Does Burger King Have Milkshakes? (types, Sizes, Quality + More)

When it comes to milkshakes, you can’t go wrong with Starbucks. You’ll be able to find a variety of flavors and a convenient location even if you are on the go.

If you’re a burger fan, you’ll love Burger King’s $1 Tall Chocolate Shake with your purchase of a Tall Chocolate Shake!

Does Burger King Have Milkshakes In 2022?

Burger King does offer a variety of very inexpensive milkshakes. Some of the shakes include simple shakes, whipped cream or flavored toppings, frappes, and iced coffees. The shakes are also incredibly inexpensive and can be added to value meals for an upcharge.

If you want to try Burger King’s impressive selection of milkshakes, affordable pricing, and available sizes, keep reading.

What Types of Milkshakes Does Burger King Have?

You can tell Burger King is the king of milkshakes, because they are not only the leader in milkshakes, but they offer an array of delicious flavors that will make your stomach flip over.

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If you want to get a bit more adventurous, you can order the Double Royale which includes two burgers, two French fries, two garlic tots and two soft serve ice cream treats.

What Sizes of Milkshakes Does Burger King serve?

There are three burger king milkshake styles: small, medium, and large. They come in 16 oz. (1 cup) and can pack up to 460 calories, depending on the size and flavor.

You could choose to buy a regular burger or a hamburger or a Whopper. There is a price for each of these. So depending on what you are willing to spend could be what size you buy.

How Many Calories Are in a Burger King Milkshake?

There are many different caloric percentages that can be found on the internet that have been calculated by companies to determine the overall nutritional value of a food product.

As an example, a large Burger King milkshake (20 oz) averages 761 calories, whereas the mini 9 oz clocks in at just under 400 at 370.

The calorie calculator below is not the official one provided by the restaurant, it’s just a handy tool to help give you an idea of exactly how many calories are in the burger.

The number of calories and carbohydrates in a shake can vary drastically. The amount of calories and carb-density does not necessarily depend on the flavor of the shake, which is determined by the type of milk that is added to the shake and, most importantly, the flavor of the milkshake.

Can You Customize a Burger King Milkshake?

While you can, many people have found that it is extremely difficult to order the most traditional French fries.

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When the new menu comes out, they’ll do it for the smoothies, the frappes, the sundaes, the burgers and probably the fries as well.

Do Burger King Milkshakes Contain Dairy?

Yes, all milkshakes include dairy.

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Of course, the big frozen drink brands that don’t have dairy are 7up flavored and the orange flavored.

What Types of Allergens are in a Burger King Milkshake?

Burger King milkshakes have a high percentage of dairy and soy however, there are milkshakes that are significantly low in these allergens.

A shake is usually made with ice cream and maybe some form of chocolate, nuts, or fruits.

These donuts are free of all allergens.

If you want a good burger, you’re going to have to look no further than the Burger King menu and see if you can get away with a burger with all white meat and no fries. A lot of customers are just going to have to go to Burger King and get a hamburger and fries.

Are Burger King Milkshakes Nutritious?

 Burger King’s milkshakes are made with chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavors, all of which are unhealthy!

While there are many ingredients that contribute to a fast food burger, Burger King has some of the worst nutritional numbers out there.

I used to think that people who wanted to lose weight could only do that if they ate less. But a study published last year showed that people who ate a milkshake every so often still lost weight without eating less.

How Much Does a Burger King Milkshake cost?

I like Burger King milkshakes because they taste like a delicious milkshake (even though they are mostly just milk and ice).

The prices can vary from location to location, and they can be fairly expensive if they are far away from the shopping centers.

The first thing that you should do when you are planning to buy a milkshake at a Burger King is to call the Burger King to find out what kinds of milkshakes they keep available and at what price so that you can better decide what milkshake you should buy.

Does Burger King Serve Other Types of Frozen Drink?

But even though they are dairy based, Burger King doesn’t necessarily make a distinction between dairy-based foods and nondairy based foods.

You can customize or personalize any drink with an upcharge.

Will Burger King Add New Milkshake Flavors in the Future?

Burger King isn’t planning on adding anymore milkshake flavors, but they do sometimes offer new milkshake flavors.

You can find more information about upcoming promotions at your favorite local franchise by visiting your local franchise’s Facebook page.

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King has a very big line of milkshakes, smoothies, and frappes. They have different flavors that are created just for you to taste, like, and taste like.

If you are someone who is allergic to or sensitive to any ingredients in any of the foods served by Burger King, you should not order a shake.

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