Lidl Stock: Can You Buy Lidl Stock & Will They Go Public?

The grocery industry is a trillion-dollar market, with sales doubling in the past 20 years (which is a really long time to keep doubling at a slow rate), so investing in supermarket companies makes great financial sense.

Lidl is a German based supermarket that has been expanding in the US since June 2017 offering products which are cheaper and in line with the market. They are in the process of bringing down the prices of certain items and have recently opened their first store in the states. Aldi was the first German retailer to enter the US and they have a strong base of products that are cheap and in line with the market. They have been operating since 1960’s.

Lidl is a German discount grocery store. It is one of the fastest-growing discounters in Europe and has recently started expanding into the US. So you could get the chance to buy some international grocery store stock and then cash in when Lidl expands further.

Can You Buy Lidl Stock In 2022?

If Lidl doesn’t want to become public, then there is nothing wrong with their business model. Because they are a private company, that is what they want. And to be a private company, they need to make a lot of profit.
In Germany, profits are made by selling more than you buy.

So, why is Lidl continuing to operate as a private company, without going public? First of all, they are planning on going public sometime in the future. Secondly, the company had shown signs of starting to go public in the past, such as expanding to other countries other than Germany, being bought out by German retail company Aldi, and even being bought out by another German retail company, Metro, in March 2011.

Why Can’t You Buy Lidl Stock?

Let’s look back to how Lidl was founded and when they really started making a name for themselves.

Dieter Schwarz inherited the family’s interests in Lidl and turned his business into a giant, privately-owned grocery store chain with more than 2,500 outlets in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

After Josef died, he passed the company over to his son Dieter (Dieter’s nickname “the Butcher” was due to his father’s death), who quickly expanded the business to other European countries.

The plan was to open supermarkets without having to look for investors. The company grew slowly and methodically, without the need for a stock market listing.

Lidl is smaller in size and requires fewer staff than other competitors, so it could save money on labor while staying in control of the company.

The main company of Lidl AG is Lidl Supermarkets, which produces and sells grocery products. The other is Lidl Food Group, which includes the Lidl chain of stores as well as a restaurant chain, a frozen food chain, and a pharmacy chain.

The reason why Lidl is a private company is because it needs to keep as much of its business as possible, and so it is not publicly traded on the German Stock Market. In this way it can be as large as possible and can also have a positive influence (positive correlation) with Kaufland.

However, they are all similar in the sense that they are not traded on a public exchange.

Will Lidl Ever Go Public?

 It’s unlikely that the next generation of Schwarzes are going to be in a position to comment.

Dieter will remain the founder and owner of the company, without interference from shareholders and other people.

What Stock Can You Invest In Instead Of Lidl?

Lidl shares are traded on the Frankfurt stock exchange and are listed in the German blue-chip index DE-X or Deutsche Borse.

In the low-price grocery industry, there are some companies which are publicly traded.

IKEA stock and Sam’s Club stock are two different things that are not directly related, but if you want a little more information on how to invest, read the blog post: How to Buy the IKEA Stock.


Lidl, which is in Germany, is an interesting company that is trying to compete with Aldi and Tesco, which are in Germany. The Schwarz family has $23 billion of assets under management. This is the equivalent of the GDP of the Netherlands.

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