How Many Planes Does Amazon Have? (fleet, Types Of Planes + More)

It’s been just over a century since airplanes took off and turned into amazing, high-tech vehicles that connect the world. This is a beautiful story of how one of the greatest inventions ever was born, and what it has done for our lives.

According to a report by the International Air Transport Association, in 2011, there were 6.7 billion tons of freight transported by air.

I found that Amazon has a total of 10 planes or aircrafts to transport goods and packages from one part of the country to another. In addition to this, Amazon is building up a warehouse network in Australia, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, and the UK.

How Many Planes Does Amazon Have In 2022?

Amazon is in the process of buying 11 used Boeing jets and plans to start using them as soon as the planes are inspected and approved for flying by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The Amazon fleet of cargo planes is huge. They have around 30 cargo planes, and they fly from their hub in Jacksonville, Florida to the places that I have mentioned.

How Big Is Amazon’s Plane Fleet?

Amazon currently operates 73 planes across two bases. The company is planning to increase its fleet by 2021 by acquiring 20 Airbus A220 for its international network. Additionally, the company is building an air base in Long Beach, California, where it plans to house 25 of its planes.

The most recent delivery happened in the first quarter of 2017. Amazon said it was delivering one to its Seattle fulfillment center on Thursday.

Amazon is planning to launch more international destinations in the very near future and increase its fleet of international delivery planes to over 10.

“We continue to work on the expansion of our aircraft network. In addition to our 85 planes by the end of 2023, we have another 55 planes today.

This is a perfect buy for Amazon since it will make money by converting the planes into cargo planes and bringing the cargo over to Amazon warehouses.

What Types Of Planes Does Amazon Have?

You could have Amazon’s planes fly you across the United States for about $7,000 per flight, or, alternatively, you can buy 4,700 Amazon orders and fly for free.

The Amazon Air planes are special because they are blue. And Amazon branding is on them.

You may notice these flights taking off from some of the busiest airports in the U.S., as Amazon uses its planes to deliver orders to nearly all major airports across the country, with several international destinations too.

Amazon announced today that it will be testing a drone delivery service in the Seattle area in 2017. The company says that it wants to use the technology to deliver packages to customers who order them through Amazon’s website.

Boeing plans to produce an additional five 737-800s and two 737-900ERs in 2019 and has set a targeted delivery date for the first completed aircraft in the second quarter of next year.
[Boeing’s]: The 737 will continue to play an important role in our strategy as it represents a significant segment of our commercial aircraft portfolio.
[The 737 MAX series] is the largest and most successful family of aircraft in our history and we are committed to this family for the next 15 years.

Is Amazon Making New Planes?

The aircraft are a little different than what you see on the tarmac at the nearest airport, in the sense that they don’t have the wide array of features and options that you typically see on a new plane.

They are expected to reach 85 Amazon Air planes to cover flights for the company across the country.

Amazon wants to grow and improve the efficiency of its cargo services. Therefore, Amazon is purchasing planes to help it grow and improve.

When Amazon buys planes to maximize its deliveries, it starts to convert them to ensure thousands of packages can be safely delivered at any time.

Where Does Amazon Fly To?

Amazon flights fly from as far as New York (John F. Kennedy International Airport) and Seattle, to as close as small cities like Fairbanks, Alaska, and Seattle, Washington.

Cargo services have been provided to London, Germany, Spain, and Poland. And, in terms of international air routes, Amazon Air provides cargo services to London, Germany, Spain, and Poland.

The United States to Europe flights have grown rapidly and will be growing even more as Amazon Air continues its rapid expansion.

It is going to have more flights, and with the new service, it will be more convenient and easier to use.

The company will also increase their capacity for fulfillment and delivery to keep up with the demand of their consumers.

This is your opportunity to ask Amazon a question related to Amazon Shipping for business or personal use and to receive an answer from Amazon.

You can ask questions about Amazon shipping by replying to this help center page.
If you have a product that is shipped by the Amazon warehouse network, you can ask questions about your shipments by replying to the “How do I view or track my shipment history” help page.


The new airplanes will be used for Amazon’s Prime Air and Amazon Ground services. Amazon’s plan is to have a total fleet of about 250 planes.
Amazon is currently working with an American transport company called New Prime Air.

Amazon depends on Boeing 747 and Boeing 777 to deliver millions of packages throughout the U.S. and beyond, including international delivery destinations like London, Germany, Spain, and Poland.

Amazon Air flies 140 daily flights on average. Amazon hoped to expand its flight schedule with new destinations and routes soon.

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