15 Things To Know Before Buying An Iphone Or Ipad From Costco

Costco members can save money as they fill up their carts with the right products at low prices. They also save money on food because they take away the need for trips to the market.

First off, Costco doesn’t limit its sales to iPads and iPhones alone — it offers a wide variety of products from the Apple empire. In fact, Costco sells nearly 200 Apple products. But what should you know about Costco’s Apple products? Keep reading and find out more.

15 Things To Know Before Buying An iPhone Or iPad From Costco In 2022

1. Additional Warranty Coverage Is Available

Costco offers a premium coverage for the iPad and other Apple devices.

When you purchase an iPad Pro and AppleCare+, you are eligible to receive extended coverage, specifically on your iPad, Apple Pencil, and keyboard.

Further, AppleCare+ protects you in the event your Apple products suffers certain kinds of accidental damage.

I think this is to discourage people from using their iPad to take pictures of their expensive laptops.

Finally, you have the ability to use Apple experts online or by phone with help whenever you need it.

2. Costo Has A Generous Return Window

It’s important to know Costco’s return policy before buying something as big as an iPad or a new iPhone.

I still need to look into Costco to see if my cell phone is still eligible for the return policy.

There are two ways to return an item you no longer want. You can either return it to the store that you bought it from, or you can return it to Costco. Either way, you can be expected to cover the shipping cost.

Don’t return your receipt until you have the merchandise in your possession.

3. Costco Associates Are Up To Date On Technology

iphone and ipad are kept in a section in the Costco store that are typically reserved for electronic products, including televisions, computer desktops, and tablets.

Well, there are a lot of them, but only a few of them are staffed by the associates that work here. Those associates work all over the store, and if they are there, they are usually knowledgeable about our products.

If you are sure about it you can buy a new iPhone or iPad or you can ask the Apple Store.

4. Costco Has Cases And Covers In Stock

Costco sells all the accessories you need to keep your iPhone, iPad, or other devices in the best and safest condition.

Costco members also noted that the protective covers on the ground beef were applied to ensure there were no air bubbles.

Additionally, Costco’s Apple products selection is more varied than many other stores offering a huge selection of items, and also focuses more on their designs, as we saw with the new cases offered.

5. Costco Wait Times Can Be Considerably Long

A Costco spokesperson said that people who bought iPhones and iPads at a Costco location had no problems. They were told about the issues at other locations first.

Usually, Costco only has one employee working the booth, and they can only help one person at a time. Therefore, Costco customers recommend visiting the store during non-peak hours.


The original quote is taken from a different context.

Costco doesn’t always have the exact device you want in stock, and you can call them before you go to the store to make sure they have it.

6. Costco Associates Won’t Transfer iCloud Data

If you’re upgrading your iPhone or iPad, Costco store associates will not assist with transferring your iCloud data onto your new device.

While there isn’t enough Wi-Fi access at Costco warehouses, there isn’t enough Wi-Fi access by default.

However, in the event that Costco associates will not assist you, you’ll be able to get in contact with the web support team via phone or email.

If you want to transfer your iCloud data, you can call Costco or Apple customer service.

7. You Have To Pay For Your iPhone In Monthly Payments

The price for the phone is typically $0.01 per minute. Which is also the same price you can buy minutes. But because the service is free, you can only get 10-15 minutes per minute.

iphone experts believe that this is in place to avoid having to do the math of the phone’s actual usage over the phone’s contract length, and that carriers like Cingular and Verizon will want to make sure that customers only use that phone for the allotted minutes.

8. You Can Trade Your iPad In At Costco

Costco provides a tradein and trade-up program for certain Apple devices if you’re ready to upgrade your iPad but don’t know what to do with your old one.

Costco will then contact the manufacturer with the part, and provide them with a specific model number. Then Costco will offer the same price on the part, as if it were a return.

Costco sends things to you if you ask them to send them, which is why they took three and five days to arrive.

The trade-in payments will usually be paid by the insurance company within 3-15 business days, depending on the method you have chosen for payment. You will usually receive the payment from the insurance company on the same day the vehicle is shipped.

9. Three Different Wireless Carriers Available

At Costco, you have a few cell phone providers on a ____. You can choose from.

It’s possible to purchase a Costco Mobile phone plan online, or you can purchase a prepaid phone and add on a subscription at a retail kiosk inside a Costco store.

Wireless Advocates is basically a middle man that allows the carrier to sell the contract plan at a reduced rate to the consumer.

Costco is no different than the carriers when it comes to service plans. However, Costco does offer more of their own services, such as free pickup and a membership guarantee, than the carriers.

Costco doesn’t currently have any relationships with the carriers named above. You need to check with these providers directly if you’re looking to get a discounted phone with them.

10. Costco Sells Other Smartphone Brands

If you don’t know your phone’s brand, you can check the boxes for a popular phone model.

Costco only sells phones with the latest Android OS and a lot of the Costco Nexus 7 model are the only ones available for purchase.

Costco offers special deals and discounts on these smartphones, so if you buy more, you can save even more money.

Costco associates are incredibly professional with their knowledge, helping them out in a very big way.

11. Costco Offers Additional Perks

If you buy an iPhone or iPad from Costco you will receive free in-store pickup, free shipping, and a one-time $100 gift card.

The biggest benefit of owning a new iPhone is the savings from the exclusive deals and discounts when you purchase the newest iPhone.

On top of the cell phone carriers’ deals, Costco’s members get exclusive deals.

This is a great idea, and it is something that we, as a company, are really looking into.

12. There’s A Lot Of Paperwork

Costco has changed that. Soon, you will be able to get electronics and other items at their stores without having to fill out a paper form.

You could also buy your phone and activate it through the same carrier. Some carriers let you get a device at the same price as an unlocked phone, so you might not pay much more.

13. Costco Customer Service Can Help

Through an email form that can be found on the Costco.com Home Page and within the iPhone Apple Application.
Through phone order at a toll-free phone number that can be found on the Costco.com Home Page.

14. Costco Only Sells The Newest Models Online

The iPhone 4 and 4S are no longer available through Costco.com
The iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s are no longer available through Costco.com.

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, also known as ‘the new iPad’, are available through Costco.com
The iPad mini is available through Costco.com.

As such, Costco could not find last year’s iPhone model in their database.

When you buy an iPhone online, you will always find out if it is available.

15. Costco Sells Unlocked Phones

One advantage of buying an iPhone is being able to choose your wireless network.

But if you buy your phone through AT&T, or any other carrier, you’re locked into their network.

You can change carriers without changing phones, or activate service on your unlocked phone, or find the best service provider – you can do this at Costco!

If you want to learn more, you can read our posts on the Costco phone policy, buying a phone from Costco, and Costco iPad policy.


Buying an iPad or iPhone from Costco comes with a lot of benefits. For example, you have access to exclusive deals, the latest device models, and knowledgeable staff.

You can buy iPhones and iPads in person at Costco warehouses or online.

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