Does Amazon Deliver To Pakistan? (All You Need To Know)

Some people are wondering if they can use Amazon to send a package to Pakistan.

Amazon is delivering products to Pakistan for the first time.
And, it is also one of the first companies that is delivering products to Pakistan.
One of the products is a vacuum cleaner.
Amazon has started delivering its products for one month.
The vacuum cleaner is priced at 3,990 rupees.

Does Amazon Deliver To Pakistan In 2022?

Unfortunately, most of the items you see on do not ship to Pakistan. You can check to see if you can buy the item on Amazon Pakistan by visiting or you can buy the item from another seller on Amazon by visiting the international shopping page and entering your destination information.

If you’re still interested in Amazon’s shipping and delivery policies in Pakistan, then keep reading to find out the information you need.

Does Amazon Ship Free To Pakistan?

Amazon offers free shipping to buyers in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, and Yemen. Also, many of the products on are eligible for free shipping via USPS Mail services (USPS Express and USPS Priority Mail). Some items on are also eligible for free shipping via USPS Priority Mail Express. See product details for available shipping methods. Some of the products on also qualify for free 2-day shipping via USPS Priority Mail (USPS Priority Mail Express is not free 2-day shipping).

We can only offer FREE Standard Shipping for orders shipped to Pakistan, but we cannot display the options under the relevant countries and items.

The following message now appear if I add an item to the cart and then attempt to remove it from the cart.

The good news is the recent expansion of Amazon International Shopping has made the U.S. store a little less exclusive.

As soon as you enter the delivery address, the website will give you delivery information such as shipping time, cost, etc.

What Amazon Products Can Be Shipped To Pakistan?

Amazon has a specific page where you can see what products are available to ship to Pakistan.

This page acts as a filtered shopping platform that excludes products that cannot legally be shipped to the intended address in Pakistan.

You may be asked, or we may be asked, which book is delivered to Pakistan, but your book will not be shipped until it reaches Pakistan.

Additionally, third-party sellers on Amazon sell in different ways and it’s important to check the merchant information on each product listing before purchasing.

If there are any issues with the intended delivery address, you will see a notice from Amazon letting you know. All of which helps Amazon ensure that parcels to your intended address are always delivered safely and to your order.

How Much Does Amazon Shipping to Pakistan Cost?

If you need to order products from Amazon, the shipping and handling charges will be higher than what you are used to.

Sellers may charge upwards of $20 per item depending on the item’s size and shipping requirements.
There are also sellers that do not charge for shipping at all.

A lot of times shoppers from other countries will use a forwarding service in Pakistan to get their packages to their doorstep.

There are lots of shipping options for Pakistan and shipping to Pakistan can be expensive. For example, shipping to Pakistan from the UK may cost a minimum of about £300.

The shipping costs can vary depending on the destination, with most ranging from $4.99 to $18.99. Expedited shipping rates can be about $16.99.

This is a list of products sold by Amazon but found on any Amazon site.

How Long Does Amazon Shipping to Pakistan Take?

Amazon gives the shipping time for selected product. It may change based on the shipping method, and the product distribution location.

Amazon fulfillment centers are spread throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia.

If your intended products are available in USA, it would take more time than if you can procure the products from Europe or any other country of the world.

because it’s because of this that customers should expect amazon international shipping to Pakistan to take 1-2 weeks at least.

When I place an order, my order details will display the expected delivery date. The confirmation email will also show the expected delivery date.

In the “International” view, we don’t show the day of delivery from the United States. However, Amazon does provide you with a general delivery date which is based on your shipping address.
Check out this answer for more information and examples of how to create an estimated delivery date on

If you want to learn more about whether or not Amazon ships to Hawaii, if Amazon delivers to Mexico, or how late does Amazon delivers, then you should check out our related article.


Because Pakistan is a high risk country, it is only available for Amazon orders delivered by Amazon Logistics.

In the near future, you may find it more convenient to use Amazon to ship your orders from around the world to Pakistan. Some more items may be offered for delivery to Pakistan.

Although you won’t get the same level of product selection as you will in the U.S., you can still find good products, such as electronics like the Amazon Echo and Fitbit devices.

This filtered search will bring up items that are available to be bought from Pakistan.

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