Best Buy Phone Return Policy (open Box, Used + More)

Bestbuy is one of the leading electronics stores in the U.S. They sell a variety of phones from top brands including Samsung, Apple, and Google as well as notable carriers such as Verizon and AT&T.

If you don’t like the phone you’re using, you can get a refund for it! Of course, if you used the Best Buy credit card to buy the phone, you can also get a full refund on the item. It’s also possible to get a refund if you decide to exchange the item, but you have to pay the difference in price for the phone and then get the difference in the price of the new phone. You can also get your money back by using the Best Buy refund policy.

Best Buy Phone Return Policy In 2022

Best Buy allows customers to return their opened, unopened, open box, and used phones within 14 days of purchase. You can keep the box the phone came in, too. However, Best Buy charges a restocking fee of $45 on opened phones that are returned except for those in the open box category.

If you want to learn about returning phones to Best Buy in-store and via mail, whether you can return phones at any time, and much more, keep on reading!

What Is The Best Buy Phone Return Policy?

Phone shopping experience is like the real estate. You can check out the specs and read reviews if you want to. However, if the deal is too good to be true, you will be able to ask questions yourself.

Customers are allowed to return goods for a reason within the period stipulated by the law or 14 days.

You can always print an itemized receipt for your return. If you’re mailing it in, you have to provide the receipt by mail. A photo ID is required for an express or overnight shipping.

Can I Return Open Box Phones To Best Buy?

You can return or exchange a new phone within 14 days after purchase or delivery.

Most stores will not charge you a restocking fee for returning an open box phone. However, some stores do charge you a restocking fee for open box phones. So, you should ask about any potential charges before returning your phone.

You should go to your local Best Buy store and look for the return guide to see if you can return an open box phone without a restocking fee.

Can I Return A Used Phone To Best Buy?

You can return a used phone to Best Buy as long as it is in “like-new” condition. Best Buy will not accept the return if the phone is scratched, dented, or damaged.

And additionally, all the accessories must be brought with the return so you can get a full refund.

If you return a phone without all the accessories to Best Buy, you can be denied the return. Alternatively, a non-refundable charge will be deducted to cater to the missing item.

Note: You need to be able to substantiate that you paid for all the accessories before you return the phone.
If the Best Buy policy is unclear, I would recommend contacting their customer service for clarification.

Be careful when returning your cell phone, make sure to remove any data from it and disconnect any USB cables that may connect it to a computer. You don’t want to get charged for any extra data or internet connection!

Can I Return Defective, Damaged, Or Incorrect Phones To Best Buy?

If you’re not satisfied with a product you purchased in a Best Buy store, you should contact Best Buy. Best Buy will then provide you with a replacement or offer you a refund.

Similarly, if you order a fake product and receive a real one, you can return the fake one and get a real one.

In particular, when customers receive the item they ordered, they can see the tracking number on the packaging. They can see their name, street address, and shipping details in their order history page on the website.

You can make customers more loyal by giving your customers a good customer experience.

You can contact Best Buy customer care at 1-800-373 if you have any special instructions for returning your phone.

In addition, Best Buy will cover any reasonable, customary fees associated with returning an item.

Can I Return A Phone To Best Buy After 14 Days?

That is unfortunate, but if you want to return your old phone you can do so through the customer service phone number. The best bet is to call the number and ask.

The company says its retailers will have a 14 days window for customers to return cellular devices.

This promotion applies to all customers regardless of their membership level, except for Elite and Elite Plus members.

Will I Be Charged A Restocking Fee When I Return My Phone At Best Buy?

You can return your phone at Best Buy and charge a restocking fee.

iphones, Samsung smartphones, Samsung tablets, and cellular wearables are exempt from the restocking fee.

You can only return the phone via the “Catch Up and Return” function, and the return process will be different depending on the phone model.

If you do not wish to be notified when this phone is restocked, please click the “Notify Me” button.

Restocking fee can be $7.00 and is based on your country.

Can I Return A Gifted Phone To Best Buy?

You can also return your phone for credit on the web at You just need to use your receipt to prove your purchase. I recommend using the gift receipt rather than taking a screen shot of the receipt since it contains the store name, phone model, color, and size information.

You can return it to a Best Buy location if you would prefer. After you send it in, you will get a confirmation number. Once the returned phone is received, you will get a email from Best Buy.

How Can I Return A Phone At Best Buy?

* Return to the store to get a refund of the purchase price for the item(s) that were not as expected.

To return a product, you must bring the product and its packaging back to your nearest store or mail it to our customer service center.

You can only deduct the accessories if they are the original ones, that has the same serial number as the item.

The most important thing is to carry your receipt along with your credit card or a valid government-issued ID.

If you have lost your receipt, Best Buy might be able to use your credit statement to track and verify your purchase. The company may be able to issue a refund based on the purchase amount and other factors found in the receipt.

Send back to me in the form of an email.

The return process is simple. You can go to your nearest Best Buy store and return your phone through mail.

The phone can be returned by mail to the seller and will be refunded.

Learn more about Best Buy customer service from our review of the Best Buy 15 Day Return Policy, and the Best Buy Price Adjustment Policy.

Conclusion: Best Buy Phone Return Policy

If you purchased your phone from Best Buy, you can return it to Best Buy as long as the phone is in original packaging or has a similar condition, and there are no visible signs of damage or use.

To get a full refund for your phone, bring the original receipt and a valid photo id. To get a refund for your accessories, visit a Best Buy store or mail them in a separate package to Best Buy.

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