Does Fedex Notarize? (All You Need To Know)

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The simple answer to that question is that FedEx doesn’t notarize documents at all, but the company does provide a variety of services that they claim can be used to notarize documents. When you order documents, you can request that they be notarized. Additionally, FedEx is the official shipping company for the US Department of State. If you want to have a letter notarized through FedEx, you will need to get it through the Department of State.

Does FedEx Notarize In 2022?

Customers can notarize a document at
The Online Notary tool is available if you sign up for FedEx Express. After signing up for FedEx Express, you simply need to visit this link in the FedEx Express account:

A FedEx customer care representative will then be able to assist you.

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Does FedEx Have A Notary Service?

In the mid-2000s, FedEx made a very short-lived foray into the notary business.

When the Notary Service was stopped, and the lawsuits came, it was not because of the lawsuits, but the negligence of notarization.

The jury found that FedEx was liable in that the employee forged the driver’s signature that was required to release cargo from Federal Express.

FedEx is to protect itself from liability to the business that ordered the notary from FedEx Office.

While notarized documents are not accepted at FedEx Office, there is a FedEx Office that is in the process of getting documents notarized.

For example, you can print and scan important paper work in preparation for your meeting.

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After the meeting, you can use the FedEx Office Print and Go service to print documents from your computer or tablet. Please remember to select the correct PDF.

You can also use fast, reliable, and secure FedEx services like Express, Ground, or International to mail notarized documents.

Does FedEx Offer Online Notary Services?

FedEx Online Notary is a service from FedEx that will allow you to sign and send a notarized document online.

The partnership is intended to allow FedEx to send documents more quickly and efficiently to Notarize, so the courier service can serve customers more quickly.

This service allows us to make notarization services available to millions of Americans around the clock, every day of the year.

When a customer wants notary services, they simply upload documents from a computer, smartphone, or tablet, then connect with a live, commissioned notary via video conference.

How Do FedEx’s Online Notary Services Work?

When setting up an online notary service in the FedEx website, the first step is to select FedEx Business Services.
The second step is to select Account Services.
The third step is to select an account.
The final step is to select a notary location.
Next, click on the Add A Notary Signer button.
Enter the notary’s information in the New Signer page.
Next, select the desired option.

Create or upload documents.

In order to get your documents notarized, you can provide a picture of them on your phone, upload them to a cloud storage service, or scan them to your computer. Then, access them from the FedEx platform.

2. Prove your identity using a secure, password-protected Wi-Fi network and/or SIM Card.

You can verify your identity by taking a picture of your government-issued ID (e.g., driver’s license, passport) and then answering a few security questions.

Get your documents notarized, so if you do need to move them, you can have the documents notarized.

Get in touch with a licensed notary public via secure video conference. After your identity is confirmed, witness your signature, and assist as needed.

You should also make it easy for the user to view, download and print their documents. When you do this, you create a user interface experience that is consistent across all the components in Microsoft Azure.

For a quick and easy way to share a document with people you know, just sign and email your original document to your friends.

What Do I Need For FedEx’s Online Notarization Services?

A completed FedEx Notary Application that is attached to your form of choice, as well as your electronic signature.

When Can I Get A Document Notarized At FedEx?

We can have a notary available whenever you want, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

How Much Do FedEx’s Notary Services Cost?

Having my document notarized by FedEx Online Notary costs $25 per document.

When you need more than one seal, you’ll have to pay an extra $10. Although most documents only require one seal.

Which Documents Can’t Be Notarized With FedEx?

FedEx’s notary service is really fast and convenient, but only certain documents can benefit from this service.

Although online notary services give you the ability to notarize a document from anywhere, it’s always best to double check with your advisors and document recipients if you have any questions regarding the validity of online notary services.

Unauthenticated documents with no notarization.
Unauthenticated documents with a certification signature that cannot be verified.

FedEx delivers to Canada, has real-time tracking, and is reliable. You can also read more in our shipping posts: What is FedEx rates, does FedEx ship to Canada, international shipping from Canada, and FedEx for business.


Notarizations often accompany important milestones in your life: starting a new business, purchasing a home, getting married, etc.

Now, getting these documents certified used to take time and was never done over the phone.

Thanks to its partnership with Notarize, FedEx is in the lead in the online notarization market.

The platform allows customers to take care of important documents from the comfort of home for an affordable price.

We hope this gives you a better sense of how you can easily translate your content into different languages and formats on your own website!

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