Does Grubhub Take Apple Pay? (how To Use + Other Payment Methods)

Apple Pay has become popular because it lets people make transactions on their iPhones, iPads, and with Apple Watch.

If you’re someone that has an Apple device, and you have a GrubHub account, you’ll be able to do payment using your Apple Device in the upcoming months.

Does Grubhub Take Apple Pay In 2022?

For starters, here’s how to add Apple Pay to Grubhub, so that you’re ready to pay for your meal with your phone.

How to Add Apple Pay to Grubhub

In the top right corner of your device, tap the red button. You’ll be brought to the Wallet.

Like other payment options, you can use Apple Pay to pay only by scanning your face or fingerprint, instead of providing credit card information.

How Do I Pay With Apple Pay on Grubhub?

To access the Apple Pay App

To be logged into your Apple account on the device you would like to pay with.

Open the Apple Pay app on your iPhone, and then tap the Apple Pay button.

At the beginning of the process, you have the option of asking for a device verification. In a few cases, you may be asked to authorize the device to make purchases. Once you accept the terms and complete the process, you’ll be directed back to the app that originally requested authorization and you’ll be asked if this is your device.

If you’re using the same Apple ID with different iPhones, iPads, or computers, you should be able to use the same functions on different devices.

This is also true for the other side! When users tap the Pay button on my site, and Apple Pay is setup and signed-in on the iPhone, we send a special code to the Pay API. The app on the Apple Watch can also verify that code and send the same special PayCode to the API — which means that the watch and the phone can do the transaction together.

What Payment Methods Does Grubhub Accept?

You can only use Venmo and Paypal when you’re on the mobile app. You can only do this from your phone, not your tablet, or PC.

If you’re using Apple Pay on Grubhub, you have the flexibility to order from the app or website, but you will need to authorize each payment by entering a passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID.

You can also read our post on whether or not Grubhub works with the USDA or if they will be able to serve more customers.


Grubhub only accepts Apple Pay if you are using an iPhone, Macbook, or iPad. You can use this form of payment on the website or app by adding it at checkout. You need to verify your identity when making purchases using methods such as Face ID or Touch ID.

iphone users can still order from Grubhub and verify payment with their Apple Pay app. When ordering from apple, you can either type in your card information for payment or if you’re near an Apple device, you can just bring that device to the restaurant and approve payments from there. It’s one of the best ways to enjoy your favorite apps.

10/10. The best app for me.

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