Walmart Phone Return Policy (contracts, Postpaid, Iphones + More)

Almost 70% of the world owns a smartphone in 2026, and these devices keep becoming more and more capable of doing amazing things.

Walmart stores are known for keeping their shelves stocked and stocked with the latest cell phones for their customers. This means that you may be wondering what their return policy is.

The deal-breaker in Walmart’s return policy is that they will only accept phone for a refund and repair.

Walmart Cell Phone Return Policy In 2022

Walmart has a return policy that allows for prepaid phones to be returned within 14 days of purchase; all phones must be returned in original condition, including the packaging, accessories, and receipt. Additionally, postpaid contract cell phones have up to 30 days of eligibility for returns.

Walmart’s cell phone return policy is confusing to people, but there are some important things you need to know. Keep on reading if you want to know more about Walmart’s return policy.

What You Should Know When Returning A Phone To Walmart

Prepaid cell phones are returned within 14 days of purchase, but all phone cards, minutes, and PINs are non-refundable and not eligible for return.

You have to have purchased your contract phone while in Canada.
You have to be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
You have to be eligible for the service provider’s service plan.

Walmart will not accept cell phone if it includes a serial number or if it was purchased at a different store. Walmart will not accept cell phones without a serial number. The customer will have to visit their local store for a replacement.

Walmart will not take the phone to a repair shop if you got it from another seller but the phone can only be fixed at the repair shop.

How Long Do You Have To Return Cell Phones At Walmart?

When it comes to returns, Walmart is very strict on cell phones. You have 14 days after the original purchase or delivery date to return a cell phone at Walmart.

The refund you are eligible to receive is contingent on the condition of your smartphone. The condition of your smartphone must not be damaged or broken.

Cell phones usually have pre-applied insurance coverage. If you damage your phone, it may be covered by your normal cell phone plan, by your insurance provider or even by the manufacturer’s warranty. This coverage varies from plan to plan.

Can You Return Damaged Cell Phones At Walmart?

Walmart has a strict policy that cell phones come in their original packing. Only certified technicians are permitted to open packages and make repairs on cell phones.

There is a plan that you can buy that will refund your insurance if your phone cracks or gets water damage.

Walmart will repair or replace your phone if it is damaged or defective, even if it is more than 14 days old.

The only catch is that they have a very limited delivery area, and won’t be able to deliver to the other parts of the county.

Can You Return Opened Cell Phones At Walmart?

The Walmart says that cell phones should only be returned in new condition and customers should not be expected to handle an opened cell phone.

If a phone is not registered to a carrier or your account, you will not be able to add the phone to your account. A phone that is not registered to a carrier or your account cannot be returned to a carrier.

Walmart has been accused of charging $3 a month for text messages, but at times it is actually cheaper than what the service providers are offering.

Can You Return iPhones At Walmart?

Walmart gives a full refund only if you are selling the phone, so you won’t get any money back for your iPhone if you just bought one (in any case you need a receipt for the refund).

If you plan on using the Apple iPhone or any other phone that uses the Bluetooth headset functionality, you are also required to bring in the Bluetooth adapter, the headphones, and the cable.

Can You Return Prepaid Cell Phones At Walmart?

A one time purchase can be returned and be exchanged as long as the returns are completed within 14 days.

Since the contract phone, prepaid phone card, and SIM cards come with a defined usage period, you cannot request an early termination. This is a bit different from the prepaid phone call.

Because the service requires a long term contract, carriers restrict the number of devices a consumer can return with one per customer account.

Walmart does not take returns, refunds, or make replacements for SIM cards and prepaid phone cards.

If you think that you have received a defective item, you must contact the merchant, so that they can arrange pick-up or exchange the product.

Can You Return Cell Phones At Walmart Without A Receipt?

This is actually a good policy since Walmart should have a good idea about what you purchased and who bought it. And, as mentioned in my previous article, Walmart’s return policy is one of the best in America.

However, if you return a cell phone at Walmart, you must have your receipt for a successful return or refund, which you must do to receive a refund, which you must do for a successful refund, which you must return a cell phone at Walmart.

If you didn’t receive your receipt, you can either call Walmart at 1-888-999-9997, or you can try to track your purchase online.

If you buy your own replacement or if you return the product, the exchange or refund will be given back to you.

Walmart will not accept any cell phones with no valid ID, and they do not accept stolen phones.

How Do You Return Cell Phones Bought From Walmart?

There is no difference when returning your cell phone online or in-store.

When using the purchase method, the transaction information is recorded in the blockchain.

If you buy a cell phone from the Walmart website, you cannot return it in-store. Instead, you must mail it back to the company, along with an gift card for the product you purchased.

Visit the Walmart website, enter your email and order number or log in if you already have an account. Select the item you want to return on the ‘purchase history’ screen.

You can print a free return shipping label to use on eligible items to print out.

Since you purchased your cell phone at a Walmart store, you are able to return it during regular store hours.

For In-store returns, you must bring all the original packing materials and accessories. Otherwise, Walmart will deny the return. This is in your contract and we are not allowed to deny it.
They will try to take advantage of this issue.

How Do You Get A Refund For A Cell Phone Return At Walmart?

Your cell phone will be returned to you after you have given me the number of your Walmart account.

When you file your refund, Walmart will send your refund to the original payment form.

If you used a credit card to purchase a phone, Walmart will offer to reload your card with a gift card. This is an easy alternative that will provide you with a Walmart gift card to use with a smartphone, tablet, or game console purchase. The gift card that will be issued will be the same as the amount that was originally on your card.

You are probably better off bringing a check as that will enable you to receive an immediate cash refund.

What Kinds Of Cell Phones Does Walmart Sell?

Walmart has sold many different phones, including phones from the nation’s top brands. Additionally, you can buy a new or refurbished phone at Walmart.

If you still have some questions about the return policy, you always have the chance to contact us via our Live Chat support or by emailing us.


Walmart accepts return of cell phones within 14 days from the original purchase date. It does not matter where you bought the phone or whether it came from a wireless carrier or retailer.

You must bring all the original packaging and accessories for Walmart to accept your return. The phone must be undamaged.

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