Mcdonald’s Vs. Five Guys (price, Quality + Who’s Better)

McDonald’s and Five Guys restaurants are both located in different parts of the world, and they serve different foods. McDonald’s is known for its hamburgers, while Five Guys specializes in making its own burgers. McDonald’s is more common than Five Guys in both developed and developing countries.

The burger-loving public will not go without saying that the first choice for burgers is a McDonald’s versus Five Guys. The first choice for burgers is McDonald’s. So, which is the better burger? Well, it’s complicated, but that’s a question many people have asked themselves.

McDonald’s Vs. Five Guys In 2022

This one is a bit difficult because Five Guys wins in terms of the burger ingredients. However, McDonald’s offers a better quality of fries and shakes.
There are some things that are the same on both chains, like the toppings for shakes and fries.

The McDonald’s vs. Five Guys debate has always been there. When people are asking which is better, one thing that comes up often is that they’re from different cultures, which makes it harder to compare.

What Has More Calories; Five Guys Or McDonald’s?

McDonald’s food has more calories on average, but it’s because McDonald’s serves gigantic portions compared to Five Guys.

But on the flip side, when you compare a McDonald’s large fry to a Burger King large fry, you will get about three times the fries at Burger King. So, the Five Guys menu is better than the McDonald’s menu due to the increased number of fries.

Which Is Cheaper; McDonald’s Or Five Guys Cheaper?

As we like to put on salads and use a lot of spices, you don’t mind what you eat and you like to eat food that has no preservatives and is full of spices.

The burger and fries are huge, so you’re not experiencing the same type of experience that you would at the McDonald’s.

So it’s like the American Burger King, which is a better version of the European Burger King, which does everything the European Burger King does better than they do in the U.S.

Besides, McDonald’s offers value menu items at $1, $2, and $3 prices!

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Which Is Bigger; McDonald’s Or Five Guys?

There are no official numbers about McDonald’s international locations but they’re everywhere, especially internationally.

A fact that, if you add it all up, make a total of about 50,000 locations worldwide, even though it has over 400 million customers yearly.

Five Guys has 1,700 locations in over 60 countries. It’s in the middle of a restaurant chain like Applebee’s.

The places where these shootings were carried out all across Europe. But this isn’t restricted to Europe or to the United States.

According to the customer satisfaction survey done by the American Customer Satisfaction Index, Five Guys scored higher than McDonald’s in terms of customer service.

Additionally, Five Guys scored a 78, which was the first time Five Guys appeared on the satisfaction index survey!
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However, McDonald’s has been one of the most reliable suppliers for people who rely on fast food for all their meals.

Five Guys has more courteous, helpful, and reliable staff, quicker ordering, mobile app reliability, and better/more-attractive burgers than Burger King.

Does McDonald’s Or Five Guys Have Better Burgers?

 It’s no stretch to say that Five Guys burgers are the best, but McDonald’s is really good too and the Angus burgers are quite tasty.

For example, not only will you get better quality meat than McDonald’s, you will also get fresher meat, since they don’t use any preservatives or fillers.

Burger King’s burgers aren’t quite juicy, so much of the fillings end up being just sitting on top of the bun, they don’t get charred even though they’ve got a lot of toppings, and they have a low toppings-to-meat ratio.

Burger King has a higher number of calories, has more flavor, has better toppings, and they’re a little more costly than McDonald’s. Also, Burger King burgers have the double-decker sandwich, which is more healthily than having a burger with cheese inside.

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Does McDonald’s Or Five Guys Have Better Fries?

I have eaten at both McDonald’s and Five Guys and the fries from Five Guys actually come very close to those from McDonald’s. I prefer the thinner french fry from Five Guys as it goes much better with burgers.

McDonald’s uses oil in their fries. The difference is most likely because Five Guys uses a special blend of oil that’s made to be healthier for you.

To add the second part of your question, however, McDonald’s is the better option because it’s cheaper. That’s why most restaurants that are cheaper will have a smaller portion of fries.

When it comes to salty, the iconic McDonald’s fries are still number one! But the Five Guys fries are saltier, so each store has both pluses and minuses!

Which Has The Better Shake; Five Guys Or McDonald’s?

Five Guys always wins when it comes to quality shakes. McDonald’s milkshakes are never considered real milkshakes.

And as for that juicy burger, we’re proud to use fresh ground beef from a local family farm and grill it on a hot stone to order!

Although, the flavor is very vanilla-y, we love Five Guys because they’re delicious and have a wide variety of toppings (cinnamon, chocolate syrup, bacon, etc.)!

Who Has A Bigger Menu; McDonald’s Or Five Guys?

McDonald’s has a ton more options for their menu than Five Guys does.

The menu at Five Guys is more limited to burgers, fries, and milkshakes, the main difference being they do not offer any salads.

The limited menu at Five Guys is not bad because it allows Five Guys to be exceptional at specific foods instead of just mediocre at a lot of foods.

To learn more about McDonald’s history, you can also read our posts on The McDonald’s Story, McDonald’s vs. Wendy’s, and McDonald’s Top Competitors.


McDonald’s has better burgers and shakes than Five Guys. That is, the burgers taste better than Five Guys; and the shakes taste better than Five Guys.

But that’s not good enough for Five Guys. They might have more locations, but they are actually serving the same cheap and bad meals.

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