Does Starbucks Take Apple Pay? (how It Works, On The App, Drive-thru + More)

Apple Pay is a quick and convenient way of paying for purchases with mobile devices like iPhones or Apple Watch. It is secure and contactless, and you don’t need to bother with hunting for cards or counting out cash. In addition, Apple Pay will keep your credit card details private and only share necessary details with the merchant.

Coffee drinkers may be wondering if Starbucks will accept Apple Pay, and how it will work. I found out the details.

Does Starbucks Take Apple Pay In 2022?

Starbucks is accepting Apple Pay for all of its stores starting November 21, 2022. All Apple Pay-enabled devices are accepted including iPhone and Apple Watches. There is no extra transaction fee to use Apple Pay at Starbucks.

If you’d like more background on the evolution of Starbucks’ mobile payments strategy, check out this overview from our friends at Business Insider: How Starbucks’ mobile payment strategy evolved.

How To Use Apple Pay At Starbucks

Using Apple Pay for your Starbucks purchases allows you to make your purchases online, pay with your phone, get the confirmation and skip the line.

With Apple Pay, you don’t have to worry about cards or cash. Your payment information is stored securely on your iPhone or Watch, ready to use when needed. It’s a convenient way to pay at participating retailers, because unlike credit cards, you don’t need to share your financial information.

You can use the Apple Pay to purchase an item from a Starbucks store and in the Starbucks app.

There may be a fee if you choose to not use Apple Pay.

How To Use Apple Pay In The Starbucks App

Starbucks is going to implement Apple Pay into the Starbucks app. Once you download the app, you can use the app to pay for your purchases, and Apple Pay can be used to buy things.

Starbucks customers find that the Starbucks app is very convenient and easy to use.

The app is great for making payments anywhere, ordering ahead while you wait, and finding the closest store to you.

The Starbucks app also keeps track of Stars earned by customers to apply savings automatically on purchases.

How To Use Apple Pay At The Checkout

You can use Apple Pay to pay for your Starbucks order. You should already have Apple Pay set up on your mobile device, linked to the card you want to use.
You can use your iPhone or Apple Watch to pay with Apple Pay at the checkout at Starbucks.
You should already have Apple Pay set up on your mobile device, linked to the card you want to use.
You can use Apple Pay to pay for your Starbucks order.

The Wallet app on your phone or watch will show all the cards you have already linked to Apple Pay.

When you tap on a card to add it to the transaction, you’ll be asked to enter your phone passcode, or use Touch ID or Face ID (on newer iPhones) to validate the payment.

You just need to get close to the computer and hold your phone or watch towards the scanner.

If you go to the “About the Author” section of the app and you tap on the contact link, your phone can scan your body and read your number even better than the reader.

In order to use your iPhone or Watch with your credit card or loyalty card, make sure that your Apple Watch is within 6 inches of your iPhone, and the Apple Watch screen is on.
It is also possible for your Apple Watch to show a * symbol when you add a pass to your Wallet.

I think that’s it!!

Can I Use Apple Pay At The Drive Through?

You can use Apple Pay at the drive-thru exactly as you would at the store checkout. You’ll even get the same confirmation and receipt.

And if you use Touch ID for in-app purchases, Apple Pay is there to back you up.

You might be close enough to the payment terminal to see that there’s an available signal there.

What Other Forms Of Payment Does Starbucks Accept?

Payment using a debit or credit card.
Payment using a gift card such as a Nordstroms app gift card or Sephora Beauty Insider.
Payment using Apple Pay on iPad.
Payment using Google Pay on Android devices.
Payment using Google Pay on iPhone.
Payment using PayPal.

How To Set Up Apple Pay

To start accepting payments, you only need to download the Apple Pay app on your iPhone, Mac, iPad or Watch. You don’t need to download any other apps to setup Apple Pay.

You need to add the credit or debit cards you want to use to the Wallet app on your iPhone.
The app then tells you how much money you have available in the Wallet app on your iPhone.

If your iPhone doesn’t have an iTunes App Store on it, you can download the Wallet app which helps with managing your Credit Card, PayPal, and your Apple Pay Account. The Wallet app is located in the Apps folder, or you can download it from the App Store.

The first time you sign in, you can use your Apple ID and password for access.

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People can use their iPhones and Apple Watches to conveniently and quickly pay for purchases at Starbucks.

They can use Apple Pay in the Starbucks mobile app to add cash to their Starbucks card. Starbucks also offers a gift card or gift code that can be purchased for $25. It is also possible to gift the cash value of a gift card to a person as they use Apple Pay.

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