When Does Grubhub Pay? (Days, Weeks + Other Common Faqs)

Grubhub is a way to make money online or earn a little extra money on the side, if you have the time for it.

So, it all depends on how you pay when you deliver food. If you pay as you go, you will have to pay every single time you pick up, which means you would have to deliver on every single order. However, depending on your company and how you operate, this may not work for you.

If you have an hourly payroll, then you would be paying hourly.

When Does Grubhub Pay In 2022?

If you pay for Grubhub using the Debit or Credit Card, it will be processed and settled on the next business day. If you opt for Grubhub’s weekly payment scheme, you will get paid on Thursdays. If you opt for Instant Cash Out, you’ll get a transfer to your bank account.

Here is all you need to know about Grubhub payments, including the payments for drivers, restaurants, and more!

When Does Grubhub Pay Restaurants?

Grubhub pay out $10, $20, or $50 and we pay the restaurants once a month, once a week, or every two weeks depending on the schedule the restaurant chooses and if they’re going with direct deposit.

At the restaurant level, Grubhub will pay them monthly via checks, and if they don’t get the check, the company may not pay them at all. Then, the restaurant would have to file a claim with their local tax authority or the IRS, which could be the source of the problem.

This payment will include all their earnings from the previous month, minus GrubHub’s cut. They’ll get a paper check, and mail it out to them.

When Does Grubhub Pay Bonuses?

The bonus will be paid twice a year for two pay periods. There will be two payment periods each year.

Does Prop 22 Affect When Grubhub Pays?

For example if you drive for Uber or Lyft you will not see a change in your tax deductions if you are below the threshold.

The only changes that would be brought about by Prop 22 are to the drivers who work for Grubhub.

However, this bill is still in effect until it is declared unconstitutional.

How Do You Get Paid by Grubhub?

Grubhub’s employees are paid through direct deposit on Thursdays.

So, they can do that by using different methods such as making withdrawals through their financial institutions.

Grubhub pays the restaurants either often through direct deposit or once a month with a check.

Does Grubhub Pay Immediately?

Grubhub normally doesn’t pay immediately unless you’re the driver that’s set up instant cash out for your bank account.

As stated, Restaurants aren’t able to receive payments as soon as they get the order. Instead they get paid twice weekly via either direct deposit or the Express Checkout system.

So if you update your banking information, Instant Cash Out from your account becomes unavailable for the next 72 hours.

Grubhub will immediately send payment to your account as soon as you make the delivery, and its available for withdrawal through Instant Cash Out.

To use Instant Pay Out, the seller has to pay 50 cents or more, and the payment will be deducted even when instant payment is unavailable.

The service usually transfers money for up to 3 days. But in rare cases, it could take even longer. This is because of time zones and processing times.

You’ll have to withdraw on the same day every time, but you can withdraw as many times as you

You cannot decide how much to withdraw as using this method will make you withdraw all the money you currently have.

Why Does Grubhub Instant Pay Take So Long?

The payment process can take longer than expected if the source and destination bank don’t support the Instant Pay feature.

For example, if you try to pay a friend $5.99 in Grubhub Instant Pay, it might say you need to wait another 3-5 minutes for the payment to go through. Because we’re based in the U.S., our payment routing partner doesn’t support real-time payments.

The Instant Cash Out feature only works for some banks. Be sure to check with a bank before proceeding.

Even though smaller banks don’t usually have real-time support, there are transactions that could take up to three business days.

If your earnings aren’t in your account by 11:59pm on Monday, you can cash out your earnings and the extra money will be deposited into your bank account by 10:00 am on Tuesday. If your earnings are still in your account, you’ll receive a text message on Tuesday informing you that the cashing out process is starting.

It takes time for the bank to process the payment, and how long it takes depends on the bank.

If the money is not available in your account on Monday and it’s been more than 5 business days after your withdrawal, you should reach out to Grubhub support.

Does Grubhub Do Direct Deposit?

Grubhub has a direct deposit option for its drivers and for its restaurants.

You can either have your payment delivered in one business day by direct deposit or you can have it in 3 business days by check.

As long as you’ve withdrawn your money via Instant Cash Out on Tuesday, if you have your money ready to go to payroll and send out W-2s, you can just do the job.

Grubhub Direct Deposit payments normally take between the 3 and 5 days to be processed. Depends on the bank.

Here is what the Grubhub markup on a pizza from Papa Johns, Deli King,
and Nonna’s is the same.


There are several companies that help restaurants cash out their sales. This usually includes a service where a restaurant gets their payments once a week.

The drivers can choose to get paid by Instant Cash Out while the restaurants can choose to switch to checks and get paid every month.

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