How Far Does Doordash Deliver? (all You Need To Know)

If you want dinner from your favorite fast-food restaurant, but don’t want to leave the house, you can order your food on the DoorDash app, and it will be delivered to your door!

You might know that DoorDash delivers food to your home, or the nearest store, but I was asking about how they deliver to a restaurant. Do they deliver to any restaurant? Yes, but they only deliver to select establishments.

How Far Does DoorDash Deliver In 2022?

I hope that you have learned why DoorDash makes its deliveries so fast. You can read more about DoorDash deliveries here!

What’s the Maximum Delivery Distance for DoorDash Drivers?

Most deliveries are done in five miles radius, but the area covered by DoorDash is much greater than that of the normal courier service.

But the general idea is, if a restaurant has a DoorDash partnership, DoorDash will deliver within the restaurant’s delivery area, and if it doesn’t, DoorDash will deliver within a radius of two miles from where a person is ordering, depending on the location.

In practice, the algorithm used to calculate delivery ranges is more complicated and varies in different locations.

The cost of delivery via truck is also lower than via air freight or other transportation methods.

Does Every Restaurant Have the Same DoorDash Delivery Radius?

The delivery radius of each restaurant is determined by Doordash based on their partnership with that restaurant.

The Basic partnership allows restaurants to advertise their products to DoorDash customers.
The Plus partnership allows restaurants to sell products through DoorDash and to also get commission on each order placed through DoorDash.
The Premier partnership allows restaurants to sell products through DoorDash and to also get commission on each order placed through DoorDash.

If your restaurant is interested in selling to DoorDash, check out this [document].

In 2017 I reached to the top on the local market, in 2018 I reached to the world!

Restaurants can select from a wide selection of delivery options for local orders and deliveries to a large number of markets.

So, different markets can be expected to have different ranges.

DoorDash signed an agreement with Uber Eats, a ride-sharing app, to allow for better food delivery service.

If the restaurant wants to upgrade a Plus DoorDash delivery partner, they increase the radius covered by the delivery by 10%.

3. DoorDash is the only food delivery company to be integrated with over 5,000 restaurants.
4. You can currently order food from hundreds of thousands of restaurants in over 40 countries.
5. You can use DoorDash to order food from any of the restaurants that are partnering with DoorDash.

If delivery restaurants choose to sign up for a Premier DoorDash account, they can get 15 extra percent from the delivery radius, compared to the Basic plan.

Restaurants can pay more so they are better at serving the people of their city. And they can serve more people in their city, so that they can get more customers to come to their restaurant.

Drivers were more likely to accept an order within five to seven miles, unless there was a huge tip for driving farther.

Are There Extra Fees for Long-Distance DoorDash Orders?

You’ll have a chance to see the delivery cost as you create your order. You can change any of your price or size options as many times as you want. The cost will be shown in the order summary at checkout.

Do DoorDashers Set Their Delivery Radius?

The app is free to download and use, but DoorDash users can pay $5 a month to get access to their own personalized dashboard, which allows users to customize their own delivery radius and receive a notification every time their food is out on the street.

DoorDashers have the freedom to accept orders within the country of their home country.

Drivers are not paid to deliver the items, and do not always have much flexibility in how they perform their jobs.

I order takeout a lot with DoorDash and always put a big tip on there so they’ll give it to me.

Why Does DoorDash Have a Delivery Radius?

DoorDash, the on-demand delivery service, has been changing its delivery policies to be more customer-oriented, which includes allowing restaurants to set their delivery radii.

If restaurants are too far from one another, it’s hard to have a seamless experience for customers.

Why Does My DoorDash Order Say “Too Far”?

If the app shows that you are too far from a delivery restaurant, that’s most likely because the restaurant has changed the location they deliver to.

If a business gets too many poor ratings or complaints on Yelp, they will make changes such as altering the product or service to ensure that they will generate more positive ratings.

This might be caused due to heavy traffic around your area or any other problems that might happen. It seems like it is working fine in your area.

The DoorDash app can glitch if you try to order too many items at once or if your location is a lot more remote than where you’re actually placing the order. If you try to place the order on the app, you can either try ordering more items or try placing the order on the DoorDash website.

Can You Track DoorDash Orders?

The customer can track their doorDASH order in the app or online once they receive the confirmation email.

– You can also see if you can choose when to have your order delivered.
– It also tells you the estimated delivery time.
– You can choose the time you want your order delivered.

When you’re shopping online, you usually receive an email when your package has been shipped. You can also check your order’s status with a live tracker.

Go to your Facebook account, then go to Settings. Next, scroll to Privacy & security. Finally, turn on the “Permissions” setting. This will let Facebook track your app activity.

So you can ask your DoorDasher what they’re up to at any point, and they can tell you more about the current activity in the area they’re patrolling.

To have something sent to you, click on the red button. You can also fill out a form which will be sent to your DoorDasher.

To know more, you can also read our posts on how the DoorDash delivery fee, DoorDash wrong order and is DoorDash safe.


Delivery radius is five to thirty miles, depending on the restaurants’ type of partnership with DoorDash.

If a business with a brick-and-mortar location upgrades to a DoorDash partnership, and the new DoorDash order radius is different than the existing brick-and-mortar radius, DoorDash must tell you the new radius.

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