Target Cell Phone Return Policy (all You Need To Know)

Target is known for selling a wide range of electronics items from a variety of carriers.

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When you buy a phone at Target, the cell phone plan will be charged to the customer’s credit card.
The customer can then return it to any Target store for a full refund within 30 days.

Target Cell Phone Return Policy 2022

You can return cell phones purchased at the Target store or online, even if opened, and even if they are carrier phones. However, you cannot return cell phones with a carrier contract, or with Early Termination fees.

Some phone manufactures such as iPhone and Blackberry only allow the phone to be returned if all functions have been deactivated and the phone is in brand new condition.
Many other manufactures including Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony, etc. allow a full or partial refund in certain scenarios.
In a few months, all phone manufactures should allow you to return the phone without any restrictions at all.

What Is Target’s Cell Phone Return Policy?

If you bought a cell phone from Target then you are eligible for a refund if you have a legitimate receipt for the cell phone (no receipts from online purchases).

However, you also have 14 days to return the phone for a refund, including if you also purchased a carrier contract.

Since your phone was purchased through Verizon Wireless, it is very unlikely that they would allow it to be turned into a rental.

How Can You Return A Cell Phone To Target?

You can return your mobile phone to Target stores easily and you can do that by going to the Mobile Kiosk located in the Electronics department or talking to an associate at the Electronics counter.

You are not allowed to get a different phone. You have to return the old phone. You are not allowed to get a different phone.

You can use a passport.
You can use your driving permit.
You can use a student ID if it’s from a public or accredited school for which you have an official transcript.
You can use a credit card from your employer if you’re a paid employee, and you have your payroll stub.
You can use a visa, if there is one on file.

How Long Do You Have To Return A Cell Phone To Target?

If you don’t return your cell phone, you still can get a reimbursement from Target.

This 14-day period begins on the date you placed your order online.
The reason a 14-day period is used is so that the service provider knows the length of time your battery should last. This is calculated by subtracting the time since you last charged your cell phone battery from the time you purchased it.

Can You Return A Cell Phone To Target After 14 Days?

Target decided to not sell phones after the 14-day window.

Also, many carriers charge extra for additional minutes, or data. This is because the carriers need to pay for the cost of the network (which also includes staff etc.), and can raise the price due to lack of demand.

Can You Return A Cell Phone To Target Without A Receipt?

You can return cell phones to Target stores without the original receipt and gets a full refund if you can present an alternative proof of purchase, including digital barcodes, or packing slips.

You can ask for your purchase history, but since you’re offline and the data isn’t readily available, Target will have to make it’s own determination based on your last transaction.

Bank Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)
Debit Card

Checkout your purchase history by clicking the account icon on the top-left corner of the receipt.

If your transaction is no longer than 30 minutes, they will be able to track your transaction. If it isn’t within 30 minutes, you will get a refund on the credit card that was used to make the purchase.

Can You Return Opened Cell Phones To Target?

You have 14 days to return an opened phone that wasn’t sold at Target.

The restocking fee is 15$ and applies to all phones received opened.

Make sure to bring the original box/case of the cell phone itself or the accessories that came with it.

Does It Cost Money To Return Cell Phones To Target?

If you have purchased or returned a target phone, it’s best to have this information before hand so you can avoid any unwanted surprises.

* If you have your Target Visa card, you will be able to make a return online in Target Store. You can also return items in any Target store location at no additional cost.

There are a number of restrictions on this product. For example, it cannot be ordered with any other product and it cannot be returned for credit.

For more information on returning Apple products to Apple, you can see our related posts on the Apple Watch return policy, the iPad return policy, and the iPhone return policy.


Retailers and vendors are required to sell or offer for sale all products they are authorized to sell.
Retailers may take a limited quantity of returned items back into inventory, in accordance with the quantity and condition of the returned items, and at the discretion of the retailer.

If you can give an alternative proof of purchase, you can also return it without a receipt. The store will refund you the purchase price minus the restocking fee.

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