How Does Grubhub Make Money? (all You Need To Know)

The company that serves as a middleman in all those “delivered” meals has become bigger than many smaller, local competitors.

Grubhub makes money through advertising and partner companies. The company uses a point system to determine the food price.

How Does Grubhub Make Money In 2022?

Grubhub’s business model is that customers order through the app and then restaurants have to pay Grubhub a cut of the money they make through Grubhub. Restaurants have to pay Grubhub a fee and Grubhub takes a cut for all services. Grubhub Plus is where customers have to pay for the service.

You can read about how Grubhub makes money including how much it takes from restaurants, how much the restaurants make, and more!

What Percentage Does Grubhub Take?

Grubhub takes a flat rate from restaurants of between 5% and 20% depending on the pricing plan chosen.

Restaurants pay GrubHub for the ability to have an online presence, and GrubHub pays the restaurant for the business generated by those orders.

A good recipe for success is to gain more traffic to your restaurant on search engines like Google, so that you can get more people to book an appointment.

If you place a Grubhub order through the restaurant’s website or through Grubhub’s website, it’s on the restaurant and they get paid.

Basic Plan will offer you the ability to order food from any restaurant including those outside your city.
Plus Plan will offer you the ability to order food from any restaurant in a specific city but not in your state.
Premium Plan will offer you the ability to order food from any restaurant including those in both your state as well as across the country.

Grubhub also charges restaurants and restaurants have a fraud monitoring fee.

Restaurants that choose to use Grubhub’s delivery service will have to pay a delivery fee of 10%.

Restaurants that have their own delivery service or delivery network will only get food if they are willing to pay them to deliver the orders. This can be a more expensive model for restaurants than using their own food trucks, as the delivery companies must pay for gas, food, etc. though they may be able to charge the restaurant more to deliver the food than they would pay the delivery companies.

The restaurant may not get paid by Grubhub and the restaurant may not have as many customers as they could be getting if Grubhub’s delivery network was working at full capacity.

If a customer chooses to order their own food and not have a delivery, then the restaurant will not pay any delivery fees.

Grubhub doesn’t take any percentage from drivers as they let them keep 100% of what you give them.

Is Grubhub Profitable?

The company makes money from Seamless, which lets people order food online.

Grubhub probably will not be profitable because it is not the only service in this field and none of the other companies are profitable either.

Grubhub just recently was bought by a company founded in Amsterdam called Just Eat Takeaway. Grubhub’s market valuation at the time of the sale was estimated to be more than $7 billion.

The only thing that has kept Just Eat Takeaway is its ownership of restaurant delivery giant Just Eat.

Just Eat’s focus in 2022 is to increase profitability and strengthen its business. This means that they are not going to add new features, and instead focus on improving the current ones. This also indicates that they are not going to spend a lot of money on a new mobile platform.

Do Restaurants Make Money From Grubhub?

Restaurants make money from Grubhub but they give the company a certain share of the profits that they keep for themself.

Although Grubhub takes a fee from a customer’s order, they don’t add to the cost of the food that they sell.

A cut is taken from people who are promoting their restaurants in Grubhub, but they do not get as many orders.

In restaurants that get more marketing there’s a higher demand but a lower supply, so that higher demand means they’re going to charge more.

Besides these, Grubhub also takes a cut of the order processing fee and delivery fee, which both reduce the amount the restaurant gets at the end.

It stated that Grubhub barred those restaurants from charging less for their food on its competitor, and they had to charge the same price.

How Much Money Does Grubhub Make?

Grubhub received $7.06 billion in revenue from its food-delivery business in 2017. The company had $2.2 billion in gross profit, a net income of $1.16 billion, and a net margin of 18.2 percent. After paying for food delivery, it has a loss of approximately $3.3 billion.

If you are already a Grubhub user, you can simply sign up, create an account and place your order in any restaurants that are listed.


Grubhub makes money from the amount of money it takes from customers, mostly the delivery fees and service charges. Drivers don’t make any money from tips because they receive 100 percent of the tips.

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