Does Walgreens Accept Ebt, Wic & Food Stamps? [full Guide]

Many customers are using WIC, EBT, and food stamps to buy groceries and food items at a wide range of stores around the U.S.

To make sure you can get WIC and EBT benefits from Walgreens, first you HAVE to be a part of WIC and/or EBT program. If you are, that’s great! Now, let’s talk about whether or not Walgreens accepts WIC and EBT benefits.

Walgreens does not accept WIC or EBT benefits. This is because Walgreens is no longer in the WIC program or accepted by the EBT program that provides benefits.

Does Walgreens Accept EBT & Food Stamps In 2022? 

EBT is also accepted at various food pantries for certain locations. However, these food pantries have limited hours and a strict deadline on how you have to sign-up to qualify for EBT.

You can also choose to print out the PDF, print or save the document to your computer, and then share with people you know. You can also take a screenshot and share it on Twitter and Facebook, or print it out to post on Instagram.

The next time you run out of cash, don’t panic! Learn about EBT and how and why it works, how to locate your nearest Walgreens store, how to use it, and even how to use your EBT cards for more!

Does Walgreens Accept Payment Through EBT Cards? 

EBT cards serve as the mechanism for applying funds earned from the government programs to purchase food.

1. Bank is a financial institution that allows people to make transactions using money or other valuable things.
2. Card is a type of payment instrument that can be used to make electronic or offline purchases at the point of sale.

In order for you to utilize your WIC benefits you will need to be enrolled through your local WIC office. WIC benefits are only offered at these local offices and not at all Walgreens locations.

I’ve not been able to find a link between the federal and state welfare programs.

How Can You Find Out If Your Local Walgreens Accepts WIC & Food Stamps? 

When it comes to food stamps, it’s best to call the store to find out its policies.

They will tell you that you need to speak to your community pharmacist for more details.

To find the nearest Walgreens, you can make use of the Walgreens Locator. It will take your location and take you to the store details page. On this page, you can see the open hours, address, and contact information of the nearest Walgreens store to you.

If you already know all stores accepting WIC and food stamps, you can also visit all stores and ask at the register whether the store accepts WIC and food stamps.

How Do You Make A Purchase Using Your EBT Card At Walgreens? 

You need an EBT Card.
You need to scan your card.
You enter your PIN.
The transaction appears on your EBT card statement.

If you are wondering how to get started with debit or credit cards, you can ask for assistance at the Walgreens cashiers’ counter.

What Items Can You Buy At Walgreens Using EBT, WIC, Or Food Stamps?

You can only buy food that has been approved by the USDA. The only foods you can buy are those given to you on your form SSA1330.

Note that while you are not allowed to take a gun into a Walgreens, you can carry a gun in your car if you have a permit.

You have to check at the register if the food item you want to buy is in stock or not.

What Items Are Ineligible For Purchase Using EBT, WIC, Or Food Stamps? 

It is illegal for a person to eat a Big Mac, Pizza Hut, or other such fast food from 7.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and then use their food stamps to purchase wine, beer, or cigarettes at the same store, or a store that offers these products.

There are no additional items you can buy in the catalogs in the shop, except for your faction reputation.

How Can You Find WIC-approved Stores Other Than Walgreens Near You? 

Some stores (but not Walgreens) accept EBT and WIC cards and SNAP benefits; it’s also possible to use these food stamps at some smaller chains like 7-Eleven, or at larger supermarkets like Food Lion.

To learn more about WIC, go to WIC home page. You can find out how WIC works and what products are available. You also can learn about nutrition and how it can help you and your child, as well as the benefits of participating in WIC.


Walgreens is a pharmacy chain that has many outlets all over the United States. They are very popular among low-income people, as they are one of the cheapest stores, and offers their services free of cost.

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