Does Amazon Deliver To The Philippines? (yes, Here’s How)

In Philippines, Amazon is currently available in Metro Manila only.

Amazon’s presence in Southeast Asian and South Asian markets is still limited.

For those who want to enjoy more product diversity, e-Commerce platforms should be accessible on online platforms.

Now it’s getting to the point. I’ll tell you where to ship your Amazon products from and how to make your Amazon packages look cool.

Does Amazon Deliver to the Philippines In 2022?

Amazon US will have thousands of products available for delivery to the Philippine market during 2022. It will be a lot easier to find these items, as they will be listed together under “” and the Philippines will have no tariffs on international shipments.

Continue reading this article for more information on the different products that you can buy from!

Where Can I Find Items Available for International Delivery on Amazon?

You can order goods through Amazon. There are certain products that can ship to other countries, even if you do not live in those countries. You can find these items by adding them to your Amazon shopping cart, and then clicking “International Shipping” when you are ready to pay.

When you visit a vendor’s product page, you’ll see the product on the left side of the page and the product details on the right. The information in that section is called the details panel, explained below.

If an item is available and doesn’t require international shipping, it will be listed in this section.

– When you make a purchase from the Amazon global store, we store in the browser for future reference.
– If you no longer want us to store for future reference, you can remove this preference.
– This is optional.
– If you don’t want us to store for future reference and want to remove the preference, you can remove this preference.
– This is optional.

Check out the Amazon Global Store for worldwide shipping and Amazon Prime packages which are eligible for free international shipping.

The section of the website that allows customers to look into the shipping options for an item.

1. In the Search box in the upper right corner of the home page, enter Amazon Global Store.
1. Click the Amazon Global Store link.

What Items Are Eligible for Delivery to the Philippines?

Biologicals, such as human blood, plasma, and serum
Proteins, such as hormones, antibodies, growth factors, blood factors, albumin, and globulins
Recombinant DNA, recombinant proteins, etc.

Some items are also available in the Philippines only through direct purchase from manufacturers or distributors such as Abbott Diagnostics.

On the other hand, Amazon has made it available to the Philippine users to browse for and purchase from their US site.

How Much Does International Shipping to the Philippines Cost?

It’s easy to say that shipping an item to the Philippines cost much less than shipping the same item from the US because the item costs a lower amount.

One would have to consider the total weight of the package and the corresponding shipping cost, etc…

Typically, Standard Shipping is between $4.99 and $14.99, while Expedited Shipping is between $9.99 and $ 24.99.

For international orders, you can find out the shipping rates from the Amazon International Shipping Help page.

How Long Does International Shipping to the Philippines Take?

Items that are stocked in Amazon’s warehouses.
You can choose the fastest shipping method, such as Express Shipping.
It’ll reach your doorstep in about a week.

For any orders that you have made to date, you can expect your items to arrive to you in about 4-14 business days from the time we ship your order to the time you receive your package.
For any items that ship by expedited shipping, it is possible that they could take 2-4 business days for delivery, but we can not guarantee that.

What Are the Customs and Import Fees for the Philippines?

So, Amazon US sends the products to our warehouse in Manila and we charge the buyer for the charges.

Include the value of your purchase in your customs declaration to avoid paying additional duties and taxes at the time of import.

How Do Amazon Shoppers Pay Customs and Import Fees in the Philippines?

At delivery, the carrier charges a handling fee, custom duties, and taxes.

At the time of this post, the purchase price has not been adjusted to reflect the fees.

If the amount of the deposit is less at the time of delivery, the difference will be refunded.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted for Amazon Shoppers in the Philippines?

Customers can purchase Amazon products online through the website or through the Amazon app.

What Is the Return Policy for Orders Delivered to the Philippines?

Customers who purchased the new Kindle Fire HDX and Kindle Paperwhite, and used the 30-day refund policy within that period will be refunded.

How Can Shoppers in the Philippines Contact Amazon US Customer Service?

You can ask for help in the most direct way possible by contacting Amazon through their customer support.

You may choose either an online or telephone support center and both options have limitations to the type of support you may receive (e.g. telephone only, online only).

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Amazon’s presence in the Philippines has allowed local consumers to buy products from brands outside of the country, such as Zara and Natura.

There is a growing awareness that Amazon is also present in the Philippines, and it is becoming a go-to source for local residents who wish to purchase electronics, fashion, home goods, and other products that are not locally sold.

The large selection of items now available for international shipping to the Philippines is truly amazing. With this many items now eligible for international shipping to the Philippines, it’s even more accessible than ever before to take advantage of Amazon’s competitive prices and wide selection.

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