Does Big Lots Drug Test? (all You Need To Know)

Employees are required to take a drug test when they are hired or when they are terminated, so that their job performance can be evaluated.

As I was waiting to meet with the VicePresident of Human Resources at Big Lots, I asked in an interview, “Does Big Lots drug test?” I was hoping she would say no, but she said, “Yes, we do.” I was a bit disappointed. However, I was even more disappointed when she told me the drug test process.

Does Big Lots Drug Test In 2022?

In most instances, employees will not be eligible to perform hazardous work unless they meet specific criteria. This includes hazardous equipment operators, as well as, mechanics who work on heavy equipment. Employees generally must be 16 years old to be eligible to perform such work unless they have experience, including prior employment in the position. It is up to the discretion of the employer whether the employee is permitted to work in such positions.

If you know drug testing for work at Big Lots, whether or not you have to drug test for Big Lots and more, keep reading along for much more useful info.

Do You Have to Submit to a Drug Test at Big Lots?

During the job interview stage, you should not be required to test positive to a drug test, unless you were involved in an accident at work.

A test to see if the employee is under the influence of drugs or alcohol is conducted if the store conducts the drug test on a necessity basis.

Although Big Lots does not strictly require a drug test, they may have a drug testing policy that limits where you and your relatives can live or where you are allowed to work.

Does Big Lots Randomly Drug Test?

Big Lots will not drug test you unless you or they have reason to suspect that you’ve done drugs or been involved in an accident at work.

Employees are also tested for alcohol, which is also used to reduce the chances of them becoming under the influence during shifts.

Are Big Lots Drugs Tests Mandatory Before Hiring?

Big Lots maintains a drug-free Workplace Policy but the company’s pre-hiring drug test are not mandatory.

An employee may not be tested for drugs before hiring, but is expected to stop using them while on duty.

Does Big Lots Pee Test?

Big Lots may conduct urine testing on its employees only when it suspects them of being under the influence of drugs or if they report an accident at work.

When Does Big Lots Drug Test?

The company plans to conduct drug tests on employees every six months if there is reasonable suspicion based on physical, behavioral, and psychological signs.

After such a violation is discovered, the employer takes any actions necessary to ensure the violation does not occur again, such as drug-testing, implementing written drug policy, and terminating employees who commit such violations.

Furthermore, Big Lots may conduct drugs tests on existing employees during post-accident investigations, in a bid to determine whether drugs or alcohol was a cause.

It is because of accidents that we get property damages or employee injuries. To avoid more accidents, we have to test the driver that has caused the accident.

Why Does Big Lots Perform Drug Tests?

Big Lots conducts drug testing to help prevent its employees from stealing, selling or using certain drugs like Adderall or Oxycontin.

By being the only big box store in the area to offer drug testing, Big Lots has made itself an even safer workplace for its employees.

Additionally, Big Lots drug tests its employees to help keep the public safe, and to instill confidence in the general public that Big Lots employees are free from drug abuse.

Does Big Lots Background Check?

Big Lots do not drug test new recruits and do background checks to evaluate their suitability for employment.

Big Lots perform background checks to determine the employment history and criminal record of the job candidate.

Once a candidate receives a job offer from Big Lots, he or she is required to submit a background check that provides relevant information such as employment, educational, and criminal history.

According to Big Lots, if a candidate has been convicted of a misdemeanor or a felony, there is a chance that the company will still hire them.

To apply, please follow the link for your state/district/city. You’ll need to provide:

* A valid email address
* Your Criminal History Record

…and other important details.

Why Does Big Lots Perform Background Checks?

A background check is done on the job applicants to determine if any of them have a criminal record or if they have ever been bankrupted or have done something in their life that will affect the job they applying for.

Background checks are done to make sure that the candidates are the best fit for the job they’ve applied for and to eliminate potential troublemakers.

For example, if a criminal background check is being done, then a background check of the applicant may reveal prior arrests or convictions.
To help you learn more about the differences between the original and paraphrase, I have added some of the main ones on my blog.

Big Lots is a US company. The purpose of the background check is to verify whether a foreign national is telling the truth. Therefore, any discrepancies discovered in the background check may look like lying, affecting the selection of the candidate.

How Long Do Background Checks at Big Lots Take?

If you don’t give authorization, Big Lots will ask for your Social Security Number, but in order for them to verify that the number is valid, they will have to confirm the information to other company that will conduct the check.
The company conducting the checks may ask you for additional information such as your address, phone number, or employment status.

It usually takes 2-3 days for Big Lots to receive the results of the job and another 1-2 days to receive feedback from the company.

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I don’t think there is any regulation or any statement I should give on the drug testing. I would say that it is only needed if there are reasonable suspicion.

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