Does Sephora Birthday Gift Expire?

Sephora gives away free products each year to Beauty Insider members. Sephora offers a variety of products as gifts for birthdays. This is a great way to give customers a gift and to show appreciation to those who shop at Sephora. will redeem your birthday gift for you as part of a regular, paid online order. Your membership card or account information can be used to redeem your gift in-store. You don’t need to purchase additional items to redeem your gift in-store.

Does Sephora Birthday Gift Expire?


Continue reading to find out how you can redeem your Sephora birthday gift, and more information about Sephora birthday gifts.

Can I Redeem Sephora Birthday Gift Late?

Sephora offers a free gift for birthdays if you don’t receive your gift. Sephora allows customers to claim their birthday gift even after the actual birthday. Because the gift is linked to your Beauty Insider account they can see if you have claimed it.

Sephora birthday gifts can be redeemed late. You can claim it anytime during the month of you birthday. Or, you can contact customer service online or in-store to inquire about an unclaimed birthday gift.

It is still a good idea for your birthday to claim your gift. This prevents Sephora employees from looking up your purchase history and making sure you’re not double-claiming.

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How to Claim Sephora Birthday Gift

There are two ways to get your Sephora birthday gift for free. You cannot claim any birthday gift from Sephora. Instead, you must choose from a selection of redeemable birthday gifts that will rotate over time. It’s a smart idea to keep track of the available birthday gifts, even if it’s not your birthday.

To claim your Sephora birthday gift online:

  • – Add items to your shopping basket
  • After you have placed your order, you can click “Choose Your Gift!”
  • You can complete your checkout as normal. In addition to your birthday gift, you can add free samples to the order.

To claim your Sephora birthday gift in-store:

  • Show your Sephora Beauty Insider card to staff members at any Sephora in-person
  • To prove you are the owner of the account, provide proof of identification
  • Ask your friend for a birthday gift and you will be able to view the options.

You will need to buy additional items if you are claiming your birthday gift online. You don’t need to purchase anything if you claim your gift in-store.

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Last Thoughts

So. Does your Sephora birthday gift expire?

Sephora birthday gifts can be a great way to give customers free stuff on their birthday. These gifts are a great way to show appreciation for customers and give them something for free.

Birthday gifts are subject to rotation so make sure to keep checking back to see what’s new.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t make it to your birthday. Sephora will give you the opportunity to redeem your birthday gift anytime during your birthday month. You can also contact customer service online and in-store to request your unclaimed birthday gift. You should keep in mind that not all birthday gifts are available at the same time.

Feel free to post any concerns or questions in the comments section.

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