10 Reasons Why Doordash Is So Slow (full Guide)

DoorDash uses a network of couriers to deliver food to customers’ homes. In the food delivery niche, DoorDash has the largest market share, so the delivery speeds must be the fastest.

But recently, DoorDash customers have noticed the service is relatively slow. So, you’re probably asking, why is DoorDash so slow lately? Here are ten reasons why you’re experiencing delays when ordering with DoorDash!

10 Reasons Why DoorDash Is So Slow In 2022

1. Your DoorDasher Is Stuck In Traffic

DoorDash is still very much in beta, so the company is testing and tweaking its service before rolling it out to the public. That means their delivery people are sitting in slow traffic on the way to you, a process that can take up to 30 minutes before DoorDash delivers your order.

Especially since it’s a popular food-delivery service, especially during peak times.

It’s also common in a larger city for your DoorDasher to get stuck in traffic for extended periods of time. If your DoorDasher gets stuck in traffic for extended periods of time, your DoorDasher is most likely not on the right path.

Sometimes it is hard to keep up with the traffic on the road, so it’s possible to get stuck in it.

If a DoorDasher doesn’t reach out first, it can be hard to figure out where your order is at. If this is the case, you can always keep an eye on the live tracking feature on the DoorDasher app.

2. The DoorDasher Needed To Take A Detour

DoorDasher might need to take a detour on their way to deliver your food if there’s a considerable amount of construction in your city.

You also find out how they handle the construction zones later in the game.

Therefore, you may experience delays in your DoorDash order. Also, if the DoorDasher is new to the area, they might not be familiar with local roads, take longer, and the wait times will increase.

The DoorDasher is a bit different from other lockboxes. You can open the DoorDasher with a smart lock from other manufacturers.

3. The Restaurant Is Very Busy

Another reason that your DoorDash order could take longer than usual is because the restaurant you ordered from has a lot of customers or it doesn’t have enough staff at the moment. It’s also possible that both factors are true, and in that case, we’ll have to notify you beforehand so that you can decide whether to wait for the restaurant to be more busy or to have a backup chef.

The order is going to be served to the customer before the restaurant has become empty, giving the customer a chance to change their order, if they want to.

So, in the DoorDash app, you have the option to see the status of your order at various
stages of the delivery process.

You can also pick up your food yourself instead of using the delivery feature. This will save you a lot of time instead of waiting for a long time to see if a delivery person is coming by your house.

When you click Order Now on the DoorDash app, you’ll be redirected to the DoorDash website. You can then view your order, make changes, and pay on the screen.

4. There’s A Lack Of DoorDashers In The Area

If you don’t have enough of our pizza delivery drivers in your area to bring the pizzas to your door, then you are going to end up waiting a few extra days for your order to arrive.

Doors have a lot of employees, so if we’re lucky, there’s always someone manning the entrance to the club.

The company has more than 200,000 active drivers in the U.S. and delivers to more than 400,000 restaurants.

5. Placing Orders During Peak Delivery Times

– The restaurant that you are looking for most likely has a wait of 5-10 minutes for delivery.
– It is best to get these items during lunchtime or after dinner.

If you order at these times, you’re likely to experience longer waits and more difficulty getting your food.

The service tries to help drivers deliver more orders during peak times. The app also includes a dashboard feature to keep in touch with orders and track delivery progress.

I found myself sitting in my house, ordering food on-the-go, waiting an hour for it to show up, and then having to go back out to get the food.

The original comments were more negative, but I’m going to try to give credit where credit is due.

Orders can be scheduled ahead of time for you to ensure your food gets delivered to you on time.

6. More People Order Food For Delivery

The main reason for the decline in orders is because the number of people ordering out has outpaced that the number of people ordering in.

Since the COVID-19 disease spread, restaurants and fast-food companies relied entirely on the delivery and pick up orders to stay in business.

I grew accustomed when I started getting food delivered from my favorite restaurants through Grubhub, which is not too fast.

The number of door-to-door deliveries has greatly increased, and sometimes there aren’t enough delivery workers to meet the demand.

7. DoorDashers Pick Up Multiple Orders On One Route

As soon as she received the order, I went to the kitchen and started slicing the vegetables.

A different order may get delivered at the same time.

As you can see, this means that your ‘first’ order can’t be the only order your DoorDasher delivers. At this point, it’s safe to assume that the orders will be delivered in the order they appeared in the XML.

The DoorDashers will pick up orders at any customer locations and will deliver products to the customer locations.

A delivery robot is beneficial because it can transport your food quickly, and also because it can make many deliveries at a time.

8. Some Items Spill During Delivery

Delivery order is taking longer to get and the DoorDash driver had to come back.

The DoorDasher will randomly return to the restaurant to fill some of the spilled items.

It will take longer to complete the delivery if the door dasher circles back to the restaurant.

However, DoorDash doesn’t offer tips on how to clean spilled food.

Instead, you’ll be sent the next DoorDash gift card for every order you make. Just be sure to give us some time to get the gift cards to you.

9. The Restaurant Is Far Away From Your House

Place your order before you leave your restaurant and make sure that your destination is in the same state as the restaurant. If you live in Florida, for example, you can order a pizza from a restaurant in Massachusetts.

So, if your are eating at a restaurant that is a considerable distance from your house, the delivery time is longer.

A restaurant’s location will tell you if it’s close enough for you to get there after you complete an order.

10. Time Of The Year

In the summer, DoorDash delivers more food than usual.

It is more likely to experience faster delivery times during summer months because more people are on vacation or enjoying the outdoors.

Therefore, there aren’t as many DoorDash orders during this time of the year. But, in the winter, there are a lot of delivery requests, so you’re going to experience longer wait times.

if you’re a delivery service and need a reliable app for your riders to track their orders, you should consider DoorDash.
In our eyes, it’s a trustworthy and safe platform to use for your business.


The time it takes to have the food ready for delivery depends on the time that it takes the restaurant to prepare it and the delivery driver to get it.

Sometimes, you can find yourself stuck in traffic, because there is a queue or your restaurant is really busy.
If none of the above applies, then you can just leave the work at the office or ask for an extension.

Furthermore, you should also make sure that you are close to the restaurant, so you don’t have to spend much time getting there.

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