Does Aldi Take Apple Pay? (how To, Instacart, Potential Fees + More)

But with the Coronavirus pandemic hitting, more people started to use contactless payment methods like Apple Pay, so we decided to go ahead and analyze and see where Apple Pay is currently standing.

Aldi is a German supermarket chain, and they are the largest supermarket in Europe. So we can say that Aldi is the largest chain of supermarkets in Europe. They are famous for having low prices, especially when it comes to food.

Does Aldi Take Apple Pay In 2022?

Aldi, the German grocery chain that is starting up in the U.S. like its counterparts in the UK and Germany, has a number of physical locations as well as an app that helps shoppers in their grocery-buying efforts. In addition to in-store and online deliveries, consumers have the option of using their smart phones or Apple watches to pay with Apple Pay.

Curious about how you can use Apple Pay at Aldi and if they accept other forms of contactless payment? Here are all the details on how to set it up online or in-store.

How Do You Use Apple Pay At Aldi?

 Apple Watch and iPhone users can connect their devices, buy anything they want from their e-commerce app, and skip the checkout line in stores including Aldi.

Apple Pay is a service that allows users to make secure in-app purchases and pay for purchases through their Apple device. The service can be added to the checkout process in an Apple device or with Apple Pay at a point of sale. The NFC chip in the card is used to authenticate the payment. Apple Pay is secure and is currently available in the UK and Ireland, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Japan, Sweden and the United States.

To use Apple Pay in an Aldi store, shoppers must already have a card (or cards) registered with Apple Pay on their device already. For example, you may have registered your card or cards with Apple Wallet on your iPhone and/or on your Watch.

To use your phone as a card to pay for your items, draw out your device while your items are being scanned and placed in the cart.

As a result of an NFC chip inside your device being detected by your iPhone, here is your Apple Wallet app showing.

You can use the fingerprint scanner that is on your iPhone to unlock it. You will have to keep your finger on the Touch ID pad until the transaction is complete.

If you do not want to use the Touch ID, then you will have to use the PIN Code.

It closes the form and displays Done as a message.

To set up face ID, double-click the button on the side of the phone, look into the phone (as you would to unlock it), and then aim the phone closely at the card reader.

To use Face ID for Apple Pay, double-click the button on the side of your iPhone or Watch, look into the phone or Watch, and then aim the phone or Watch so its camera is focused on the card reader.

If this transaction completes successfully, a checkmark appears next to the transaction.

If you are checking out with your Apple Watch, you will be able to use it to process the transaction. Hold your watch near the reader, and double click the button.

When you feel the tap, and hear the small beep, that means it is time to give a presentation.

If you’re a person that always makes sure that their payments go through, why not hold onto your receipts? This way you can be sure that you’re not missing out on any money that comes your way.

Does Aldi Charge A Fee To Use Apple Pay?

Apple does not charge your the merchant’s account fees.

If you take in to account my previous point that Apple does not charge Aldi for every card transaction you can see a clear incentive for Aldi to accept Apple Pay.
If you take into account that in the United States the average credit card and bank fees are around 2.5% (so 2.5% of your transaction) and that Apple pay just 0.2% for each transaction, I believe the incentive is pretty clear.

Can You Use Apple Pay At Aldi On Instacart?

When you place your first order with Instacart they will ask you to create a PIN. You can follow this process. Once you have your PIN on file, you can use it to place your orders.

If they want to get the extra layer of security, since Apple Pay enables commercial transactions without the retailer receiving any of the customer’s financial information.

When you do not have Apple Pay set up, you must first download the store app for iPhone and Android. You can also download the Instacart app for iOS or Android.

I’m going to add items to my cart and then proceed to checkout. Instacart will have me confirm delivery or pick-up times and then ask me to confirm my method of payment.

In case of a mistake in entering your card, it’s better that you go back to the store and change it. I got mine at the store, but you may use any carrier. I think it’s possible that they will ask you if you got it from the website, but in that case everything is the same.

To complete a transaction, you will need to authorize the payment using Touch ID or Face ID. You will then see a notification from Apple that confirms the purchase has been completed.

If you want to read more about this or another topic that we cover, feel free to check out our blog post on the topic.


Apple Pay will soon be available to more shoppers on the go as Aldi allows customers to pay online with Apple Pay on their iPhones, Apple Watches and Apple TV, making it easier and safer than ever.

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