Doordash Missing Items (What To Know & Do!)

DoorDash’s popularity is testament to the convenience and value it has provided to people all over the world. You can easily access thousands of restaurants and menus from the comfort of your own home with the DoorDash app.

Understanding the duties and limitations of restaurants and DoorDash as customers can help you to know where to send your complaints and inquiries when your order is not perfect.

DoorDash Missing Items

DoorDash can report missing items as a partial or complete order. There are many reasons why you might have missing items on DoorDash.

  • Your food was eaten by the Dasher who transports it.
  • DoorDash has sent an error message to your address
  • Your order was cancelled by The Dasher
  • DoorDash driver delivered the wrong address.

Are Missing Items Caused by DoorDash Drivers?

It can be frustrating when a DoorDash delivery driver fails to show up, or leaves an incomplete order, and you place your order.

Are you hungry when you go to bed? Ask the dasher if he will take you back. Demand the missing items by marching to the restaurant. No!

The restaurant is responsible for any missing items because they serve and bag your orders. You can’t complain to the restaurant or demand missing items. It is not a good idea to call the restaurant because they have a business agreement with DoorDash, but not with you.

Dashers are often blamed when customers lose their items. It’s easy to criticize the driver for not delivering your order on time, but it’s not right. Your courier is not responsible for food packaging and bagging.

DoorDash can help you if your order is missing any items. Don’t delay if you find a mistake in your order. You can file a complaint as soon as you notice a mistake in your order. DoorDash customer service will respond quickly.

What happens if a DoorDash forgets an item?

You can only report to DoorDash if you are unhappy with your order. Understanding the responsibilities of your restaurant, your dasher and DoorDash will help you avoid conflicts.

The restaurant could be responsible if you have any missing items or the seal on your package is not broken. The dasher may have tasted your meal if there are missing items or the seal has been damaged.

Although it is normal to feel frustrated, it is not appropriate to vent your frustrations on someone else. Avoid calling them demanding their missing items after they have left your property.

The duty of a dasher ends when they hand you your order. They can’t run back to the restaurant to get your items.

DoorDash can help you if your order is not complete. DoorDash’s customer service team is trained to assist customers in navigating the complaints process until they receive a refund.

Does DoorDash Refund For Missing Items?

DoorDash investigates all complaints and returns genuine cases. DoorDash may call you to verify the validity of your claim after you submit a missing item report.

DoorDash will investigate any case where the customer may lie to get around the system. If your case is true, DoorDash might offer a partial or full refund.

DoorDash users should be aware of their strict no refund policy. DoorDash’s strict no refund policy does not mean that the company will pay you for any issues with your food orders. DoorDash reserves the right to refuse or accept your request for a reimbursement if you report a missing item.

DoorDash Missing Items Refund

DoorDash has several options to refund you for lost items. If you used a credit card to make payment for your order, you might be eligible for a refund. DoorDash may also credit your account.

What is the average time it takes for DoorDash to issue a refund?

You can expect to get a response from DoorDash customer service representatives when you report missing items.

DoorDash will refund you within two days if you file a claim.

You may be eligible for a partial refund or a full refund depending on your bank preferences. This usually takes between 2-7 days.

Do You Have a Way to Report DoorDash Missing Items?

You can either use the DoorDash app for your smartphone to report missing items or log into your account online at DoorDash.

These are the steps you need to take in order to report missing items:

  • Locate the Orders tab in your DoorDash account, and choose the order with problems.
  • Click on the help icon at the top of the page.
  • Navigate to the Order Issues section and choose the Missing Items section.
  • Fill in the details section with information about missing items.
  • Click on the submit button to confirm.

DoorDash customer support can be contacted directly via the company website to report missing items. These are the steps to contact support at DoorDash:

How to Prevent Items from Missing on DoorDash

There isn’t anything you can do to stop restaurants from not placing all your items in the package. A note can be added to remind your server about the essential items they should bring.

You can request that the dasher bring sauce, straws and napkins by adding a note to you order. Delivery drivers will often go the extra mile to deliver essential side items.

Reward the dasher with a generous tip, great reviews and a high rating.

Learn more about DoorDash These articles will help you find out when DoorDash opens and if DoorDash delivers to hotels.


A rewarding career as a driver for food delivery can be found in a company such as DoorDash. Every day, Dashers awaken knowing that their professional service can make people’s lives better.

Dashers in professional services face many challenges, including bad weather, heavy traffic and angry customers.

Some customers will lash out at drivers when items are lost because they have a knee jack reaction. Understanding the limitations of your dashers as customers can help you keep a professional and cordial relationship.

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