Does Home Depot Price Match Amazon? (full Guide) 

Home Depot is a leading retailer of essential DIY goods, tools, and other equipment. They offer savings to customers through their attractive price matching policy.

If Home Depot is selling a product at a lower price than Amazon, then they will match it. If the item sold by Amazon is cheaper than at Home Depot, they will not match it.

Does Home Depot Price Match Amazon In 2022?

Amazon’s new program is called Amazon Price Match Guarantee. With this new program, customers will be able to get a rebate or have a price match on eligible items. The program will be available as of 2020. Amazon will provide full details on the Amazon Price Match Guarantee.

This post is the second part of one that will help you increase your ability to successfully do a price match at Home Depot. It will help you understand what Home Depot’s price match policy is and how you can use that to your advantage. Read more…

What Is Home Depot’s Price Match Policy? 

Home Depot offers Lowe’s and Ace Hardware a Low Price Guarantee so they have to sell at the same prices or Home Depot will be the next store to close down.

As part of this guarantee, Home Depot offers price matches for items sold in its stores with identical items sold in competitor’s stores, and items sold online with identical items sold online by competitors. The same applies to online price matching guarantees of other retailers, including Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, Lowes, and more.

Home Depot’s price match guarantee only includes in-store purchases.

If you want to have full knowledge of all the things that Home Depot has to offer, you should go to their website.

How Do I Get the Home Depot Price Match In-Store?

If you wish to price compare to Home Depot, you should speak to the manager to see if something can be done about the issue.

Managers will sometimes agree with your price match request.
You may even need to escalate the request to a higher level. If you do not escalate the price request, there is a good chance Home Depot will not agree to match.

You can also price match with other retailers sold at Home Depot by comparing identical products sold in-store at both retailers.

You may also find it beneficial to provide Home Depot with a printout of the web page where you located the item you wish to purchase, the price at which you found that item, the web address of that item’s specific page, and your phone number so they may contact you to verify your information. If you encounter an error when following the process, please contact Home Depot immediately.

To get the price match in store, bring in the ad, the printout, or a photo of either of these with the competitor’s price and evidence of a better price (such as an Amazon page).

There are some limitations on this, and you want to make sure you have the receipt showing the price was as advertised before you return the item.

To ensure that the Home Depot employee can find the lowest price, the Amazon prices may need to be verified with the competing store to ensure that the deal is the best deal.

How Do I Get the Home Depot Price Match Online?

The only way to receive the Home Depot price match for products sold online at and on its competitor’s websites is to contact Home Depot.

To get the best deal possible on a replacement water heater, you’ll want to price the project carefully on the company’s site.

Alternatively, you can contact Home Depot by calling at 1-800-430-3376 to begin the discussion about an order that you are placing with Home Depot by simply providing your email address and your order number.

Will Home Depot Adjust After I Have Purchased From Amazon?

When you go to the Home Depot website you can see the prices and adjust your order, if you find a better deal of that item anywhere else on the internet or at a competitor online.

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This is a very common question here. You can try a few different strategies for how to approach this.

When you buy from Home Depot, you can get a price match after you’ve made a purchase at another store.

In order to qualify for the competition, you should currently be able to deliver the product to the customer’s location. You should also be able to prove that the competition is less expensive than what you are currently offering.

You can provide proof by bringing in a printed ad or similar materials to verify that the deal is occurring.

We have confirmed that Home Depot offers price matching on purchases made at their stores. If a competitor does not, then the price match will not be honored.

Does Home Depot Price Match Amazon Prime?

Home Depot will not be able to offer a price match if the price of the product being sold on Amazon Prime is lower than the current price at the Home Depot.

When you are selling your products on Seller Central, you can always choose to set your own price.
When you are doing your own fulfillment, you need to provide your own fulfillment service for the products you sell.

Also, a Home Depot discount will not be honored on a price match from Amazon.

Does Home Depot Price Match Third-Party Seller Items On Amazon?

It is not possible to price-match items that are sold on the third-party seller’s website.

So, if HomeDepots actually giving their employees discounts based on the fact that they sell stuff on Amazon, those items won’t be listed in the price match.

While there is not a specific number of hours to track, it comes down to the fact that a competitor who is more than a few days or weeks on the other side of the checkout may not have been able to be in the store at the same time that you were. This can change the price of the item, and we can adjust accordingly.

What Items Will Home Depot Not Price Match? 

Unfortunately, some products and Merchandise are not covered by the Home Depot price match program.

These items include the above items, as well as sale items, clearance items, and products that have been opened.

However, during events like Black Friday you can find even better deals, and Home Depot will allow you to do that.

If you are considering Home Depot, you should be wary of a possible price match guarantee. The company may not be able to give you a real price match guarantee.

If you can’t use a coupon, then you will not benefit from a price match. You will have to buy the item at the normal price.

To learn more about Walmart price matching, you might also like to read up on whether Walmart price matches Home Depot, whether Best Buy price matches Amazon, and whether Kohl’s price matches Amazon.


Home Depot’s prices match Amazon for products sold on To receive a price match from Home Depot, you can either chat to a customer service representative or call the Customer Service team.

Home Depot will match the lowest price of Amazon Prime, “Prime Day” deals or items sold by third-party sellers.

For more information, see the Home Depot website and their Terms and Conditions for pricing matching.

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