Does Burger King Have Ice Cream? (types, Sizes, Quality + More)

In summertime, ice cream becomes a staple, appearing at birthday parties, ballgames, and various summertime activities.

 If you want to have a delicious and creamy treat but are not a fan of the classic Burger King,  then you have come to the right place!  The ice cream flavors being served at Burger King include mint chocolate chip and chocolate chip cookie dough. The ice cream contains milk, eggs, and natural colors and flavors. If you want to avoid the artificial flavors, then opt for the chocolate chip cookie dough.

Does Burger King Have Ice Cream In 2022?

Burger King does sell ice cream cones, and milkshakes. As an example, they currently offer their ice cream cones via drive-thru and dine-in locations as well as carry milkshakes made with their ice cream.

For those who want to know more about the kinds of ice cream products Burger King serves, read on to learn what kinds of ice cream products Burger King serves, if they are made with real milk, and more!

What Types of Ice Cream Does Burger King Serve?

The soft serve ice cream is served in a cup or cone and is made from either regular ice cream or a special blended ice cream called soft serve.

This is a milkshake created with a popular ice cream brand called “Cool Whip”. It is a refreshing treat that comes in a variety of flavors. There can be other toppings such as: sprinkles, cinnamon, chocolate chips, candy eyes, and whipped cream.

Furthermore, Burger King also makes sundaes drizzled in chocolate, hot caramel, or strawberry sauce.

If you’re paying, or paying more, than $4.99, you should expect extra ingredients.

What Are the Sizes of Burger King’s Ice Cream Items

Although the cones have a standard size, you can request a cup instead. If you choose a cup, you’re likely to get a 4 oz serving size, give or take.

The Burger King Sundae is sweet and classic and comes in a size that is a little larger than a pound.

The milkshake comes in small (12 oz), medium (16 oz), large (20 oz), and can be added to a value meal for an upcharge.

Are Burger King Ice Creams Made with Real Milk?

The answer here is a bit mixed. While the main ingredient in Burger King ice cream is dairy-based, it is made with skim milk and milk fat. Burger King ice cream actually does contain a small amount of egg whites that act as a stabilizer and tenderizer.

This is like saying that Starbucks milk has non-dairy chocolate in it, yet its primary ingredient is not what comes to mind when people think of milk.

Can a Lactose-Intolerant Person Eat Burger King Ice Cream?

BK ice cream also contains gluten, soy, and sulfates. It does not contain egg, fish, peanuts, shellfish, or tree nuts.

Don’t be afraid to ask these questions and learn more about the company so that you can make a better investment decision.

In case of a severe food allergy, the consumer should be careful of any cross-contamination.

How Much Does a Burger King Ice Cream Cone Cost?

You can find the classic cone on the Change Menu at Burger King. It’s available for just $1.99. It has only 171 calories and comes in soft serve.

If a person wants to have a good time and eat ice cream, they should definitely buy this machine.

How Much Does a Burger King Ice Cream Sundae Cost?

Whether you get a chocolate malted or vanilla ice cream, the price is a cost-effective $1.75. For anyone wondering if this new strawberry drizzle has an extra taste of strawberry, the answer is a resounding yes.

If you are interested in visiting an A&W in the near future, make sure to call them ahead of time.

How Much Does a Burger King Milkshake Cost?

Burger King milkshakes come in small (small), medium (medium), and large (large). Prices correspond accordingly. For example, a small Burger King milkshake costs $2.49, a medium $3.09, and a large $3.59.

You only pay for the shake that you order. If you order the chocolate, you only pay the chocolate price.

Does Burger King Have Ice Cream Cake or Pies?

Burger King has no official policy about selling ice cream pies, but if you ask fast food experts, they would say that if you see it, you should buy it.

Hershey’s created the very popular and very delicious Hershey’s sundae pie. The pie was a limited edition dessert but has been on the regular menu since.

How Much Does a Burger King Hershey Sundae Pie cost?

The Burger King Hershey Sundae pie is one of their special offers.

This cake is topped with a delicious mixture of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, and served with whipped cream and chocolate-covered chocolate chips. This cake is delicious!

How Long Do Burger King’s Limited Milkshakes Stay on the Menu?

Burger King recently announced they will be launching the new “The Impossible Whopper” in several cities.

The fast food chain is very secretive about promotions. They rarely keep them going very long. You can usually get the milkshake a few months.

What Other Desserts Does Burger King Offer?

The Whopper Jr. has a very basic menu, as well as the Whopper Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger that has a special sauce. This burger is very similar to the Whopper Jr. in that it contains cheese and a bbq sauce.

The chocolate is very flavorful and very fun to taste. It provides chocolate lovers with the variety and smooth rich flavors they crave.

Macaroni and cheese,
Chicken tarragon,
Beet and brie,
Frozen yogurt and bacon,
Jalapeno and cheese,
Cheese and salsa.

The ice cream and cookie sandwich is the perfect way to cool off and enjoy some nostalgia.

For more information about Burger King ice cream, you can read our Burger King ice cream review.

There are also some other ice cream flavors and products that we don’t list on this page. Read our reviews of those ice cream flavors.


Burger King’s ice cream menu has a wide range of delicious treats such as frozen yogurt, soft serve, and even a Banana Split. I love the flavors of their sundaes.

The velvety soft serve ice cream from Burger King will remain a staple in the summer. Anyone looking to cool off on a hot day knows that a Burger King ice cream treat will hit the spot.

And, we’ve learned from a customer that this is also the case on a cold winter day!

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