Why Does Grubhub Say “closed?” (all You Need To Know)

GrubHub helps restaurants by letting them list their menus online and customers can choose from those and order food.

When a restaurant closes on Grubhub, it can mean only one of these things:
– The restaurant may close permanently.
– The restaurant owner may be having financial issues and can no longer pay their restaurants.

Why Does Grubhub Say “Closed” In 2022?

Why Does Grubhub Say a Restaurant Is Closed When It Is Open?

This is because Grubhub only updates the status of restaurants as it sees fit. Sometimes, the restaurant will be open to the public, but Grubhub will know that its staff is not.

Grubhub issues its restaurant partners tablets through which they can use to control aspects of the operations of their restaurants.

Restaurants can change the operating hours of their restaurant, but they can also choose to change the operating hours whenever they want.

It might also say closed because the restaurant is closed.
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Restaurants close for other reasons when they are not able to serve you or provide a good dining experience.

If something isn’t commonly opened on a certain day, the reason for closing might be the holidays.



If you order from the restaurant and you are worried that your order will not be delivered, usually the restaurant has a plan for things like this.

Grubhub has multiple different options for a restaurant to be able to charge you and you can choose which one you prefer.
There is usually a price per ride option, which is cheaper for the restaurant.
There is also an “app-based” option, which is like an app that will give you an estimate for your ride.
Another option is to pay cash and tip on the spot.

Why Is Grubhub Saying Everything Is Closed?

The restaurant listed on Grubhub is closed for the night. If restaurants in your area are closed for the night, that means the closest 24/7 option is a couple miles away.

GrubHub has a maximum delivery radius of 70 miles as the maximum distance that restaurants can order from.

In this case, your specific restaurant might be less likely to show up in a search, but you should still expect to see their listings in a search. However, you can still check to see if the restaurant is listed in your search results through a reverse look-up search.

Now you need to stop and think about how a city with a population of over 1 million fits into all this.

For example, Grubhub might tell you that everything is closed, and you can’t get a pizza, even if it’s open in your area.

If the event has not started, check for storm warnings in your area.

What Do I Do When Grubhub Says a Restaurant Is Closed?

You should always keep looking for other options when doing an online reservation. Just because a restaurant says its closed, it may still be open.

If you are really hoping to order from the location that says it’s closed and do not want or can’t get food from elsewhere you can only wait until they open and the app indicates as such.

If a restaurant indicates that they’re closed, Grubhub has a protocol to inform you they’re closed.

1. Open the Grubhub app.
2. Search for the restaurant you had the event.
3. Click the Event Details
4. Click the Details tab
5. Click Report on the closure.
6. If you like, provide us with an image of the closure.

Does Grubhub Pay If the Restaurant Is Closed?

– When a restaurant is closed, the restaurant’s name will be removed from the app.
– You will be able to use the order button in menus.
– The payment info will not be saved.

“Cancel Pay,” meaning that you will no longer have to pay the full amount, is the process of reporting that a restaurant is closed.

When Does Grubhub Open?

They are a 24/7 service because they don’t have a break in their day to day operations.

At lunch time, you can expect to see fewer drivers (the restaurants are closed), and at night, you may find the service to be much faster.

If you’re in a rural area, Grubhub will likely be available during normal working hours or later and will close in the late evening.

While this might not be the case for every city, we know that Grubhub is always open, and will often be extremely busy (as evident by our servers going offline almost daily).

To know more about Grubhub, you can also read our post on who owns Grubhub, does GrubHub deliver alcohol, and how to rate Grubhub drivers.


When Grubhub says closed, it’s probably because the restaurant has closed for the day and it’s past the operating hours. It might also be because the restaurant staff have stopped taking orders to protect them from being overworked.

If you are a Grubhub driver and your restaurant is closed, it is best to knock on the door or try to get the attention of the staff before leaving. If the restaurant is closed, you can report it to Grubhub and be eligible for cancel pay.

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