Bypass Verizon Hotspot Limit (try These Hacks)

If you are part of Verizon you know that they are throttling you once you reach a fixed amount of data per month.

Now you might be wondering: How can I get unlimited hotspot data for my new device? I suggest you keep reading as there is a quick and easy way to do it!

Bypass Verizon Hotspot Limit In 2022

To protect you against the throttling of your data when you use all your data for the month, it’s vital that you connect to a VPN. There are several ways you can do that, but using a VPN is the fastest and easiest way for you to bypass Verizon hotspot limits.

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1. Use A VPN

If you are on a smartphone, using a VPN is the best way to bypass the Verizon hotspot limit. If you are on a computer, using a VPN can help you avoid any Verizon throttling.

If you want to do this with Windows 10, you have to install a VPN client on your Windows 10 machine. The best we’ve tried is the Opera VPN app. It’s got a great user interface and works perfectly with any device.
VPNs are great because your internet connection is encrypted and you’re anonymous, but your computer isn’t; it’s still sending information about your IP address and other information back to the VPN provider.
A VPN allows you to encrypt that information and, therefore, make it anonymous.

– They should have servers in Canada, United States, European nations, United Kingdom, and Australia only.

– They should avoid using IPV6 as much as possible.

– They should not keep logs.

– They should support OpenVPN.

– They should be a cheap VPN service.

– …

– …

It’s also worth mentioning that the Verizon video stream limit doesn’t always get triggered, and not every user will be affected by it.

2. Cloak The Hotspot Data & Turn It Into Cellular Data

You’re saying that if you want to use your mobile phone as a hotspot, you need to use it with a device that uses a TTL of 65 or lower? That’s not possible because if you set your TTL to 65 or lower, your mobile phone won’t work with it.

To ensure everything works, be sure you use a device with an access point with a TTL of at least 65 so you won’t have any issues.

I believe one can actually change your TTL and disguise the hotspot as a cell tower.

Windows users can apply this by following the steps below:

1. Connect your laptop or computer to the internet.
2. Open your web browser and navigate to[How to Root Galaxy S Plus].
3. Click the root button on the page for the Galaxy S Plus.
4. Follow the instructions to root your Galaxy.
5. Once complete, please restart your device.

For the iPhone, please follow the steps below to root your device.

You can also use a proxy server to route your traffic through an untrusted site. Unfortunately, these services all have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you’re concerned about your privacy, you should consider using an open source proxy solution like Privoxy, but you’ll have to configure the proxy on your device.

If your network has a subnet that matches the subnet of your modem, if your modem is the default gateway router your computer is connected to (this will happen when you connect to the internet via a router and not directly with your modem), then your TTL is set to 1 by default.

3. SSL Tunnel

If you want to use a SSL tunnel on your own, you can do so using the Tunnelblick VPN software for Windows.

however, if you don’t use a VPN tunnel, or do have a VPN option, SSL will make it way harder for Verizon to track your information and make it harder for them to see what you are doing online.

SSL tunnels are a bit tricky to use. In general, they require some research, but their limits are much easier to bypass than the WAP limits.

Because the SSL tunnel is encrypted, you may sometimes encounter a message stating that your connection is not private if you’re connecting to an untrusted network.

4. Change VPN Configurations

If you’re still being throttled even after turning off your VPN, you might have to set up the Verizon network settings differently in order to prevent you from being throttled.

If you get into your VPN configuration and look for the place where you can change the encryption protocol, you will then be able to change it.

Clicking the Add Computer button will allow you to add a new computer.

5. Use Shadowsocks

Shadowsocks is the easiest to use proxy. It can act as your router, and it uses the SOCKS5 protocol to transfer the data packets in your network, which is the simplest.

After that, the site will guide you through the whole process of setting up and maintaining the Shadowsocks VPN service so you can do this even if you are not that tech-savvy.

I’m not sure if the traffic will be obscured, but it would be kind of hard to do otherwise given Verizon’s technology. Also, Verizon must be able to monitor the packet headers that are sent between your computer and the Tor network to be able to throttle you.

And if you want to check whether they have a hotspot in your area, check [this link](


Many apps offer to help you bypass hotspot network limits, but one of the best is a paid VPN service. However, most of these services charge a fee. You might be able to get by without paying for a VPN service.

If you have Shadowsocks or a SOCKS proxy server, you can hide your SSID and the traffic can pass over a more robust network.

However, there are also some tools that are available to do this (called cloaking) and it is not something that is generally done.
The data that is gathered is very different in the two scenarios.

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