Does Best Buy Charge A Restocking Fee? (full Guide)

Best Buy gives people the chance to return and get their money back if they don’t like the product they just bought.

That’s why most consumers are often reluctant about returning items to Best Buy for the fear of a possible restocking fee. Most customers ask, does Best Buy charge a restocking fee? Here’s what I found out.

Does Best Buy Charge A Restocking Fee In 2022?

Best Buy charges a restocking fee for items that have been opened. These fees depend on the item and vary depending on the item. For items such as cellphones, laptops, televisions, and home appliances, Best Buy charges a restocking fee of $45.

For example, if you buy a DVD at the price of $10, or an iPad at the price of $200, and you find out that the DVD or iPad are not in any condition to resell, there’s no charge for “returning” it back to the buyer.

How Much Does Best Buy Charge For Restocking Fee? 

Best Buy charges a restocking fee for selected items, when a customer returns an unsatisfactory purchase.

A $40 restocking fee will apply to the purchase of a smartphone, cellular wearables, and cellular tablets.

At Best Buy, restocking fees are 15% of the product price if you buy and return drones, projector and projector screens, mirrorless cameras and lenses, DSLR cameras and lenses, leg and body recovery systems, premium camcorders, and special order products.

If you return the items in your package to the store, Best Buy will not charge a restocking fee.

Additionally, if you purchase and return an item within states that prohibit the imposition of a restocking fee, such as Alabama, Colorado, Hawaii, Iowa, Mississippi, Ohio, Oklahoma, and South Carolina, Best Buy won’t charge any restocking fee.

How Do I Avoid Restocking Fee At Best Buy?

If Best Buy charges restocking fees for the item you intend to return, you can avoid restocking fees by not unchecking the box that says “opened” in the item’s description on the product page.

However, it is highly unlikely to open an item that you purchase.

This means that if you choose to purchase a product from a store that accepts returns, it may be difficult to know if you are receiving a fully working product if you are given no other option.

For example, purchasing an item in a Best Buy’s refurbished store instead of purchasing it brand new could save you money.

Does Best Buy Charge A Restocking Fee On Open Box?

In situations where the item was returned or is open-box, you will receive a notification about the restocking fee after the purchase.

Best Buy will then be able to tell whether or not the item attracts restocking fees and will have an approximate idea of how many restocking fees it will get.

Is It Legal To Charge Restocking Fee At Best Buy? 

While Best Buy is allowed to charge for restocking fees, they must make sure that it’s for a reasonable amount.

Best Buy only charges restocking fees for selected items that allow retailers to charge consumers for the same items. In states that do not allow retailers to charge restocking fees, it is not against the law for Best Buy to charge restocking fees on the same items.

Although the policy does not apply to the states listed, it does apply to any state that adopts a law that prohibits the imposition of restocking fees.

Consumers in exempt states can still return opened and unopened items at Best Buy without any amount for restocking.

But if the customer returns the item without original packaging and accessories, an amount will be deducted from the expected refund to replace all missing items.

The refund policy is not available for orders that have not been paid for by credit card or paid for through PayPal.

The return policy will be automatically applied to your order when you place it.

There is no minimum purchase requirement for the return policy.

If an item attracts a restocking fee, we can deduct the restocking fee from the refund we give you.

What Is A Normal Restocking Fee At Best Buy?

If you order a product that is listed as “Out of Stock,” Best Buy will refund the item and pay a $10 restocking fee.

Best Buy is enacting a 15% restocking fee on certain items such as drones and cameras, among others.

However, for cellular wearables, and cellular tablets, Best Buy only charges $45 regardless of the cost.

– For example, if Best Buy has a price difference of 0, then Best Buy does not charge restocking fees.
– For example, if Best Buy has a price difference of 20, then Best Buy charges a 20% restocking fee.

Why Does Best Buy Charge Restocking?

While Best Buy charges restocking fees when you return the selected items, the store may sell the returned item as refurbished or used.

Because of the increased demand for the selected items, Best Buy charges customers a restocking fee so they do not give the customer 100% refunds.

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For specific items at the store, like electronics, Best Buy charges a restocking fee. Subsequently, some items may need to be restocked, while others may not.

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