How To Doordash For The First Time Without A Red Card? (What To Know!)

DoorDash allows you to order food from local restaurants, and have it delivered to your home. But there’s a catch. It’s simple and allows restaurants to deliver their food.

Continue reading if you don’t know what the DoorDash Red Card is or how to start dashing without one.

How to DoorDash for the First Time without a Red Card

DoorDash allows Dasher to deliver for up to two weeks without the need for a Red Card. Only jobs that do not require a Red Card or hot bag will be offered to you. These orders will need to be paid before you can pick them up. DoorDash will send you an email confirming your Red Card and Hot Bag are on their way as soon as your first delivery is made.

You will need your red card to deliver most items. However, you can begin delivering immediately after registration is complete.

If you don’t have your red card, but still want to place an order, you can simply walk into the restaurant and inform the staff that you are there to pick up food orders.

Click the Dash now button to complete your first DoorDash purchase. You can accept the order and then go to the pick-up location to pick it up. Before you arrive, the order will be already paid.

If asked, take a picture to confirm you have delivered the order. You will also receive details about how much you earned and a tip from your customer.

What is a DoorDash Red Card and how does it work?

DoorDash issues a red card for all authorized delivery drivers (also known as dashers) to purchase food items at the restaurants.

It functions like a credit card and is available to dashers when they register on DoorDash as delivery drivers. Red card holders can earn more as they can also pick up cash for delivery orders.

Find out more about the DoorDash Red Card.

Do I still have my Red Card to DoorDash?

DoorDash will not send your red card with your first order. Instead, you will receive a text message and email letting you know that the DoorDash red cards has been dispatched shortly after you have delivered the order and clicked the submit button. DoorDash will not send the card unless you have completed one order.

DoorDash will give you orders that do not require a Red Card at the beginning. These orders will be paid when you get there to pick them up.

If you lose your DoorDash Red Card, please report it to the DoorDash. You can also apply for a replacement card at the Official DoorDash Store.

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Why can’t I do my first doordash?

If you are new to DoorDash and are still waiting to receive a welcome email from DoorDash officials you will not be able complete any deliveries until that email arrives.

DoorDash sometimes takes a while to verify your license.

Although you have completed the sign up process, the app will always show a full schedule for your area. This can make it difficult to work and put you on the waiting lists. You can schedule your work slot based on your own timetable and then start working when you get the green light.

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Delivery can be made by New DoorDashers for up to 2 weeks without the need for a Red Card.

DoorDash will assign pickups to you that do not require a Red Card. The order will be already paid for when you arrive. DoorDash will mail you a Red Card with a hot bag once you have completed your first order.

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