Verizon Dumb Phone (cost, Types, Prepaid + More)

The most basic (and affordable) smartphone is a dumb phone, because it can only receive calls and text messages. If you already own a basic phone, it can be a good alternative to an iPhone.

If you’re not new to Verizon service, you may have noticed that your phone is now a 2G phone. If you’re a new customer, you’ll find out soon as you’ll get the notice about this change, unless you have an unlimited data plan.

Does Verizon Sell Dumb Phones In 2022?

Verizon’s dumb phones don’t have a web browser or access to the internet which makes them a smart choice for most folks. The phones have a basic calling feature and are affordable, making them a great choice for people looking for a smartphone with the functionality they can’t get online.

It is an affordable, low-cost phone for those that want a dumb phone but cannot afford a smart phone. These phones do not have access to internet services and can’t use smartphones.

What Types of Dumb Phones Does Verizon Have?

Verizon offers many different phone types to choose from at any given time, and these are called basic phones that are flip phones.
[Bold Text]: Verizon offers a number of different basic phone types to choose from at any given time, and these are called flip phones.

Android, Windows, iPhone, Blackberry, or some other brand.

With these handsets, you’ll have texting capabilities and will be able to make phone calls, unless you purchase the Kyocera DuraXV Extreme No Camera.

Not only do most of these phones have preloaded apps but they don’t allow you to download any other apps or to get your phone data.

With apps available at our fingertips, we’re used to having them at our fingertips.

How Much are Verizon Dumb Phones?

There could be other charges involved with the phone. You need to consider how your carrier charges before buying.

This phone is not offered at retail like most phones because it has the same price after a two year contract or at full retail price.

How Much Does It Cost to Add a Basic Phone to Verizon?

A one-time activation fee of 35 dollars, so you’ll have to pay that and the additional fee if you’re adding a new line to your account for the dumb phone.

Because your choice of plan has a very big impact in your bill, the cost of adding a line in your account depends on which plan you have.

Does Verizon Have Prepaid Dumb Phones?

If you really want to, there are prepaid phones too. The difference is that you have to pay for them up front, whereas you pay a monthly fee for your normal phone with an unlimited plan.

How Much Is the Verizon Prepaid Dumb Phone?

The prices of the prepaid phones are from $79.99 to $288, although the majority of them will cost around $100 to purchase.

That price is for the Samsung Stratosphere which doesn’t have a webOS interface, but it does have a QWERTY keyboard and an Android interface.

Are Verizon Dumb Phones 4G?

 All of the Verizon dumb phones currently being sold are 4G LTE, which is great news considering Verizon is shutting down the 3G network at the end of 2022.

SMS costs $0.19 per message.

The 4G LTE phone should automatically be recognized. However, if not, please try checking with your current carrier to verify that the phone is indeed 4G LTE.

What Is the Best Verizon Dumb Phone?

If you are looking for a great phone, don’t choose the Sonim XP5s. It is an average phone that does not work well on Verizon network.

The Verizon version of the Sonim XP5s is being offered for half the price of the retail version, so that’s good. The other alternative is to wait for the price to come down, which will happen eventually. Verizon will start selling the XP5s in the second half of September as part of their network modernization plan.

This works out to be a $13/month fee if you’re going to purchase the phone and have the phone for 24 months.

Are Verizon Dumb Phones Locked?

Verizon makes it so that you can’t trade in your old smartphone after buying a new one, or buy a new smartphone and replace the old one, in 60 days.

This means that you have to stay with Verizon for at least 60 days.

It’s unlocked for 60 days and after that you can freely switch carriers.

If you are willing to know more about whether or not Verizon gives phones for free, if Verizon fixes the quality of the phone screens, and also if Verizon offers prepaid plans, you can read more information on our posts on this web site.


Verizon has a bunch of 3G only phones and old 4G phones, and none of them are smart phones. For the last couple years, Verizon has been selling old Android phones with 2 year old OS updates.

Verizon uses the dumb phone you get as a regular phone on its prepaid plan. You have to pay the full retail price for the phone upfront.

You can either purchase the handset at full price or opt for a low-cost prepaid plan. This will allow you to pay a lot less and still get all the same phone features.

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