Buying Phones From Costco Vs Verizon (which Is Cheaper + Things To Be Aware Of)

The Costco phones are usually in a better shape than the Verizon phones. The Costco phones are usually cheap than the Verizon phones, but not as cheap as the cheaper phones available in retail stores.

Well, if you’re looking for answers to these questions, read below to find out what I’ve discovered about the debate between buying a phone at Costco versus Verizon so you don’t waste your money!
The most important thing when choosing a phone provider is to get a plan that works for you.
Check out both the Verizon plan and Costco’s plan.
You can make the switch and not worry about wasting your money.

Buyings Phone From Costco vs Verizon In 2022

However, you can save money by buying a phone from Costco. For example, a smartphone with a 4G LTE sim card is going to be $199.98 at Costco, while it would be $199.99 at Verizon.
If you need a data plan, a T-Mobile unlimited data plan is going to be $75.95 at Costco. However, you can get it for free at Verizon.
The phone itself is actually cheaper at Costco than at Verizon.

If you want more information about the differences between Costco and Verizon, such as the return policy and what Costco is not like Verizon, then keep reading to learn all about it!

Are Verizon Phones Cheaper at Costco?

People use Costco because they know what they are buying is going to be good, it has an excellent reputation and it is in their price range.

Costco is known by many people for giving special deals and other perks to members. These can really help you save money on the smartphone you want to buy.

The company has had promo’s where they would offer a free phone and Costco gift cards just to make it really easy for people to get a phone and Costco gift card by just visiting Costco.

As opposed to the AT&T stores, some Verizon stores do not offer deals for online orders. This is a way for them to charge you more for phone purchases, by making it seem like AT&T is more expensive.

Does Costco Waive the Verizon Activation Fee?

Most people have already heard of Costco, an American chain of warehouse stores that sell merchandise that is cheaper than the standard store. Costco doesn’t have high-quality phones that are sold at a lower price, but they do offer competitive services, such as free shipping.

Does Costco Charge the Verizon Upgrade Fee?

Costco will not charge the Verizon upgrade fee. Many customers consider the fact that Costco will not charge Verizon’s upgrade fee a great benefit.

A Costco customer had an in-store experience and said that they weren’t charged an upgrade fee, and also received an accessory package free of charge.

How Long Do I Have to Return a Phone to Costco?

Costco is one of the best aspects of purchasing a phone from Costco rather than Verizon. Although the return period is shorter than from Verizon, Costco is one of the best aspects of purchasing a phone from Costco.

The Mobile Wireless Advocates will talk to you, and they’ll give you a specific phone number to the Wireless Advocates at Cricket Wireless.

You get a 30-day refund if you cancel a subscription before the end of the initial trial period. After the initial trial, you won’t get a refund for any unused portion of a subscription, but you will continue to be billed for the subscription until the end of the subscription period (as shown in the subscription management section).

In contrast, the Verizon return policy only gives you 30 days from the initial policy to return the phone, and you’ll also have to pay a $50 restocking fee.
If the phone is returned within 30 days, it will be inspected and a final decision on the issue will be made. If the phone is returned outside 30 days, the customer service agent will decide if the phone is under warranty or not.

Verizon also charges an early termination fee if you return the phone outside of the 14-day window. So, both Verizon and Costco are the same.
[Answer]: Neither.

What Should You Be Aware of When Buying a Phone at Costco vs Verizon?

First, Costco is best known for selling low-cost electronics and such, but is also a great place to find some electronics for a lower price than even Costco’s cost. Secondly, the Costco network can be a bit tricky compared to that of Verizon’s network, as it is limited.

Kiosks have many places to store mobile phones.

After reading a lot of reviews, I decided that the Samsung Moment (GT-M5510) would be a good choice for me because of its camera, battery life, and size. Also, Costco has a great price.


While a lot of your questions could be answered by the question “what kind of phone would this be a good choice for?” or “how do I compare smartphones?” – you can make a simple comparison in two sentences.

The kiosks are all the same in height, but the kiosks have a different shape.

Each kiosk will contain the logo of the kiosk is for, such as a Verizon kiosk.

Another downside to the Costco Wireless Advocate is that it’s run by one or two people. Therefore, you may be waiting in line for a while before you’re helped by the Wireless Advocate.

Costco used wireless advocates to support its wireless coverage.

Costco no longer recruits people to fill jobs at their call centers. The company outsources the job to another company called Wireless Advocates.

In addition, Wireless Advocates is a third-party company that sells different cell phone models and offers expert advice about the different phones.

What has to happen first, is that you must be a member of Costco. Then, you have to wait in line and pay money for your membership. If you want to sell some of your stuff and make some money (for yourself or for some other person), you have to go through all those steps again. It’s even worse if your items are large and you have to pay more for them to ship them.

While Costco does seem to have better customer service than its competitors, the paperwork involved when buying phones can get tedious.

In other words, the Costco phone paperwork is going to take you longer than if you walked into a Verizon store to make your phone purchase.

So, in all cases, that “free” gift that’s being given to you with the phone will cost you money.

Costco phoenies are locked with a special pin because they want to stop people from taking back the phones and selling/reselling them without permission.

The Costco version of the iPhone will most likely be connected to Verizon, T-Mobile, or AT&T.

It’s a locked phone, which is not compatible with other carriers, unless you unlock it.

Locked phones are usually not compatible with other brands of SIM cards, making it an expensive option, but they are compatible with other GSM networks.

Verizon phones can be unlocked by visiting one of the companies below.

Unfortunately, Costco doesn’t sell any unlocked phones, so if you don’t already have Verizon, you’ll need to switch to Verizon to use the device. You’ll also need an internet connection to activate the device.

There’s a lot of limited selection at Costco, but it’s not that different or inconvenient from other stores.

The in-store selection at Costco is limited and usually is not as wide as the online selection.

Costco smartphone sales. Costco sells at least two phones every year.

You can also read the posts on the things to know before buying Costco phones, how to know if your iPhone is worth it, and things to know about your Costco cell phone contract.


Buying a phone is one of the more difficult parts of owning a phone. You want a good one, but you don’t want it badly enough to buy a brand new one. You want something you can keep for 3 years, and then buy a new one (the phone). At the same time, you don’t want to spend $700 on a phone and have a bad experience with it.

Yes, this is true. Costco doesn’t offer quite as big of a selection of phones, but most of the hottest cell phones are available in-store, although some newer phones may not be available yet.

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