Does Mcdonald’s Sell Cake? (secret Menu, Price + More)

The first McDonald’s was opened in 1948 by three men who had little money.

It looks like you’ve been thinking about whether or not McDonalds sells cake. We’ve got the answer to your question plus much more so keep reading!

Does McDonald’s Sell Cake In 2022?

In addition to selling the cake products, McDonald’s also has a store-specific dessert program involving different products. These include sundaes, banana splits, and apple pies. McDonald’s store brands have different products in terms of design, texture and flavor.

McDonald’s has a secret menu that you might not know about either. There are many other items on the McDonald’s secret menu that you might not know about.

Can You Buy a Birthday Cake at McDonald’s?

If you want to get a birthday cake from the secret menu of McDonald’s, you will have to pay $9.

This is an incredibly popular cake in France and a lot of people are very eager to get it. They put a picture of Ronald McDonald on the cake. It’s usually served alongside a “McFlurry”.

Sadly the picture Ronald isn’t very good looking, but if you want a cheap cake it is a perfect option!

As for the birthday cake, you’ll hit-or-miss on whether your local McDonald’s carries the birthday cake at all.

What Do The Birthday Cakes at McDonald’s Look Like?

The birthday cakes at McDonald’s are white and have a picture of Ronald behind them, which must be the most perfect thing in the history of cake baking.

3) We have the English language.

In general, if you buy food from the fast food restaurants, it will come all together and as an option is not available.

What Flavors Does the McDonald’s Cake Come In?

There are always a few McDonald’s stores that have a lot of cake options including a cake pop machine.

How Do I Order a McDonald’s Cake?

Unfortunately, for regular employees, they may not know what the “you” is.

Instead, you can ask to talk to a manager to ask if the store stocks the cake, since it’s the store’s responsibility to stock the items they sell.

If you are willing to do some research you might be able to find some rectangular Ronald McDonald birthday cake.

What Other Desserts Does McDonald’s Sell?

The McFlurry, the Big Bites and the Chocolate Brownie Shake are some of the flavors that you can buy from McDonald’s.

Does McDonald’s Sell Other Secret Menu Items?

McDonald’s secret menu is a ton of items that vary by location. Most locations do not offer all secret menu items.

Specifically, there is a secret button that allows you to order a drink in the middle of the counter line.

There’s nothing wrong with the McMuffin.

The secret menu for the Spam and Egg McMuffins is only available for people who live in Hawaii.

Not to be confused with the US burger with beef, cheese and mustard, or the UK’s Big Mac, or the Dutch’s Big Mac, which is beef-cheese-mayonnaise and served without mustard.

If you happen to be on a budget then the Poor Man’s Big Mac was created to help you save on your Big Mac!

Furthermore, it is cheaper than at least half of the other burgers, and it doesn’t contain hormones or GMOs or any of the other food safety issues.

In addition, the secret menu item is a McDouble with Big Mac sauce and more lettuce. You just need to tell the workers not to put the mustard and ketchup on the burger.

The original version has a pie in it, this version has a Muffin.

An Apple Pie McFlurry is a simple combination of the pie and the McFlurry to create a treat.

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A McGriddle is a combination of a McGrill and a regular pancake with the addition of chicken. The dish is believed to have been developed in the early 1980’s at McDonald’s restaurants in Australia and New Zealand.

In South-Eastern parts of the U.S., Chicken McGriddles are actually on the menu.

If you live somewhere else than the big cities, you will have to ask for this delicious secret menu item.

This time of the year, you can order a grilled cheese at McDonald’s for about $1 and tell them you want the bun toasted well for even more flavor!

A grilled cheese sandwich (with milk) is a wonderful lunch if you’re trying to eat light or have kids to feed on a budget.

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You must do a little bit of assembly, but you can order the hotcakes and yogurt.

After you pour equal amount of pudding in each of the three hotcakes, you’ll need to separate them by cutting through the top of the hotcake with a knife and dividing it into three sections.

I add the crumbs on top of the hotcake or crepe and also add the granola as well to add a crunch to the McCrann.

We looked into the question and found the answer is yes – at least for all of the McDonald’s products that we analyzed for this article.


If you go to McDonald’s, you have to wait in a long queue before you can order their meal. In some cases, you won’t find the menu on their regular menu.

The secret menu is quite confusing and gets very messy since a lot of the options are meant for combinations of certain menu items.

However, the main issue is that items not on the regular menu may not be available at every McDonald’s, so you’ll have to call your own store to find out if you want cake or other special hidden items!

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