Is Mcdonald’s In Mexico? + Other Common Faqs

McDonald’s is one of the most popular fast food Mexican fast food restaurants, if not the most popular one. There are many McDonald’s in Mexico and their locations are located throughout the country.

McDonald’s is the world’s largest hamburger chain, so it should be no surprise that Mexico has the same menu. All of the regular sandwiches, burgers, and other options are also available in Mexico. If you want a McChicken sandwich, you can get that, but you’ll have to pay a little more for it. Chicken McNuggets are also available, but you’ll have to pay even more for those!

Is McDonald’s In Mexico In 2022?

McDonald’s has been in Mexico for four-plus decades and the company has grown to be the second-largest food franchise in the country with over 367 locations. According to data from Statista, one of the most popular things at Mexican McDonald’s restaurants is the McMollette, which is a breakfast sandwich with cheese and refried beans. In Mexico, you can also get a Big Mac for a lot less money. The price of a Big Mac is just $3.

You might be wondering what kind of food you’ll find at the McDonald’s locations in Mexico.

How Many McDonald’s Are There In Mexico?

McDonald’s is the second largest international fast food chain in the world, which have been in operation since 1844. Currently, there are nearly 11,000 branches, and it has 9,000 restaurants, which is the second most populated area for McDonald’s restaurants in Latin America.

Is McDonald’s Popular In Mexico?

Well, it was not just Mexico, but many other countries. In 2012, McDonald’s had 1,270 restaurants in 112 countries.

The fast food has been eaten in the U.S. so the culture and food in the U.S. has been imported into Japan.

When Did McDonald’s Go To Mexico?

McDonald’s opened its first restaurant in Mexico on October 28, 1985, and people lined up over an hour to get their first taste of the Big Mac and other McDonald’s menu items.

The reason why it took so long to get to Mexico was because it focused on other areas first.

The Mexican government was not happy with this contract, as McDonald’s was a foreign company. So they set up a new partnership with the same restaurants to own the majority shares.

The McDonald’s opening was delayed after they discovered that the source of the potatoes and the other ingredients that they used would be in Mexico.

Who Owns McDonald’s In Mexico?

McDonald’s is working on opening in Mexico, and it plans to open its first restaurant by the end of this year.

Arcos Dorados has over 20 countries where it is the master franchise owner of McDonald’s, including Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, and Costa Rica.

There are so many McDonald’s restaurants around the world, including in the United States, that it makes perfect sense for McDonald’s to own them.

What Is Served In Mexican McDonald’s?

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Another example is that of the McMollette, a breakfast sandwich made with cheese and beans, which often come in an open-faced format.

The Pico Guac Burger and Jalapenos are awesome, but I’ve never had a Jalapeno Popper before and can’t wait to try mine!

And don’t forget that the fast-food giant also sells the Mexican delicacy on its menus in the United States.

Sundae Cajeta, is a dessert that comes with a syrup sauce that includes strawberry, chocolate, or caramel.

McDonald’s in Mexico also lets you order different sauces, including chimichurri and salsa verde, to get some local Mexican flavor.

How Much Is A Big Mac In Mexico?

In Mexico, you will find Mexican food is incredibly cheap. We are talking about less than $10 a person per meal, compared with $25 or $30 here.

Chinese: I don’t speak Chinese so I can’t comment on that.

In Mexico, they charge less for a hamburger (in both the $1 and 3 for $10 options), and sell it for $2.50 a soft drink.

If you can pay $.60 for a hamburger you don’t need a job.

In the United States, the restaurant McDonald’s offers various items for free through its Happy Meal promotion. McDonald’s serves its burgers and other food items for free with the purchase of toy, Happy Meal, or Big Mac Meal items. McDonald’s provides free toys with the purchase of Happy Meals and Big Mac Meal items.

What Fast Food Restaurants Does Mexico Have?

Taco Bell, McDonald’s, and Wendy’s are the same as in America, as is KFC and others.

The Mexican restaurants in Texas are identical to the restaurants in America. They offer the same menu with different items.

What Casual Dining Restaurants Does Mexico Have?

Mexican restaurants like: El Fenix, La Pasadita, La Fonda, Los Primos, and more.

Mexican restaurants are open for business, so you can enjoy a delicious meal without your passport or tourist visa.

To find out if Cuba has McDonald’s, if Japan has McDonald’s, and if North Korea has McDonald’s, check out our posts on those matters.


McDonald’s is a fast food restaurant chain that is mostly found located in fast food restaurants, but also they have a few locations where you can get a hamburger or a meal. If you are a Mexican citizen visiting the United States you can visit the McDonald’s there and get a hamburger. McDonald’s is a fast food restaurant that is found in every part of the world and their goal is to allow every person to eat one of their hamburgers.

However, McDonald’s has been in Mexico since 1985. Furthermore, there is no Mexican law that requires a Mexican to be the majority owner of a business.

At Mexican McDonald’s locations, the McMollette is the most popular food item, it consists of an open-faced sandwich with cheese and beans. You can also get it in a wrap.

Mexico also offers more than just fast food and casual restaurants. It offers fine dining restaurants, sushi bars, Indian restaurants, as well as local Mexican cuisine.

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