Doordash Stuck On Confirming Order (why + Can You Do Anything)

One feature customers love about DoorDash is that they can see the status of their orders. With this feature, people can know when their food will arrive at their door.

DoorDash offers free support for their tracking system and I was able to resolve the issue with them in 20 minutes. I was able to receive all of my earnings by the next day.

Why Is DoorDash Stuck on “Confirming Order” In 2022

You’re in a weird situation where you ordered food from someone who isn’t your regular delivery vendor, and the restaurant hasn’t confirmed that you’re a real person. If you still have the food, you should leave it on the doorstep or somewhere else safe and continue the delivery process.

Want to learn more about DoorDash businesses, how they confirm orders, how to deal with late deliveries, and much more? Read this post all the way to the end! I’ve looked into all these things!

Why Is My DoorDash Order Stuck on “Confirming Order”?

– Your payment method is not the right type for your location or your order is not for a delivery fee.
– You are missing the address of your location or your address is incorrect and needs to be updated.
– The delivery driver cannot start an order because he needs special equipment to work at your address.
– Please be as specific as possible when you give us information about your order.

* For the security of your privacy and under the FDNY rules, please do not upload any photo or videos of your order on DoorDash, as this is a violation of the privacy policy of DoorDash.

When restaurant gets a customer order, it gets a notification through Merchant DoorDash app and the restaurant owner can see the customer order in the real time.

At this point, when the restaurant staff accepts the order, you receive a notification that the restaurant is making your food. Therefore, the “Confirming Order” message disappears.

The good news is, if you’re having issues placing your order, you can always cancel your order and leave it to the next user, and try again!

If it’s happening, the problem lies within the app or with the data stored in the app.
If it’s happening, the problem lies within the app or with the data stored in the app.
If this is what is happening to you, close the app and open it back up again to resolve the issue.

What If Your DoorDash Order Is Stuck on “Confirming Order”?

Fortunately, there are a few things to help resolve a stuck DoorDash order.

If you’re not satisfied, you can call DoorDash via phone at (855) 400-5222 or by asking them for a refund.

You can also call the restaurant directly and see if they received the order or not.

If a staff member forgot to confirm your order on the app, the restaurant will be able to see whether your order is on the way or not.

How Long Does It Take for DoorDash to Confirm Your Order?

If the restaurant is really busy, it might take up to ten minutes for the server to check if all the customers have confirmed their order.

How Do DoorDash Merchants Confirm Orders?

The DoorDash tablet used to be a standard tablet, but changed to be Android tablet in 2015 and in 2018, the tablet is changed to be a smart tablet.

I want the tablet to notify the restaurant when an order comes in.

A staff member sees the message on their phone, and they confirm it, and their order status changes from “Confirming Order” to “Making Order”.

Additionally, the staff should be allowed to input the estimated prep time into the restaurant’s software to calculate the average time it takes the staff to prepare the food ordered.

Why Is My DoorDash Order Taking Longer Than Usual?

If DoorDash is experiencing a technical issue.
If you’re in a neighborhood with heavy traffic.
If the nearest driver is a customer.

Can You Cancel DoorDash Orders?

After you place an order with us, we have to send you your order or we have to deliver within 24 hours. If the delivery takes longer than 24 hours, we will notify you. In either case, we will make sure you are reimbursed.

In that case your order has been confirmed and you can get a full refund anytime you want.

If you cancel a confirmed order or assign the order to another DoorDasher, you can only get a partial refund of the remaining amount of your order.

As you can see here, you can cancel your order at any time.

If you cancel your order before you place it, you’ll get your entire order refunded.

The company wants to guarantee the delivery even if you’re going to get a refund, they want to make sure everything will be delivered.

Can You Get a Refund If Your Order Wasn’t Delivered?

If your order never came, you can receive a refund from DoorDash – as long as you return the product within 45 days of the order.

You will receive an order confirmation message with your order details and if you’re not satisfied with the order, you can request to change the order, in which case you will receive a refund for any unused items.

What Should You Do If Your DoorDash Order Never Arrived?

Don’t forget to file a claim if you aren’t able to take delivery. Keep your receipt so you can submit a claim with DoorDash.

Open the DoorDash app and click on the “Notifications” tab.

If you use your computer to place an order, there’s always a step to send your item. In every case, when people don’t receive their order, they contact DoorDash.

To file a DoorDash order that never arrived on your computer you need to:

Go to the [DoorDash website] that you used to place the order and click on the order number.
Fill out the order report form.

What If Your DoorDash Order Arrives Late?

Unfortunately, this is usually a sign that your food is stuck in “pick up.” The best way to ensure a smooth delivery is to order your food sooner.

For late deliveries, DoorDash is open to issuing a refund if the delivery person is late, the customer pays for the delivery fee, and we can work with the delivery company to ensure that the customer gets their order in a timely manner.
We also have a robust guarantee program which can also be used to ensure that customers get orders on time.

You can report a late order to DoorDash on the mobile app. To check on shipments, select the icon on the right side of your order when you’re in the checkout process.

DoorDash is a food delivery company based in San Francisco. The company is known for their delivery network that they use to reach out to people in the United States. The company is also known to have a really large workforce that works on each customer experience to the point that they even send someone to the customer’s home to drop off their purchased food.


If your order status is on “Confirming Order,” chances are pretty good that you may have forgotten to confirm your order on the DoorDash Merchant app. A good way to prevent this from happening is to make sure to confirm the order on the app before leaving the restaurant.

If the DoorDash glitch or you can’t enter the address, you might call DoorDash customer support to resolve the issue.

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