Does Amazon Deliver To Indonesia/ Bali? (yes, Here’s How + Other Common Faqs)

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Does Amazon Deliver to Indonesia/ Bali In 2022?

The products found on the Amazon Indonesia website are not eligible for international delivery. The site is available to shoppers in Bali, but those looking to procure items from other countries should search on the Amazon International Shipping section. Delivery is available within 14 days for as little as $4.99, including free shipping on orders over $49.

Read on to learn more about how to order from Amazon Indonesia and what items are eligible for delivery!

Amazon Indonesia is a part of the Amazon network, and you can use the same login and address information you use to order from

What Are the Benefits of Shopping on Amazon US for Indonesians?

Easy to compare prices
Wide selection
Free 2-day shipping
Great deals
Shopping from your desktop or mobile device

Find more information about shopping online.

What Are the Disadvantages of Shopping on Amazon US for Indonesians?

One disadvantage of shopping on Amazon US is that you will find all different kinds of products on the site.

Where Can Shoppers in Indonesia/Bali Find Items Available for International Delivery on Amazon?

Shoppers on Indonesia or Bali find products from around the world that can be delivered from Amazon US directly to their country.

To be able to use the International Shipping portal, users must be logged into their Amazon US account and have their current shipping address saved.

To use the International Shipping Portal:
Go to the Shopping Basket.
Double-click on the Shopping Basket link.
Click on the Shipping link.
This will take you to the Shipping Page.

What Items Are Eligible or Ineligible for Delivery to Indonesia/Bali?

Not in stock
Not eligible for Prime Shipping

If you are looking for something in particular, you can always search the website by entering the item in the search bar near the top-right of this page!

To know more about Amazon international shipping policy, visit the Amazon International Shipping Help page.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted for Amazon Shoppers in Indonesia or Bali?

Indonesian or Balinese shoppers can pay for their orders on Amazon with a credit or debit card, as well as with Amazon gift cards.

How Much Does International Shipping Cost From Amazon US to Indonesia/Bali?

* The “Amazon Shipping Service fee” is the fee you pay to the Amazon
partners that deliver your package. You can see this fee in the “Shipping
and handling” section on the cart page.

To get an estimate of how much it will cost to ship an item to Jakarta or Bali, use the Cost Estimator.

Most items are shipped within 1-3 business days, but orders placed on weekends and holidays may not be processed until the next business day.

What Are the Customs and Import Fees for Indonesia/Bali?

When ordering from Amazon US for delivery to Indonesia or Bali, Amazon has partnered with Amazon Local to provide an easier and faster delivery service.

Customs and import fees depend on the total value of your order; the higher the value of your order, the more you may need to pay in customs and import fees.

How Do Shoppers in Indonesia/Bali Pay Customs and Import Fees to Amazon?

If you are an International customer, you can choose to pay for customs in the destination country.

The deposit may be refunded or taken off against payment if the products arrive damaged, but this cannot be guaranteed.

As soon as the amount of the deposit is covered by the amount of the invoice, we send you a refund.

How Long Do International Deliveries Take From Amazon US to Indonesia/Bali?

**Please note that the order for an item will take up to 7 working days to be delivered to Indonesia or Bali.**

The item(s) you order will be delivered to [Indonesia or Bali] by [Amazon US], which is [Shipping Method].

Usually, standard shipping takes about 4-14 business days. Shipping is usually expedited within 2-5 business days.

What Is the Return Policy for Indonesian/Bali Amazon Orders?

You can change the return address on any item from Amazon in Brazil to India.

How Can Shoppers in Indonesia/Bali Contact Amazon US Customer Service?

If you wish to contact Amazon UK customer service, you can do so by emailing or using the website’s chat function.

Please note that international shipping options are limited due to the increased cost and complexity.

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 Now is the time if you are an Indonesian resident and looking to take advantage of Amazon’s quality selection and low prices. Also, Amazon Indonesia does not offer one-day shipping, but customers generally receive their orders in one month.

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