Doordash Never Delivered My Food (why And What To Do) 

Sometimes, delivery drivers can’t find you when they are about to deliver your meal. It can get frustrating when you are looking forward to sitting down and eating your dinner.

DoorDash delivery drivers often don’t receive their deliveries because they are not nearby when your Dashboard asks them if they have delivered your food. When you order food, your Dashboard automatically asks if the delivery driver has delivered your order, and if you don’t get a response, DoorDash automatically sends the food on to someone else.

DoorDash Never Delivered My Food In 2022

The last option is to use the DoorDash app or computer to claim a refund or store credit when the order never arrives.

[[Original]: If you have a question about the location where you’re getting your orders, feel free to email us at or tweet at us at @DoorDash. You can also report a wrong or missing order by using the app or the computer.

If you want to learn step-by-step instructions on how to file a claim about a missing order, how to track your orders, and why some orders don’t get delivered by DoorDash, keep on reading! I’ve researched everything you need to know about this problem!

How Should You Handle DoorDash Orders That Never Delivered?

If you don’t see your meal, you can always report it. The faster you do so, the more likely it is that they’ll get back to you.

However, filing your claim is pretty straightforward, and you can also note missing deliveries on the DoorDash mobile app or the computer. Fortunately, doing so is pretty straightforward, and you can also file a claim by submitting a form on their website.

Reporting that certain packages are missing on your app.

Click the top right corner of your Dashboard to open the menu.
Select the hamburger icon to open the menu, then select “Customer Relations.”
Select the Customer Support tab.
Select “Report a Problem” to contact customer service.

If you’re still having problems, you can call DoorDash’s customer support at 855-431-0459 for help.

Reporting missing deliveries on a computer could not be done if you couldn’t take pictures of what happened to a package.

Open the App Store and navigate to Purchases.
Scroll down to the Product Details section for the product you’re trying to report.
Tap and hold on any item in this list, and then tap Request a Return.

This should make it even clear that the food arrives late even more often than usual.

You can get a refund, an account credit, or a free redelivery if the order never arrives.

Why Do Some DoorDash Orders Never Get Delivered?

The most common reason why an order doesn’t show up is when the restaurant gets too busy, the delivery person is too busy, the restaurant is closed, or the restaurant doesn’t open at all.

When you check the status of your order, you will not see a delivery.
Your order is in the process of processing.
An issue is preventing a delivery.

Does DoorDash Give Refunds for Missing Orders?

Customers can file a claim if their order was delivered and didn’t meet their expectations.

All the deliverymen will go back in time trying to deliver the order as soon as possible, but it will be just in time to get another order.

Can You Check on the Status of Your DoorDash Order?

Your order will be sent to the local store to be packed and shipped to you.

You will also be able to view your orders on your phone or on a computer if you have the app.

You can now track your orders on the dasher app.

If you’d like to check on your DoorDash order on the app, just click on the “Orders” tab and click on the order in question.

After using the live map feature, you can track your DoorDasher in real-time and see your order’s status. You can cancel your order by pressing on the “cancel order” button.

Now, as soon as the delivery van appears, the phone will start ringing.

If the DoorDasher hasn’t picked up the food, or if the restaurant delivers its own orders, the DoorDasher will not send the track to the restaurant.

We’ll walk you through how to track orders on your computer.

Open the Dashboard on the computer and sign in with your Dash address.
Scroll down and look under the Orders tab.
Your current order should show up there and give you a timeframe for delivery.

Why Is My DoorDash Order Taking Longer Than Usual?

Sometimes, a DoorDash delivery order may take longer to deliver, but the estimated time of arrival presented on the app might still reflect the current delivery window.

When delivery drivers find there is a long wait for your delivery, they can sometimes not make it on time.

For example, there could be a shortage of workers due to the holidays.

To find more about DoorDash delivery problem, you can see our post on DoorDash delivery.


DoorDash delivery issues are unusual, but if you ever experience one, always let customer service know about the problem.

 Additionally, the app will provide you with a 50% discount for any order total if the order was never delivered.

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