13 Mcdonald’s Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind!

I recently went to McDonalds and wondered if there is anything to help you save money and become a better customer.

If you are a fan of fast food, McDonald’s is a favorite, and if you want to get the most out of your experience, then read on and find out how to.

13 McDonald’s Hacks To Use In 2022

1. Use the Fry Flap for Ketchup

As the air gets cold, the hot air generated by an electric motor in the bottom of the box keeps the potatoes warm.

To put a little ketchup on your food, just look up from your iPad!

If you have ketchup that’s good, and you want your kids to eat it quickly and easily, make sure that it’s already in the containers that will be used to dip and cook your french fries.

2. Always Ask for Your Receipt & You’re Almost Guaranteed a Fresh Burger

 If you go to McDonald’s, you can ask for your receipt. It’s almost a sure way to have a fresh burger in your order instead of one that’s been sitting around.

The reason for this is so that customer service staff think you’re a mystery shopper and will give you fresh and hot food as a result of the possibility.

Additionally, between 12 am and 2 am and 5 am until 7 am are prime shopping hours for these mystery shoppers, so make sure you are aware of the time difference.

It is important to get the receipt because there are so many ways to get free food. For example, there is a survey which you can fill out online. We wanted to make sure that our customers got the value of all the ways we can give them free food.

3. The McFlurry Lid Makes a Great Sauce Holder

If you’ve ordered one of the Mc-themed items, you can use the McFlurry top to store your sauce for the McNuggets and other food items you’ve purchased.

If you’re in your car, and trying to dip your food into the liquid without making a mess, you can just use the McFlurry lid as a holder.

4. Use the McDonald’s App and Get Free Fries on Friday

McDonald’s is offering a promotion where everyone can get a free medium fry whenever you make a purchase of $1, or more.

5. Ask for No Salt on Your Fries for Guaranteed Freshness

I have a question. How do you keep the fries hot and fresh every time you go to McDonalds? The secret is asking for no salt on your fries!

This is an example of making a customer happier at the cost of making the employees less efficient.
It is actually the opposite, the McDonald’s employees are being forced to cook a fresh batch with no salt because the manager thought that, if the customer requests no salt, the employees will be more efficient.

6. Ask for Your Burger with an Additional Item or Item Removed for Freshness

Another trick to getting a fresh burger at McDonald’s is to make sure you ask for another item on your burger, or ask for a different item cut out of your burger.

And it’s also perfect for when you’re on the go, since the ingredients can be brought to the station in your basket.

7. If You Want the Most Calories Per $1 Then Order the McChicken

The McChicken is a great item. It’s perfect for people on a budget, it’s delicious and it gives you tons of energy. All for a very reasonable price.

Furthermore, the McChicken, being a chicken sandwich, is a more healthy option than the Sausage, which has meat in it.

8. You Can Get a Neopolitan Shake

It’s hard to decide what flavor of milk shake you want so if you are struggling with what flavor you want, like in the US, ask for a Neopolitan shake instead.

9. Go Inside Whenever You Can

The best option for getting the right food is to go inside. It’s more likely you’ll get the correct order fast and without hassles.

You can expect to be able to pull into the drive-thru and get your food and drink without being bothered, whether it be in the morning, noon or night.

10. Ask for a Round Egg to Get a Real Egg

Want the real deal, but you don’t want to pay extra for it? Just ask for a round egg when you order your breakfast sandwich at McDonald’s.

11. Ask for a Chicken Patty on Sausage McGriddle for Chicken & Waffles

If you ask the waiter if you can have a chicken and waffles, you’ll probably be surprised and ask if they do chicken and waffles.

12. Ask for Espresso in Your Milkshake for an Iced Coffee Shake

They don’t make milkshakes with only milk, they have some flavor added to the mix. You can get espresso shots in most restaurants that serve food, some of them come with small espresso drinks, they are great if you want to try some espresso without the espresso taste.

If you love coffee and summer then this coffee drink will be something you will definitely love.

13. Ask for the Steamed Bun on Any Sandwich

You know that the Filet-O-Fish looks similar to the other sandwiches but that it is soft and does not have the hard texture like the hard bun.

You can ask for the same McDonald’s bun, and it will make the sandwich a much better and more enjoyable meal for you because it tastes better and gives you that extra boost of energy you’re craving.

To know more about McDonald’s, you can also check our posts on why McDonald’s is so big, what McDonald’s eats and where McDonald’s is cheap.


There are several hacks that can help you make your McDonald’s experience a thousand times better by asking for no salt and making the fries yourself.

In order to ensure that the ingredients being used have been fresh and quality controlled.

Some of the coolest McDonald’s hacks around have to do with the things one might not think to use, and they’re usually pretty easy to do. For example, you can use your McFlurry lid as a sauce holder. They also help extend how long your meal lasts.

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