Does Amazon Ship To Germany? (all You Need To Know) 

Germany has a lot of online shoppers, but for Amazon, Germany can sometimes be hard to figure out where packages end up on the site.

Amazon is a worldwide e-commerce giant with a lot of different things to offer. One thing it offers is the ability to ship items to many countries. Since we are talking about Germany we will need to know a few important details about shipping to Germany.

Does Amazon Ship to Germany In 2022?

Through the Amazon Global Store, our German customers have access to thousands of products from Amazon US. With three shipping options, packages can arrive in as few as two business days (with Expedited Shipping) starting at $4.99 per order.

If you want to ship items from Amazon to Germany, you need to know a few things. First, what are eligible items? Also, how do you find your shipment status and what will you incur if your shipment is delayed?
Let’s look at each of these in more detail.

What Items Are Eligible for Delivery to Germany?

Since there is no country-specific shipping rate for Amazon US to Germany, the international shipping rates for Amazon US to Germany are the same as the US rates.

When a customer places an order, it should be checked whether it is shipped to Germany.

However. if Amazon Global is not an option for the seller, we can’t guarantee that Amazon will deliver the item to Germany.

How Long Does International Shipping to Germany Take?

If you choose your own shipping method, you’ll be charged as usual for any shipping fees. Please refer to our shipping policy for more information.

How Much Does International Shipping to Germany Cost?

Amazon takes size, weight, and cost of the product and the method through which you choose to complete delivery into consideration when shipping to Germany.

Search the item you would like to purchase on German Amazon
Click on the price, then choose the “estimate postage” option

I’ve done this and it works, and the German Amazon has a separate shipping service that calculates these prices fairly accurately.

We can still provide these as a $4.99 option for now, but we will soon begin charging $10.00 per shipment.

For more information about international shipping rates, visit the Amazon International Shipping Help page.

We’ll show you the last 10 completed orders that have been delivered by the Amazon Flex driver.

We’ll also show you the last 10 completed orders that have been delivered by the Amazon Flex driver.

What Are the Customs and Import Fees for Germany?

If you want an item to be sent to Germany, it must be sent from You’ll have to pay the taxes and fees when you purchase via

Some orders may be held by customs while the government checks to see if the goods are legal to import into Germany. This could take anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks.

If you need to know more information about the shipping and handling charges, you can use the following steps to estimate the costs.

How Do Amazon Shoppers Pay Customs and Import Fees in Germany?

Usually, the carrier charges customs and import duties when you deliver your stuff.

Q: Do you accept returns?
A: We accept returns for defective products. If you have any questions about the product you have purchased, please contact us.

What Is the Return Policy for Amazon Orders Delivered to Germany?

Customers are entitled to a 30-day money-back assurance on purchases after delivery.
After you receive the product from Amazon, you can use, return or exchange the product within a certain period of time according to the details of your payment.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted for Amazon Shoppers in Germany?

Amazon stores cards in the customers’ Amazon wallet and does not store private details of the customers. Payments are then made through this Amazon wallet.

How Can Shoppers in Germany Contact Amazon US Customer Service?

If you want to chat with a customer service agent, the number is +49-(0)800-1234-5678, the email address for the service team is, and the phone number is +49-(0)800-1234-5678.

If you want to learn more about Amazon shipping to Puerto Rico, you can also see our post on if Amazon ships to Puerto Rico.


Amazon offers free shipping for orders that are at least $25. For orders below that amount, the minimum shipping fee is $15.
Amazon only offers shipping to the German addresses given in its database.

As a result, the price of shipping a pair of shoes from the US to Germany can be thousands of dollars.

In fact, some items offered at the Global store are not available for shipping to Germany due to the high cost of shipping.

The product’s sizes, weight, and cost of shipping all come into play when calculating the shipping fee. With that being said, it might take anywhere from 4 to 14 days for an item to arrive at an address in Germany.

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