How Far Does Grubhub Deliver? (What To Know!)

It’s important to know how far Grubhub can deliver your meals, given the popularity of Grubhub’s food delivery service.

You can make an order, or become a Grubhub driver. Knowing the basics of Grubhub delivery services will help determine whether your order will reach you and how far you will be able to drive to deliver it.

How far can Grubhub deliver? Continue reading for more information about Grubhub’s delivery services.

Grubhub Delivers How Far?

Grubhub drivers can travel up to 70 miles to deliver packages, but most companies limit this to a shorter distance. You may also have to consider the location of your market or city when determining how far you need to deliver your order.

If you are a driver and have a time frame to work at Grubhub, your Grubhub food ordering app map could show you where you can deliver.

After accepting an order, you may be able to deliver it outside of your delivery area. To get your orders back, however, it is best to drive within your delivery area.

Grubhub can deliver your food to you if you are a customer. The average delivery distance is 70 miles from the restaurant. If the distance is too great, many drivers might not be able to take your order.

This will save you time and effort when placing an order.

Grubhub: How far is too far?

Grubhub is not able to travel over 70 miles, even though it is often referred to as the most convenient service. Its radius is usually larger than those of its competitors.

Grubhub stated recently on their website, that their service area cannot extend beyond 70 miles radius from their restaurant.

Restaurants in rural areas may have to make additional deliveries to reach their customers.

What is Grubhub’s Delivery Fee?

Grubhub charges 10% delivery fees for all orders, both by the customer or the business.

This can be between $0.99 to $12, but it can vary depending on where the restaurant is located and the event promotion. Grubhub offers unlimited delivery for $9.99 per month on orders over $12. This is commonly known as Grubhub+.

How to eliminate Grubhub’s Delivery Fee

The cost of food delivery can quickly add up when you use an app that delivers food.

There are three easy strategies that you can use to avoid paying excessive delivery charges on Grubhub.

Grubhub+ is a monthly subscription service that allows you to receive unlimited delivery for free if you are a regular Grubhub user. GH + costs $9.99 per month and is a subscription service.

Sign up to receive free delivery for orders above $12 at any restaurant marked with an GH+ on the App

These restaurants include KFC, Denny’s and Wendy’s California Pizza Chicken.

Grubhub may not be your favourite feature, but ordering via your mobile phone is. You can avoid delivery fees by placing orders through the “Pickup” option on your Grubhub app’s Page.

However, you will have to pick up your delivery from the restaurant. This will save you money on delivery and also reduce your tip costs.

Grubhub app offers promo codes, which can be used to receive free delivery or a partial or full refund to cover delivery costs.

Grubhub users new to Grubhub are eligible for this promotion.

You may be eligible for more Grubhub promo coupons if you sign up to Grubhub email emails or turn on Grubhub app alerts.

Is Grubhub the Most Far-Reaching Service Compared to Other Services?

Grubhub is one of the most popular delivery services for meals.

Grubhub is well-known for its vast delivery network and ease of ordering. However, it’s possible that the service that delivers the furthest will differ by region.

There are a few differences between each service: the range of restaurants supported and the number drivers at each location.

Is the Grubhub Delivery Fee paid directly to the driver’s account?

Grubhub drivers get paid according to how far they drive, and the local rate.

No matter how much the customer spends on deliveries, the driver doesn’t get any delivery fees.

Tipping couriers is the only way to directly compensate drivers.


Grubhub states that they are unable to deliver outside the 70-mile radius of their restaurant.

This will allow you to determine how far Grubhub will drive to deliver your food.

You can find out how far you can drive to deliver your grubhub deliveries by being a driver.

Grubhub remains the most trusted food delivery service and can still deliver the best of its competitors.

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