Best Buy Pre-order Policy (all You Need To Know)

With high demand for items in consumer electronics stores, many stores offer a pre-order system, to guarantee they don’t run out of the item.

But before I start I should tell you that the Best Buy pre-order policy is very confusing and you should read all the fine print before you order or buy anything.
I first saw the policy when I visited the website. When you visit the Best Buy website, you will see the following:
“The following links will take you to pre-sale and sale page. To find out more about the sale policies, please see the links under each item.

Best Buy Pre-Order Policy In 2022

Best Buy can pre-order products and make payments on them 5 days before they are to be shipped and delivered. The payment for the pre-order would typically be charged 5 days before the product is to be shipped, if it is being picked up in-store.

In case of any pre-order products, charges will be deducted from your
Bank account and refunded back to your Bank account once pre-order items
are received from our distribution centre(s).

How Do Pre-Orders Work At Best Buy?

Pre-order allows you to order an item that is not in stock or is yet to be released. Usually Best Buy will provide a release date so you know when to expect the item.

You will be able to place an order for an unavailable item and will not be charged for it until it’s released or ready for shipping.

You will have to make sure that the card that you are using to pay for this is updated and does not expire before the release date or shipping date.

Does Best Buy Charge When You Pre-Order?

If you pre-order an item for free shipping, it will be shipped for free. You will only need to pay for a flat rate if you want to collect your items at one of Best Buy’s stores.

To pre-order the new Galaxy Tab 8, you need to first authorize the form of payment, which creates a temporary authorization hold on your account.

Please make sure you are providing the correct form of payment and a valid credit card. After completing your purchase, you will be able to complete the authorization process prior to picking up your device from our Customer Service team.

The hold on your credit card confirms that Best Buy will hold your items until you can pay with a credit card.

You may also view the transaction details by visiting the transaction history page of your account. Please make sure to check the transaction timestamps to find the time at which you made the transaction and the funds were drawn back into your account.

Before the release date, Best Buy will begin the process of shipping out all the pre-ordered gifts.

Pre-orded items will be given to customers by mail.

If you have any questions regarding your order, please email us at

When you pay at checkout, we’ll apply any eligible shipping promotions or free shipping deals towards your Best Buy Reward eligible purchase.

It is very important to note that you are purchasing two items. They will be shipped separately but they will also have different prices. They will be charged differently because they will be shipped at different times.

A few days ago, a number of people showed up at the Best Buy stores with the intention of shopping for a TV. When they saw the cashiers in the store asking to verify their IDs, they immediately decided to leave.

As a result, many of these people have posted negative feedback on the Best Buy’s social media accounts.

You will get a notification that confirms that the transaction was a success and the remaining amount is being credited to your Steam Wallet.

It is really important to note that once you pay the deposit, you cannot change the amount. You can only change it if you pay the entire amount during shipping or at in-store pick-up.

Does Best Buy Cancel Pre-Orders?

Best Buy allows customers to cancel or make changes to pre-orders for items other than digital content, such as games and movies.

*You can cancel the pre-order at any time, regardless of the chosen shipping method.
*Pre-orders are non-refundable.
*All fees/fines/fees will be deducted from your pre-order.

For the US, if you want to cancel (or change your shipping method) the order, you need to contact us in order to cancel the order.
For the EU, if you want to cancel (or change your shipping method) the order, you need to contact your own distributor.

Please contact your local distributor if you want to change your shipping method.

If you are returning your item to one of our Best Buy stores or by sending it through the mail and you have purchased an extended protection plan (for example, extended warranty), your warranty may not apply.

Important Notes:

– Best Buy guarantees the quality of its replacement items.
– Best Buy will replace defective products as long as the product has a valid warranty.
– Best Buy will issue replacement products that are in new condition.

This is a limited-time offer.

If you choose not to accept the replacement, just return the defective item within 30 days of purchase.

You can cancel a preorder on the product page 2 days or more from the street date.

This item is pre-order. Pre-order items cannot be delivered. Please contact us if you want to pay by a different method.
If you decide to cancel the pre-order for this item, you must pay the shipping cost.

In case where you have paid the full amount in advance, for shipment and customs clearance, we will give you the receipt.
If you decide you don’t want this item, you must pay the shipping cost.

Why Did Best Buy Refund My Pre-Order?

The customer can’t be told that the purchase is cancelled. They can’t get their money back. If you don’t want the item, you can choose to not accept the purchase.

They placed a hold on your credit card that looks like Best Buy is returning the money you borrowed, but as long as it’s in their system your credit card company will eventually release your money.

The hold is released immediately upon item receipt. The authorization can take as long as it needs to process, usually taking as little as 2 business days. If you do not receive the product, please contact your local sales associate or store manager.

If Best Buy appears to have refunded money to your bank account, you should authorize a second payment in regards to the shipment.
This is a refund.

Why Did My Best Buy Pre-order Get Canceled?

If you fail the verification during the order process, Best Buy might cancel your pre-order.

But most people don’t understand these terms very well, so you should go with Amazon if you can…

The security of your account will be verified by Best Buy. If you do not fix the issue, you will be unable to make any future charges on your account.

However, if the warranty is not covered by Best Buy, then it may be canceled.

– If the supplier changes the price or the quantity of an item, you need to let us know.
– If the price or the quantity of an item changes in between the time you place your order and the time your order is delivered, you need to let us know.

Why Does Best Buy Charge Twice On Pre-orders?

Best Buy doesn’t charge the full price if you pre-order a product before it’s released. Instead, a temporary hold is placed on your credit card, which is then removed once you confirm payment.

*When you purchase an item with your credit card, we need to wait until the credit card company confirms that the payment has been approved.

*Once the credit has been confirmed to be sufficient, the payment is released and deducted in the final stages of processing the purchase.

You will be notified when you receive your order by mail.

Best Buy does not charge a restocking fee.
If the game returned is not in brand-new condition, you can exchange it for a different game or a store credit.


In conclusion, Best Buy has cut back on consumer goods to prevent further deterioration of customer service.

As a result of this, Best Buy has provided customers with a means to pre-order items so that they can get them once the store has restocked.

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