Verizon Return Policy (after 30 Days, Damaged, Changed Mind, Routers, Phones, No Receipt + More)

Verizon is a popular wireless provider in the United States and there are a variety of reasons you might want to return a Verizon phone.

If you don’t have a receipt, then you’re not eligible to return your Verizon phone for a refund.
If you have an in-store return receipt, then you are eligible to return your Verizon phone for a full refund.
If you do not have any of the aforementioned, then you are not eligible to return your Verizon phone for a refund.

Verizon Return Policy In 2022

 There is a $50 restocking fee on accessories for every return outside Hawaii, but if you are returning the phone or charger, you can save the postage fee. There is no restocking fee on phones or other accessories if you’re returning it within 30 days and no charge if you are returning it within 60 days.

Want to know about the other details of the Verizon Return Policy, such as how to handle things if you’ve changed your mind about a phone, or if it’s damaged, or what happens if the phone is lost or stolen? So, keep on reading below.

How Long Do You Have to Return a Phone at Verizon?

If you return your device within the 30 days of purchase, you’ll be charged $50. You’ll also be charged $50 for shipping anywhere, except Hawaii.

However, there IS a restocking fee of 9.99 to return items to Verizon, but there is no fee when returning items through the mail.

If you return your phone and want to exchange it, you’ll be asked to send it back in the condition that it had when you got it. You can send it in a box and add other items on to the box.

You will need the receipt for an exchange in addition to everything you need to return it for the exchange, but you’ll also need the device to be in like-new condition, and also the same condition as it was in the store.

Well if you’ve purchased the device from an authorized retailer, then you’re going to want to look up the customer service policy for that store to find out what the exact details are.

What is the Verizon Return Policy After 30 Days?

Verizon would charge you an early termination fee and if you had a contract with Verizon, you would also have to pay for early termination.

If you return a phone and don’t pay the remaining balance, we will charge the Early Termination Fee for each month that you own the phone, up to a maximum of $250. You may also be charged a termination fee if the phone is returned within one year of purchase, or if you return the phone within two years of purchase. There is no Early Termination Fee for phones returned to us within 2 years of the original purchase date.

The credit gets cancelled as soon as you receive the Galaxy S8+ and you will have to pay any promotional credits you got as part of a promotion.

And you’ll have to pay anything that the wireless provider charges you to get a new phone if something happens to your device.

What is the Verizon Return Policy on Damaged Products?

If you’ve gotten a defective or damaged phone, the Verizon return policy will give you a full refund on the device.

However you need to inform Verizon right away if you’ve got a damaged or defective item so that they can get it dealt with and promptly.

What is the Verizon Return Policy Without a Receipt?

You’ll have to return the item to the store where you purchased the phone, which may not be the place where you originally registered it to your account.

With this system, we don’t provide cash refunds. We issue store credits to customers who bought our product but do not have a receipt.

What is the Verizon Return Policy if I Changed My Mind?

You have the right to either return or exchange your smartphone or other device within the 30 days of the Verizon Return Policy window.

Additionally, you’ll only be refunded 25% of the charges, unless you live in Hawaii, Maine, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, Wisconsin, or Wyoming.

If you are not able to get a refund, you can send the item in to Amazon for a replacement. Click here for more information.

The thing is, if you didn’t cancel and return within the first 30 days of your contract, then that’s not going to have a penalty. But if you were to cancel and return a phone during the first 30 days, then you’re going to have to pay for the early termination fee.

Can I Return Online Orders to Verizon?

 If you choose to return it in-store, the merchant or retailer will receive the item, process the return, and you can pay for the return or gift card. It’s best to keep a receipt with you as the merchant may need it for the return.

You can also print a new shipping label during your online return process in the My Orders section.

If you’re using Express, the label is available under Return Items & Exceptions.

3. I have questions.

Ensure that the item you bought is in good condition before you return it, otherwise you will not be able to exchange or return it.

Your package should be returned or exchanged within 30 days from the original shipping date.

Can You Return a Tablet to Verizon?

You can return your tablet to Verizon if you’ve purchased the tablet in-store, online through Verizon, or through customer service. There might be a restocking fee of $50.

If you are unhappy with the device, you can return the device to the retailer, where it will be eligible for a refund.

Most retailers provide free returns for their customers. Some require you to either use the original packaging or pay a fee. Make sure that you understand the return policy for the retailer that you purchase from.

Verizon is offering free returns for the original 30 days for devices purchased in store, so you can return any devices to a store at the end of your service contract. However, those who purchase online can return devices for a full refund.

Can You Return a Case to Verizon?

If you own this case, you have the option of getting a refund from Verizon. The case is considered to be an accessory and must be returned to Verizon.

If you’re using the case as a wallet, Amazon offers plenty of free storage.
You’ll receive an additional 5 GB storage space at no additional cost.

Also, we do not charge a restocking fee on any products bought online; however, if you would like to exchange your phone or purchase a replacement phone, we do charge a return shipping fee.

Does Returning Verizon Purchase Cancel Service?

You need to know that you are not canceling your Verizon service when you return your phone or accessory.

You’ll need to cancel the service plan either in-store or by calling Verizon Customer Service.

Can I Return My Router to Verizon?

If you have Verizon Fios and have canceled your Fios service, you are going to need to return your equipment and any equipment you may have connected to your network within 30 days of your service cancellation.

Also, you could use the scan function in UPS tracking to have information about the serial if you have it.
You could also use the UPS web site to look up the information.

If you fail to return the equipment your subscription to Netflix is going to be terminated and you’re going to be charged for it.

Go through the whole process of returning the equipment and avoid unreturned fees. Use the 1-800-837-4966 number to verify the equipment.

Can You Return a Verizon Gift Card?

Verizon prepaid cards are considered to be cash substitutes and are just one of the many options, such as a credit card or bank card, you can use to pay for purchases.
There are several ways to use your gift card. You can pay for purchases using the card, you can pay for a service or you can be reimbursed for a purchase paid using another card.

How Many Times Can I Exchange a Verizon Device?

There’s no limit to the number of times you can exchange your Verizon device for a new phone or tablet. Your Verizon device can be traded in for a different model of phone or tablet at any time.

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The Verizon Return Policy has changed to allow you to return or exchange phones and accessories for a full refund, plus a $50 restocking fee.

You will have to provide the receipt for any return. New items are only considered “like-new” condition if they are unopened. Unopened items are eligible for store credit at no extra charge.

You might have a problem if you do not return everything that came with the item. You might have to pay an extra fee.

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