What Restaurants On Grubhub Accept Cash? (All You Need To Know)

You can order food from your favorite local restaurants and have them delivered to your location using Grubhub.

You can pay via your Grubhub account, but there are only a few restaurants that give you the option. Some of these are from local restaurants outside of NYC while others are from the NYC-area chain restaurants that have a separate cashless restaurant.

What Restaurants on Grubhub Accept Cash In 2022?

Unfortunately, for now, Grubhub doesn’t have a website that gives recommendations for restaurants on its platform that accept cash in 2022. To find a restaurant on Grubhub that accepts cash, you would have to go through the whole ordering process as usual and look for the option at checkout. Most of the restaurants on Grubhub that accept cash are small businesses in small communities.

Read more to find out why they only accept cash for most of the restaurants included in this survey. The restaurants that accept these payment methods are a few of the most popular in the United States.

Why Don’t Grubhub Restaurants Accept Cash?

All restaurants on Grubhub don’t accept cash because you have to work with the restaurant and can’t just go somewhere else.

It’s tough for restaurants to receive payment but it’s easier to stay afloat if there is no cash.

In restaurants that take payments through PayPal and other similar payment methods, there are usually low payouts and you need to have an excellent reputation in order to make much money from the platform.

Most of the restaurants on Grubhub are small restaurants where they usually don’t ask for cash payments on Grubhub.

You’ll most likely have received your order before you get the bank transfer, so you’ll have to make sure that you get it when you get the payment or before then!

How to Find a Grubhub Restaurant That Takes Cash

You can only find a restaurant that accepts cash if you’re going through the normal order process and then looking through the payment options.

You can also make the payment with your Apple Pay or Google Pay account.

You can filter the restaurants, but you can’t filter the payment methods. So you’re going to have to look for these yourself.

The only way you could potentially make your cash purchase work is if you are traveling from country to country and would do the transaction in person at a currency exchange. But then you really shouldn’t be paying with cash.

This is because a lot of drivers make a lot of money and don’t trust the customer to pay them.

What is the general rule on cash payments on Grubhub and most other food delivery services works the driver keeps the money but the payment gets deducted from their earnings.

They can lose money because the other party is not fulfilling their obligations of paying the tax and not getting a visa. With this in mind, there is a good chance that they will be able to get away with not paying the tax.

What Restaurants on Grubhub Don’t Accept Cash?

The only options besides Grubhub are the other options to pay on their platform, which is Square Cash.

People also often order food using cash on Grubhub, but if you don’t tip, it’s hard to track what is eaten.

How to Pay With Cash on Grubhub

If you manage to find a restaurant on Grubhub that takes cash, you will need to proceed to checkout as usual and select “Pay with cash” from the options.

When the driver arrives at your table, give him the money to pay for your food.

You should also watch out for your personal belongings. Make sure you have all your belongings with you and keep your valuables locked in the trunk.

What If a Grubhub Restaurant Doesn’t Accept Cash?

If a restaurant on Grubhub doesn’t accept cash, the best thing you can do is find a restaurant that does and see if they will accept your cash in-house.

If you only want to order from that restaurant, you could look online for the contact information and reach the restaurant directly to ask if they can deliver themselves and they’ll pay (or tip).

What Payment Methods Does Grubhub Accept?

You can also use Venmo to get food delivery services for restaurants, like Grubhub, Uber Eats, and Postmates, as long as the restaurant is using their app or website to accept Venmo for payments.


So I looked up restaurants on the site that accept cash and got an email. At this time, we couldn’t tell whether they accept cash or not. I also tried looking through the review pages to see if there was a way to see if the restaurant accepts cash.

Grubhub is a platform that is used to accept and collect all the payments for the restaurants. It avoids cash because it’s a hassle to collect and it’s hard to work with cash.

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