Does Grubhub Fire Drivers? (Yes! Find Out Why…)

Grubhub delivery drivers are a reliable way to increase your income. While some drivers work part-time, others earn a full-time income from Grubhub. It is important to keep your Grubhub driving status intact and avoid being terminated.

Grubhub drivers are often curious about whether or not they might be fired from the food delivery company. Keep reading to find out more about how you can keep your extra income.

Grubhub allows drivers to be fired by Grubhub

Grubhub occasionally fires drivers. There are many reasons why Grubhub drivers can be fired. These include being rude to customers or restaurant staff, and using Grubhub’s payment card to make other purchases.

These are the top reasons Grubhub can fire drivers:

Bad background history

Grubhub will often fire you for failing to clear a background check before you are allowed to drive for them. Grubhub conducts a thorough background check and regularly inspects drivers before they hire them.

This test can be failed for many reasons.

Accepting orders, but not delivering

Grubhub is easy to fire if you accept delivery orders but fail to deliver them. You might be late, or you simply decide not to take on that particular order.

You should not accept orders, cancel your shift and do nothing. Grubhub can quickly fire you for this.

Grubhub can fire you only if you believe that you do this inadvertently. You won’t be fired if it’s a single order.

You can use Your Grubhub Payment card for all other purchases

Grubhub drivers are given a card which you can swipe whenever you place an order. This card should be used only for ordering and not for anything else.

Grubhub may fire you if you use the card to buy something for yourself. This card can only be used for orders.

Customers’ food

This is fairly obvious. Grubhub will fire you as soon as you start eating the food that you are supposed to deliver to customers.

This is how some drivers get caught and they record it as a missing or incomplete order. They don’t get penalized for their actions, but it hurts everyone doing the right thing.

By not interfering with customers’ orders in any way, you can keep your professionalism. You won’t be fired if you do this.

Impolite to customers or restaurant workers

Although being a food delivery driver can be a difficult job, it does not give you the right of disrespecting customers or other restaurant staff.

Grubhub may take legal action against you if this happens. This could also lead to your termination.

Grubhub can report you if you behave disrespectfully towards restaurant workers. You will be subject to the consequences.

Does Grubhub Track Drivers?

Grubhub allows drivers to track whereabouts after they pick up an order via the Grabhub app.

It allows drivers to plan the best route and restaurant owners can use it to track drivers’ movements. Grubhub’s users can operate more efficiently thanks to this system.

How to Quit Grubhub Driver

Unsubscribing to the Grubhub App allows you to terminate your Grubhub driver. Grubhub reserves the right to remove links from Third Party at any time without notice and for any reason.

You can sign the agreement and cancel it without having to do so. This is because you have already given permission for it to renew.

These instructions will help you to terminate your Grubhub driving subscription.

Start the Setup file, and choose your name.

Choose the “Subscriptions” option.

This tab may not appear immediately. If you don’t see the tab, please go to your device’s iTunes, App Store or Google Play Store.

Choose the Grubhub membership you wish to review.

Select Cancel (If Grubhub for Drivers doesn’t have a “Cancel Subscription”, button, it is already cancelled. It cannot be renewed.

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Grubhub drivers could be fired for a variety of reasons. These are only a few. It is important to read the terms and conditions of your service agreement.

Grubhub contract to understand the company’s drivers.

Drivers who are innocent can sometimes be fired. If you are one of these drivers, contact driver assistance to fix the problem and get your job back.

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