Does Petco Drug Test? (all You Need To Know)

In addition to the opportunities they have, they offer training for people who have never had a job before.

Just because the company conducts drug tests, does not mean you will be asked to take a drug test. You must check with the company for their policy on this.

Does Petco Drug Test In 2022?

You can go into work and be a normal employee even if you’re on drugs, as long as your company doesn’t need to know you’re high and you’re not doing anything dumb (like, say, getting arrested for drug trafficking).

The results of an employee’s drug test are confidential and the test results are not shared with either an employee’s direct supervisor or Petco unless an employee is under discipline.

Does Petco Drug Test Managers?

Petco does not perform drug tests of its managers. However, their employment is contingent upon their ability to pass a drug test.

In order to screen employees, managers only conduct background checks before hiring them, to check for things such as criminal convictions, work history, and other qualifications, such as licenses.

How Often Does Petco Drug Test?

According to multiple employees, Petco never drug tests according to past employees. It seems to be standard across all levels of employment and stages of interviews.

I’m pretty sure that if you apply to work at a dog store somewhere, they do drug testing. And I’m also pretty sure that they don’t do it for the first test, but they do for the second.

All government officials do is conduct a background check to see if you have a history of convictions, and maybe that your references check out.

If you’re applying for a job where you would likely be handling a vehicle, they will only check to see if you have a solid driving history.

A job listing from Petco says that an employee has to have a drug test during the interview process.

This job is in the warehouse, where safety is important so you need to be tested.

I don’t know if they will enforce this policy, but I still think you should always be on the safe side by not taking something you shouldn’t before an interview so that you don’t get in trouble.

The official code of ethics contains a section talking about drug rules, and says that drug use is not only tolerated, but encouraged. The code of ethics is not a law and does not create any legal obligations. The company has the right to conduct drug tests if it wants to.

A safety policy was enforced to ensure all partners, pets, and pet owners are safe in their locations.

The company that owns Petco, PetSmart, says that it won’t hire someone who tests positive for drugs or alcohol.

This is one of the first signs of something bad happening at the company. Employees are losing their jobs after testing positive for drugs.

This isn’t just about narcotics, but about alcohol and other drugs.

Petco says they will fire you if you are caught drinking or bring alcohol to work, even if it’s your own personal bottle.

This is a great tactic that is used to catch people off-guard, and even if your manager is not a drug user, you will have questions about if they have taken drug tests.

The other side of the argument is that people are not tested if they have a good reputation.

Does Petco Drug Test in Texas?

I am not aware that Petco drug tests in the state of Texas. I believe in all likelihood, if you had a criminal history or a history of abuse or are in a position that could get you or someone else into trouble that the background check could reveal that information.

While in an interview, however, you had stated you were not using any drugs.

Does Petco Drug Test in Washington?

Petco does not use drug test in Washington, not pre employment and not post employment. They use a background check before hiring. The background check is used to determine if an employee has a criminal history, not a drug history.

However, Petco doesn’t encourage drug use or possession of any kind during work.

Does Petco Drug Test in Ohio?

Petco doesn’t drug test in Ohio. There may be different kinds of background checks, such as credit checks.

And according to an article published in September 2018, California pet store chains Petco and PetSmart each have some type of drug policy.

However, it’s important to note that these policies may have changed since the September 2018 article was published. So make sure to check the website of your local pet store for the latest details.

Does Petco Drug Test in Florida?

Petco doesn’t conduct drug testing because they are not a state regulated business operating under the state’s laws.

But, Petco doesn’t allow its employees to use or even have any drugs, even if they may be legal.

Does Petco Drug Test in Oregon?

They don’t have to test for drugs. They only have to test for marijuana, and if they do, they will not get in trouble with the law. They can also only issue you a temporary, not a permanent, permit.

The only things Petco has to do is pay some fees, and if they do get caught, nothing more happens to them, and nothing more happens to you.

We did have some background checks on employees before they were hired, if it was suspected that we could not pass a background check because there would be a positive drug test.

It should be noted that it’s not actually illegal for employees to carry drugs, but the company does not allow it.


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Petco doesn’t drug test for performance-based reasons. They want to make sure that their employees are in good physical and mental condition, as well as making sure that their employees are safe on the job.

When working with a strict manager who is suspicious of drug use, they must firstly have a proper reason to do this. You must agree that you’re doing a good job and that they’re not doing anything to hurt you. If you do agree, then they may request a drug test, but you must agree to it before they can do anything.

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