Does Sephora Wrap Gifts? (Everything To Know!)

Sephora is a wonderful place to shop for gifts for holidays and birthdays. Gift cards, makeup and a variety of skin care products can be purchased at Sephora. These items can be the perfect gift for someone special.

Sephora offers gift wrapping options for customers who buy gifts for others. Sephora’s packaging is elegant and modern, but sometimes you might want something more mysterious or eye-catching for your gift.

Does Sephora Wrap Gifts?

Sephora wraps gifts. You can request gift wrapping during checkout. Your order will be wrapped in a box according to your requirements. Sephora does not usually wrap each item individually.

Continue reading to find out more about gift wrapping at Sephora and how to order gift wrapping online.

Sephora sells gift boxes in-store

Sephora employees will wrap the gift wrapped items in the box or bag you choose and gift-wrap them. Because it takes a lot of time, and materials, they won’t wrap individual items.

Sephora sells gift boxes in its stores. Pre-packaged gift sets can be purchased in Sephora stores. Or you can choose the products and have them wrapped and packaged for you at check out.

Sephora’s gift packaging section can be found on their customer service page. For more information about how to wrap gifts at Sephora, click here. You should note that gift packaging can’t be returned for a refund and that there is only one option per order.

Sephora Gift Wrapping: How to Get Products Gift Wrapped

Sephora makes it easy to gift wrap your products. It takes only a few seconds to ask Sephora to wrap your order. Sephora will wrap your gifts for you. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Orders will be wrapped together. You cannot package items from the same order individually. This is because it takes a lot of time to wrap each item individually.

There are two options when it comes to wrapping gifts at Sephora. Your order can be packaged in the Sephora’s classic black-and-white gift box or in a nylon satchel with red drawstring. These options are more expensive than not having your order gift wrapped.

Sephora will ask you to place two separate orders if you wish to have different wrapping options. Gift packaging cannot be returned for refund.

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Sephora Products Gift Wrapped Online

Sephora also offers gift wrapping. Click the “EDIT” button at checkout to customize your gift wrapping options. Check the boxes next to each option to choose the packaging you prefer. You can choose to go with no gift packaging or a black-and white Sephora gift box or a black back with red cord drawstring.

You cannot return gift packaging if you need different wrapping options for each item. You should also note that your order cannot be wrapped if it is too big to fit into any of the gift wrapping options.

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Last Thoughts

Sephora products make great gifts, depending on who you are shopping for. Sephora will gift wrap the order according to your requirements, but generally will not wrap each item separately.

Sephora also offers gift wrapping. Click on “EDIT” under “Shipping Options” to see all the options. You can choose the packaging you prefer, including no gift packaging (products arrive in a sturdy cardboard box), Sephora gift boxes, or black bags with a red drawstring.

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