15 Things To Know Before Buying Costco Cell Phones

In-store cell phone deals are a great way to shop smart. If you compare prices from all the places you might buy your next phone, you’ll be able to find a cheap phone that’s just as good as the brand you want.

Check the packaging to see if the phone has been previously damaged or is still in its original package.

15 Things to Know Before Buying Costco Cell Phones In 2022

1. Look for the Wireless Advocates Kiosks When Buying Costco Cell Phones

People can also find the phone displays at Costco by walking through the aisles and seeing which displays are there. This is usually done by employees who are stationed at the phones.

 The idea is that you can buy the machine, insert a token, and make your purchase. You’ll then get a voucher for the item you just bought, which you can then use in the store at a later time.

Costco outsourced the cell phone sale to Wireless Advocates.

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2. Understand the Salespeople at the Costco Cell Phone Kiosks Are Wireless Advocate Employees

Costco does not have an agreement with Wireless Advocates, so there is no reason for the employees to be Costco employees.

I don’t know if someone who works at the Wireless Advocate can answer your question though.

But, this also means that the Costco jewelry staff must have at least some knowledge of the products they are selling, whereas the “kiosks” only need to be knowledgeable about the jewelry pieces currently being sold.

3. Costco Cell Phones Are Sold Via Wireless Plans

Costco sells many of its devices as part of three major carriers: Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile.

You can buy a phone from any carrier and sign up for a new plan.

If you are trying to buy a phone using a new credit card or debit card, check your monthly credit limit before you buy it.

Circling back to Clark.com, Costco has launched its own plans, but they’re not as good as the plans of the carriers, so that’s why they’re cheaper.

**Ex:** Clark.com reports that the plans offered at Costco are the same as you would find in the carriers’ retail locations or online, but the difference is Costco’s special member pricing.

4. You Can’t Buy Unlocked Costco Cell Phones

Unfortunately, there are many of us who want a smartphone that can be used with different carriers and carriers in different countries.

If you are not already on a good plan with a carrier who has the same network as your current Google Fi provider, you may need to look for a better plan.

5. You Can Find the Top Brands When Shopping Costco Cell Phones

Costco Wireless Advocate kiosks tend to have newer phones available for sale.

The Apple iPhone 13 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip smartphone will be available to purchase in Costco stores and online stores this April.

Costco does not have the latest Google Pixel model, though it’s unclear whether that includes the Pixel 2 or just this year’s model.

The store has a wide selection of older models, which are still very affordable.

6. Expect to Save up to 10 Percent on Costco Cell Phones

Costco wants Costco members to have fun while they shop. Costco offers some of the most competitive prices in the U.S.

While discounts are normally only offered in certain seasons, you can still find them around the holidays.

The iPhone XR, the smaller of the two new iPhones, starts at $749, making it cost as much as 13 iPhones in Starlight. However, Costco can save that customer an additional $25 when they buy the phone for $744.
The iPhone XR could be a better deal for some shoppers right now, however.

7. Don’t Worry About Paying for Your Costco Cell Phones All at Once

Costco members get benefits such as free cell phone service, free cell phone protection plans, and free cell phone insurance.

I’m not going to pay for it in installments. I’m going to just buy it and I’m going to own it.

8. There Are Benefits to Buying Costco Cell Phones Versus Other Avenues

Costco has a great partnership with Wireless Advocates which allows them to give away exclusive deals to their customers.

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A few days ago, Apple will let customers save up to $700 by buying an iPhone in Apple’s online store and then trading it in for a trade-in on-site.

There’s a bonus offer for customers who sign up with T-Mobile for a new line of service.

9. Buy Your Costco Cell Phone When You Have Some Time

Costco had a major problem with the way that it did the delivery of its own items.

Sometimes there are two or three people, but most often there are just one or two people who are working alone.

First you’ll need to set up an account and purchase a credit card.
Then, you’ll need to pay the first month of your subscription and pick your package
Next, you’ll have to go to your mailbox to get the keys and instructions.

10. Shop With a Second or Third Choice of Costco Cell Phones

Another complaint about Costco cell phone shopping is that in-store inventory is limited and the selection is very limited.

If you’re coming into a store and you really want to get a certain phone, you need to have good backup options.

11. Costco Cell Phones Are Eligible for Return for 90 Days

Electronics are covered under the “electronics” section of the Terms of Service, and you should definitely read through that, as the cost of returning electronics can be quite expensive. Still, the cost of the phone will be covered by Costco’s warranty.

Returns are handled by Wireless Advocates (a company that handles returns and reorders) and not through Costco.

If you are not sure what your coverage plan is, you can check your plan status online. If you are not sure which plan will work best for you, you can enter your zip code here and we’ll find your plan for you.

12. But Make Sure You Read the Fine Print on the Costco Cell Phones Return Policy

You won’t be losing money if the $10 fee isn’t applied to the price of the flight, but if it is, it’s a no-brainer.

To insure that you will use the device for at least 14 days, it is recommended you check and double-check on the length of the trial period, because while it’s generally 14 days, the length can differ from carrier to carrier.

13. The Service at Costco Cell Phones Kiosks Isn’t Quite as Thorough

The services will not be as complete because of the nature of mobile phones, but they will be better than nothing.

You can tell that your iCloud is connected to your phone, because in your phone’s settings it says you have an iCloud account.

There are no instructions for users, but Wireless Advocate does give you the info on paper so you can take it home and read it before connecting your device.

14. Check Out the Costco Cell Phones Accessories for Members-Only Deals

Costco has announced that they are going to offer the same deals to members of their wine club, which is kind of a no-brainer, when Costco is the biggest wine seller in the world.

The store offers a wide selection of accessories for a great price. For example, I recently bought the Zagg Bluetooth mouse pad for my iPhone for $14.

15. Shop the Black Friday Sales for Even More Deals on Costco Cell Phones and Accessories

The discounts start November 27th and continue through the next day. If you’re in the market for a new cell phone, you can save big by waiting until Black Friday.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is available for only $499 and if you sign up for a new line with T-Mobile you will also get $300 Shop card!

You can also learn more about Costco’s return policies and the information on their website by reading our posts on Costco’s return policies and Costco’s website.

We also wrote a post called ” Costco’s Refund & Buyer Protection Policy” and another called “Costco’s Product Warranties”.


If you are a Costco member and want to get your hands on a new phone, it’s a good idea to check with your local Costco store.

Costco’s lower prices can’t be beat, and the best customer service is provided by the three major carriers- Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile.

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