Does Mcdonald’s Sell Ice? (price, Drive-thru + Locations)

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 McDonald’s is a fast food restaurant that is owned and operated by the company McMurtry Enterprises. McDonald’s fast food restaurants serve fast food and frozen food items. McMurtry Enterprises also operate other restaurants, including McDonald’s restaurants.

Does McDonald’s Sell Ice In 2022?

The only thing you can buy at McDonalds which can actually be considered ice is their ice-cold drinks that come in the boxes. These drinks are only sold in the company’s stores and they will cost $2 to $4.

If you haven’t ever thought about McDonald’s selling ice before, keep reading to learn how getting ice at McDonald’s works and much more!

How to Order a Bag of Ice at McDonald’s

Most of the time, you don’t have to ask the manager or anyone else at the counter if you want a bag of ice. It is just a fact that young people are not aware of this service.

You can tell your worker that you want either the bigger bag or the smaller bag, and it will cost you less than $2 for a big bag of ice.

McDonald’s is a franchise, which means they don’t have an official policy on whether or not they sell ice. That being said, there is no guarantee they’ll have ice either.

If you need to purchase ice, remember to call the local store ahead of time and ask if they sell ice.

Can You Get Ice From McDonald’s Through the Drive-Thru?

If you don’t need to buy ice, you can easily purchase ice from McDonald’s using the drive-thru.

The speaker will then ask if you need anything else. Say yes or no.

After you’ve selected your drink, the worker rings you up the order through the drive-thru, which is similar to the way you get food in most restaurants.

Is McDonald’s Ice Bad?

McDonald’s ice is of good quality and the same quality you’d get at Speedway or another convenience store.

Unfortunately the bags only come in cubes, which means you’re not going to be able to buy crushed ice if that’s what you like better.

Is There a Limit On the Amount of Ice You Can Buy at McDonald’s?

That is typically not the case, and even if they did not specifically say that as a rule, it is not uncommon to have a hard time getting a large number of bags of ice.

I think people will be more apt to comply if they know the consequences, so it is best to have it in writing.

What Fast Food Restaurants Sell A Bag of Ice?

Lots of restaurants sell bagged ice and all you have to do is ask them for it or ask the cashier.

Where Else Can You Buy Ice?

You will be able to buy ice at many retail stores and grocery stores all around the place.

iced tea machines that use either a liquid CO2 or soda (carbonated) as a coolant.

Since each grocery stores and retailers sells different brands, the prices are not uniform. Furthermore, there will be some stores that make bags larger or smaller than the standard size.

As for the storage and shipping of the ice. You will need some insulated boxes that fit the ice along with some shipping labels and then ship the boxes to the customer.

Should You Choose Buying Ice at McDonald’s Over Another Option?

It’s much more financially savvy to buy McDonald’s ice bags at McDonald’s since they are much cheaper than buying them from a grocery store, gas station, or convenience store.

One of the best things about McDonald’s is the variety of food they provide. They offer a number of options every day. The food is usually consistent and it’s also very quick.

Finally, the quality of the ice sold at McDonald’s is the same as the quality elsewhere so if you’re looking to save money, then it’s a great option.

If you are wondering about McDonald’s, see our posts or post on whether or not McDonald’s serves cake, and when does McDonald’s serves lunch.


McDonald’s does sell ice, but if they don’t have it, they can order some from the restaurant and make some themselves.

As the best and cheapest option is to buy ice from McDonald’s, even if you have to purchase more than a couple of bags.

Finally, if you happen to find yourself in McDonald’s, you can buy ice at any other place in the area.

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