hours.

On top of that, storing this in the refrigerator allows it to be food for 2 days after purchase, so you can eat half of it the next day and then save a little for the following day if you want.

To keep your **Jelly** fresh, you’ve got to refrigerate it.

Can You Freeze McDonald’s Apple Pie?

Freezing apple pie is a great way to store them if you have purchased several and not finished them within two days after purchase.

You can also keep the apple pie in the freezer for up to four months, allowing you to eat the pie whenever you want a dessert.

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Remove all lids and place the pies in a large sealable plastic container.
Label and date the container as well as the specific apple pies (the dates and times should correspond to the ones on your apple pies).

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There are many different methods to cook and reheat a McDonald’s apple pie. The air fryer is the best method to retain the crispy outside but the oven can work almost as well.

You can also store them in the freezer and keep them for up to four months to enjoy them any time you like!

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